Slim Thug - O.G. Talk Lyrics

26 inches off the grind
Flipping through my city the whole time
But that's what I'm doing now
I bet that's what I'm doing now
You boys just be repping you ain't livin big
Brother this the nigger that be living big
Been had that shit everything you trying to do
My old hoes to you niggers is new
I been run through those broad been cuddle
Been dick them down 9 ways I ducked them
Looking for the next bad bitch
I ain't never been a sucker I've always been on that bomb shit
Now these new niggers been acting crazy
I don't know what going on but they be saving all these ladies
Uh the game change man the game change
Them boys looking lame men them boys looking lame
Still the same big boss the same big daddy
Ain't nothing change still keeping flipping new catties
Can't drop can't stop if black trunk pop pocket
Keep a fat mack and those haters gonna watch
And fans going to watch
Still holding down my spot cause niggers still don't got what I got
I'm the boss bitch went got rich quick nigger making excuse
Now nigger living my life why you niggers is useless
Step up your game man step up your game
Quit acting like a bitch you always crying man
Hey like mike jones I'm on the money train
If you ain't about the change get the fuck off man
You niggers want a baby sitter
Now I'm a grown man with kids I ain't down with you
I'm grown with those bosses kesy
Brand new houses man
With your spouse's dropping their bras and panties
I'm a mother fucking gangster OG nigger
I ain't seen nobody that can see me with her nigger
Next time bitch I'm living that I made a host of beast
But I'm a skull of bad gotta get my paper right get more fat stacks
Boy see this OG recking tracks
Balling to the max when you see me I'll be on the radio and all on your TV
On my own shit on my own shit
I'm through with your bitch through with your bitch
Let her flip some foreign get your mouth open now
And now nigger I'm barring I ain't doing no touring
I'm at the crib chillin chicks still calling making it killing
Still making millions sitting on my king throne
Thinking back to shouting at that lakers home
Shout out shout out to the stand bitch it is bread
These niggers acting scared of hustling to make the bread
Addicted to the paper my money growing long
So I'm going to keep on reppin on this microphone
Still at it hey freestyle automatic
I ain't flipping for no static I'm just trying to keed my hungry
With these paper haters still talking shit
These niggers now a days been acting like a bitch
No one tell these niggers they talk to much
Road by myself cause niggers feel too much
And a nigger trying to win man
Trying to get the paper once I been made
I'm a still stay real though
Still you niggers keep changing you ain't real bro
Let the soul spilled over still popping paint
Still popping seals though dugger dugger

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