Slim Thug - Errybody Lyrics

[Sauce Walka:]
Everybody say they sellin' dope
Everybody never been broke
Everybody on Instagram with them fake ass watches and them rented ass cars, you don't Sauce you a joke
Everybody wanna have sauce, everybody lost
Every pimp bitch out my house
Everybody wanna sell drank to them jack boys coming for the pints to your house
Everybody know Sauce films
Gold medal sittin' on the shelf
Swimmin' in the flavor, I'm Martin Luther King in the benz with a gun for the devil
Everybody wanna know the Sauce Twinz
All the hoes play the Sauce Twinz
Everybody know you a motherfucking clown cause you tell me when the fucking circus is
Pussy ass nigga, oh rookie ass nigga
Tryna cook your ass nigga, you ain't never pulled the trigger (ain't never)
But you tell everybody you a motherfucking killer (you ain't killed shit)
Everybody wanna be a big dawg, but you ain't never had a phantom like Sauce Hogg
You don't live the Boss Life, you don't live the Sauce life
Nigga you a motherfucking leap frog

[Slim Thug:]
Everybody talkin' bout they real, everybody say they trill
Everybody claimin' they a boss
Everybody talkin' bout they G's and they won't snitch but they turn bitches they get caught
Everybody hatin' on each other
Instead of eatin' together, boys be competitin' with each other
I do this rap shit for the hustlers
If you ain't bout money then you ain't my customer
Everybody try to blame me like it's my fault
They ain't got no money in the vault
I cam from the bottom of the streets of the North
Grinded my way to this big ass house
Hell yeah that's all Imma talk about
I used to talk about [?] say a nigga dirty
Now I'm steppin' out GQ in my early thirties
Big bright white smile looking so pearly
In the hurry to the money, while you dummys looking lost
Drippin' in this bitch like the lil homie Sauce
Niggas still me waiting on me to fall off
They think I sell work, hopin' I get caught
My bad haters but I'm doing just fine
Stil climbin' up one level at a time
They on my IG tryna see what I'm buyin'
Or what's the next place that Imma be flying

[Sancho Saucy:]
Everybody wanna win a grammy
Keep a bad bitch in my Hemi
Everybody wanna be Sancho
Have a white ho, wanna flow
Snortin' blow, gettin' dough by the Pennies
Every bitch wanna fuck the Sauce Twinz
Choose up just to ride Benz
Everybody wanna have gold teeth from [?]
Everybody wanna drink punch

[5th Ward JP:]
Everybody know JP
Everybody hated JP
Everybody know I'm in the street
Everybody know where I be
Niggas know I really make noise in the street
Everybody know I’m crip
Everybody know I still drip
45 make a body flip
Everybody know I'm talking shotta
Picture boy head Don Dadda

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Slim Thug Errybody Comments
  1. dlewis11380 L

    Man gd this how still clap 👏

  2. FrenchConnection

    2020 🤔

  3. Rolis Perez

    Song of the mf decade on sauce🙏🏼🩸

  4. maddproff

    Errybarry wanna go on facebook live with 2cent opinion 🙄🚮

  5. Toya

    Sauce was on 🔥 in the beginning. This why I love Texas.

  6. Ryan Rhino Hayward

    2020 still 🔥

  7. Ryan Rhino Hayward

    What album is this song on

  8. Wheatley Courts

    G O A T S 🤞🏾💯🔒🏁

  9. Big Noodlez

    Steve urkel is gangsta haha did i do that

  10. karl king

    Who listen to Mubu Krump

  11. dom vas

    The best version

  12. Toya

    Mannnn hold up.

  13. Justin Saucedo

    2020 B*txh !!!!

  14. Randall Grindle

    2020 stilling banging strong

  15. Dyllon Rodriguez

    What beat is this

  16. Tar Heel Speighty

    Song still hitting on CHRISTMAS DAY 2019!!! 🔥🔥

  17. croc 88

    2020 who with me!!


    Omg how come I'm jus now seeing this Slim thugga😍😍😍

  19. Hookah Pack

    Everybody wanna drink punch

  20. Henry Cortez

    5wardJP pimp c that hoe had the shortest verse but the harder

  21. D- Sean

    Slim killed it

  22. lynejelaka lee

    This hotel is fuck up

  23. JayoO1980

    This sht awful.

    Nick Reyes

    Goes hard

  24. Robert Robert

    You know what men need to start appreciating there women.



  26. Matthew Mendoza

    Thugga's verse was the best part of that song. Just my opinion, it might be because i grew up in that era.👊

  27. Luis Chavez

    So who gone mention that Slim one tall mf

  28. Trip Turner

    S*** way ahead of its time

  29. BeemoSabi


  30. Young Rn

    Is this a remix of Yo Gotti's errbody or is Yo Gotti's version a remix of this?

  31. Noel Garcia

    *Daps up Sauce walka* “Damn Sauce why you so sweaty!?”

  32. Israel Escobar

    I went to westfield high school with Jp i had class with him he always would rap 💯☝

  33. Keyon Cossey

    2019 anybody 🤷🏼‍♂️🔥




    Splash splash splash

    Estuardo Kushner Wolff

    Keyon Cossey 2020??


    Errrbody know we in here 2019 like errrbody know JP crippp, son!

  34. Born to be a leader

    When jp came on thugga was looking like who is this nigga😂😂

  35. Jack Frost

    Damn Dolph n Key Glock just jackn songs ha

  36. Jorge Gonzalez

    Dat nigga jp

  37. john barns

    this song is real talk str8 up

  38. Junior Castillo

    I have to get me a boss shirt now im bout to run my own lawn service in Fort Worth Tx an if your grass is way to high you need to cut it call Castillo Lawn service coming sooon

  39. Rocco Kane

    Still slapping this in 2019

  40. Young 45

    Sauce walks was hungry boy

  41. Jamal Burrell

    listening to this in 2019 fam

  42. Jose Hernandez

    Shit still too fucking hard 🤘🏾

  43. Zay Money

    Sauce can diss anyone and never get dissed back

  44. Rael Ockletree

    "Errbody know you a mf clown can somebody tell me when tf the circus ends" Lmaooo 😂 💯

  45. Matthew Cox

    JP looks just like plies and sound like him a little too

  46. 713lild

    @Slimthug Aye Slim

  47. Carlos Sanchez

    2019 and we still here 🤘🏾


    Sauce walks 100


    JP killed it salute wooooooooohaaaaaa

  50. jp quarterside

    Rollin 60 cuzzos

  51. Jadon Augustine

    But u know yo gotti rap on this track serious wonder if anyone listen

  52. Joe Dugan

    2019 ereee boday got real vapes but you know we pressing bottles *Oil KING

  53. M.O.E SE

    This hoe should've had more views lol

  54. Mike Nino

    Oooooo weeeeee

  55. Brandon Barrett

    2019 still jammin this shit 🔥🔥🔥

  56. Joziah Reyes

    Ion fuck wit 5th ward niggas I got sum beef over there🔫

  57. Joey Bristow

    it's H-TOWN 4 real 2019

  58. Timothy High

    Aint no kandy on the lack aint 5 stones in da Pack Bicth i dont smoke krack run ur ass Back in Trap make sure u get a nigga 50
    Got me hibernatin like a grizzly them niggas in there dont want to see me dem Dawgz tell a niggas B eazy trickz under my sleeves like a migican dont do gattorz i aint pimpin gangsta to fullest wit Bad women diamond in my grill when i smile pimps feel ashamed when out ladie B choosen by da hour some wanna Be my second ladie we dont even talk about havin a baby i think dis Bicth is in too make that paper i even tell Bicth nothin she reached in her purse and pull out 100s kall me that got dam stunna runnin in streetz threw da gutter diz iz telly cloeman once again 40 in my fist not on my chin dat ad chin chea in house gotta go and knock them pussy off Bladez kuttin down all da way to the meat all da way down like moe 3 i hate that that man is on lock i kould had em Blow on da hook readin these niggas book gangsta aint tellin no stories when these lames try to soak game they said that water iz a good thang dis how fuck up niggas Brianz

  59. Helder Masseca

    The birth of the sauce.

  60. digital subliminal messages

    S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S
    You still hog though // as far as Pimp thoght,...I'm on a few different fences ...hoeing he make it through /// bit if he dont ,then he still got C.I.// but the shit the uh should be snitching on they stay church nice quiet// you should snitch on A nxgga trying to steal yo kids .,or kid napping yo homeboy family ..../but gonna stay quiet /// the game is on sooo wrong

  61. Barbara Hines


  62. Alfonzo Gonzalez

    Blow mindss

  63. Dee Johnny

    Welcome to Houston

  64. Timothy High

    Im standing by the stop sign ,y these pimps given game ur boy had a bottle of that purple codine
    Purple codine had every body leanin

  65. Timothy High

    We livin wit them gs,

  66. Timothy High

    So much weed the fedz looking 4 they taxes even if a nigga had it

  67. Timothy High

    Every body wanna be a g,evreybody wanna hold a heater,but everybody get sceard when it komes bustin a nigga ass in these streets everybody wanna be down, evrybody wanna hold crown, everybody kant stand on they on 2 feet when its time to put it down everybody say they sell crack, everybody say they havin stacks, everybody cacth that pussy when them jackers kome jack evreybody wannan have stripes everybody wanna be bout that life
    Every get mad when facin time 4 da rest of lives

  68. Yolanda Bravo

    2019 :))

  69. Levi Meyer

    Grraa the herd is drandernnngdress

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  74. YaBoiiMikey


  75. Ernest Carter

    Shit garbage as fuck except for slim part! Slim diss the niggaz thats on this song with him and them idiots didnt even peep it 🤣🤣🤣lol

  76. Troy Taylor


  77. Hookah Pack

    "Errbody wanna drink punch" upper echelon shit

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    Still jamming in 2019🔥⛽️💨

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    that one random dude in blck shirt was tupac...he lives

  86. JoseG817

    2019 🔥🔥

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