Slim Thug - Problem Wit Dat Lyrics

Bitch, I know you see us
Boss Hogg Outlawz, we run the motherfucking streets
H-Town Texas, you know I'm saying
We got the mo'fucking city on lock mayn
If a nigga got a problem with that, meet me outside mayn ha

I'm the Dirty South Boss, you got a problem with that
Them Outlawz run the Nawf, you got a problem with that
We do the blue when we floss, you got a problem with that
And we'll knock your head off, who got a problem with that
B.H.O. run the streets, you got a problem with that
We overloaded with heat, you got a problem with that
We put fire to the beat, you got a problem with that
It's them Hoggs time to eat, who got a problem with that

[Slim Thug]
Bitch niggaz bow down, when the Boss come around
'Fore I pop the fo' pound, and leave your head on the ground
We run the motherfucking town, you don't like it do some'ing
And you pussies just bumping, y'all ain't tal'n bout nothing
I got the F in cock, and the bitch ain't on safety
For you haters that hate me, go on 'head and make me
Unload the whole clip, 'fore I let a nigga take me
Mad cause your bitch trash ass, wanna date me
Ol' pussy ass nigga, you got bitch in your blood
My heart pump thug, I'll drop you in the club
On sight take your life, we can do the shit tonight
We could pull out the guns, or we could pick a square and fight nigga


[Slim Thug]
You don't want no problems, you don't want no drama
I send them gunners in a Hummer, you won't even see the summer
I'ma pray for your mama, but her son gotta go
But her son was a hoe, so my gun gotta blow
Farewell, I'll see your pussy ass down in hell
Next day post bail, bitch I'm back up out of jail
They can't keep me in a cell, cause my money too long
Go to trial beat the case, cause my money too strong
OJ Simpson, you don't want it with me pimping
I'll stop pop the clip in, start pop until you dripping
Mayn you sucker niggaz tripping, Boss Hogg got it locked
You got a problem with that, I'll bring it to your block nigga


[Slim Thug]
You can't see me nigga, you can't be me nigga
You can buy till you broke, you can't beat me nigga
You can't buy real niggaz, real niggaz get raised
And fuck being broke, real niggaz get paid
I don't break under pressure, real niggaz stay brave
And stay chose by hoes, cause real niggaz got it made
I'm a H-Town nigga, stay down nigga
You small time, I'm a heavyweight pound nigga
Don't hate clown nigga, I got cake now nigga
While you sleep, them Hoggs still awake clown nigga
On great pine niggaz, working late clown nigga
I'm feeling you great, you better get it shape round nigga


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Slim Thug Problem Wit Dat Comments
  1. Colin Smith

    Thugga 🤘🔥 beast mode

  2. Cheronica Smith

    Boss of the hood

  3. Cheronica Smith

    Lil Slim

  4. aradm43

    haha its not on any CD

  5. Nehxy

    Alex Julka.

  6. Erik Castillo

    i am a hoova and hate slobs, u gotta prob with that fucc you dugy40

  7. Douglas White

    i am a blood and hate krabs , u gotta prob with that?

  8. RIP OWE.

    @dddmf then listen to Uzi by Wu-Tang Clan

  9. MagnoliaStZay theboyofftheblock

    this used to ride and blow big to this shit when i used to get off work......U GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT

  10. 1ytbroadcastyourself

    shits old ...clowns... Slim Thugg goes hard

  11. dddmf

    love this beat

  12. inm2005

    Doon u c the cover, foool