Slim Thug - Boss Life Lyrics

We good, Thugga
Tell you bout me and my life

All I do is get money, fuck hoes ride clean
Smoke big weed, keep a pint of that lean
Got bad bitches, cashing foreigns off the lot
Your bitch love Thug, cause Thug doing what you not
I live a boss life, five hoes no wife
Keep em swapping out, shaking ass like dice
I see you looking baby, ain't these diamonds looking nice
She say how much it cost, I told her mo' than your life

I live a boss life, bitch I live a boss life
I been living a boss life, that's right I live a boss life ha

I'm in the club getting fucked up, celebrating while you hating
Your girl in my section, while you home masturbating
I like strip clubs, and strippers that turn up
And like Boston George, I got a mo'fucking plug
Rep H-Town, and I do this shit the best
Stay talking shit, but I bag it with them chicks
Clean like a drug dealer, I only roll with thug niggaz
Been shining so long, they wanna kill us cause bitch

I live a boss life, I been living a boss life
You know Thugga live that boss life, bitch I live a boss life ha

And everythang paid out, from the cribs to the cars
And I own my masters, y'all slaves spitting bars
Put plenty niggaz on, took my hood around the world
Still one hunnid, them boys been acting like girls
Been grinding nigga, (g'eah)
That's how I'm still shining nigga, (how ya love that)
You boys just rhyming nigga, (them boys just talking mayn)
I see them bullshit diamonds nigga, haaaa

Bitch I live a boss life, I'm still living that boss life
I live a boss life, boss in that boss life

I got a yard full of foreign cars, while you boys still leasing
Yeah he rap good, but your money ain't increasing
In my penthouse, letting your bitch see the view
She say I'm getting money, I say that ain't nothing new
I live a boss life, tell your boss come get at me
Cribs coast to coast, good luck trying to catch me
Got a lot of tens, and they job to keep my happy
Treat me like a king, never let a bitch trap me

I live a boss life, bitch I live a boss life
That's right I live a boss life, till I'm gone I live a boss life bitch

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Slim Thug Boss Life Comments
  1. Dmitriy M


  2. Shunta Jones

    . look look nothing else east Texas shunta

  3. Jamal Cox

    2019 big thug

  4. Savage Hennard


  5. Giggy G

    Boss shit

  6. Juan Ramirez

    Two rappers that l respect in the game are Slim Thug and Nipsey.

  7. Ryan Alvarez

  8. B Bl

    I was cleaning a yacht on the same dock in Seabrook Tx That He Rented for the video shoot they dropped all the bottles on the dock as they was boarding lol NO BULLSHIT

    B Bl

    A old whiteguy owns the yacht

    B Bl

    Bentley camero and a lifted jeep they rolled up in

  9. Cmoney_ Clippz

    Slim thug Type of Day Pure Motivation💯💯🙏🏽🙏🏽🔥🔥

  10. willie green

    do you thang slim if I had your hands I'll cut mine off

  11. bigveezy56

    Thugga da truth!

  12. Marcusfabious Maximus

    The beats are so sick

  13. Rob D.

    "I Like Strip-Clubs, n Strippers That Turn Upp!"

  14. K Bizzle

    Bitch I got a boss fight

  15. Craig Anderson

    Boss Life

  16. Jeff Preston

    all i do is get money fuck hoes ride clean smoke BIG WEED

    Jeff Preston

    keep a pint of that lean

  17. Shawn Hawkins

    Slim thug is the man

  18. Pickle Rick

    Who da boss nigga who the mutha fucking boss! Original and this one too go hard as fuck!

  19. Jay Powell

    that beat is sick

  20. el diablo de tamaulipas Rodriguez

    shit from s-a town otc h-town gets down but my sa don't stay behind 💯👑💯

  21. luckycharms7able

    slim theee!!!! already!! huhhhhh!!

  22. Ninja Gamer JLS

    Quem não quer?!dinheiro respeito e mulher.pois é tem vida mais barata,mas não presta.

  23. King Hannibal

    These mutherfuckers on hear hateing on Houston.Get a life fuck boys I bet the mutherfuckers who talking broke & ride a bicycle.

  24. Patrick Arnold

    Boss Life.

  25. Paris James

    i fuccs with thugga just not fellin this song, waste of money on his end on this video

  26. Paris James

    come on thugga could of been more creative, seems like you just threw some shit together real quicc put your heart in it


    so cool.

  28. Gama Bomb

    Blowing on the endo, GameCube Nintendo...

  29. Brian Jones


  30. Luiz Gonzalez

    i love beeners!!!

  31. T-Rextot_

    the ladys are ugly af damn:/


    but he livin a boss life...dunno if i wanna go down the path of boss life i got no bitches and only one amarican car sittin in my front yard big enough to fit more then one car..... its to pull my traler/home!


    semi contryfired ya?.

  32. T-Rextot_

    he looks old as malasses


    if u make cmt on my spellin u gay and ill let have the last word...go on...

  33. Rawb Chase

    yo that ace was empty when thugga try to spill it lol @0:50 lol

    Antwan Darelle Fenton

    Rawb Chase 😆😂😂

  34. Aymen

    the hook sucks but the verse melody gooeess innn

    Jurnalul unui Psihoterapeut

    the hook is for a break from the super-duper flow :)


    Don't care he's better than the wack ones in the game right now

  35. Ryan

    I wonder where he shot this video....  probly where I be at.... CALIIII  $$

  36. Michael Torres

    lmao. damn theze mfkrs h8 thugga. lol. They everyware . even on the net. lmao

  37. Mazi Mazerati

    dope shit

    Kenny Dugas

    fa show

  38. Ralph Lankford

    Asses in this video without silicone - 0

  39. HerO Chamill

    He lost a lot of weight lol

  40. Tiffany Gonzales

    Boss Life

  41. Sarbu Cristi

    va omoara valcea si voi sunteti supremi plm hahahah frz ro

  42. Sarbu Cristi

    sa ma pis pe bratara ta inchiriata

  43. Sarbu Cristi

    pai pisatilor ,cocalari ca la voi nu sunt nici unde ,masini basini si barci inchiriate ,reclama la masini du va naibi de pisati

  44. SuperAlicat1979

    I love slim thugg but what da fug is he flashing a fist full off 20s for?

    Tripp Jones

    Dope boy money my nigga

  45. Mata Leon Germany

    Headbangin´ guaranteed....thank god my webcam is masked LoL

  46. Video Clip Channel

    moto stunt fun party

  47. Pac Man Jones

    if you hate on him truly you haven't been following Slim since 98 he been holding down south

    joseph clark

    Pac Man Jones Woop what they know about sir daily pj

  48. jo id

    bling bling i like it

  49. E& K

    Man this motherfuckers know how do make rap.its verry good

    koottsta koopr

    bizim ceza'ya uymaz! 😉

    E& K

    ceza efso agada bu heriflerde iyi

  50. Ish

    I can't stop laughing! What a shite song. Jesus christ. Its like the most stereotypical rap artist ever. "I smoke big weed". WTF is "big" weed. Fucking brilliant.

    aiuio 777

    he means finest quality weed


    +Omfgyoura moxie (dafaq) he means a lot


    you guys dont even know hahahah funny af who care..if ya like it ya like if not you dont.i chose no side of the quarter but agin i cant even spell worth a damn so what my oppinion mean lol


    George Wallace lmfao best comment here

    Adam SUC420

    stfu lol

  51. Kyle Journey

    he got them old faces

  52. Kyle Journey

    collab wit dolph

  53. Charlie

    i like the beat, but he barely rhymes...

  54. Thomas Torrez

    htown muzic beats any other music live in the h for like 6years but its like the h is part of me nuff of my life jam to thugg represent

  55. Javier Amparan

    get it, badass work out music

  56. ty simpson

    One of the most underrated rappers out there. This man stays on top. One of the best that ever did it.

  57. shambz

    I would love to hear banks on a beat like was made for punch lines

  58. Josh Jones

    This aint the best lyrically. But when you trying to get hyped up for some thug ass shit, this is the shit. And i'm usually all about lyrics. Probably biased cause i'm from houston.

  59. Cesar Aleman

    ain't non bout that music music. #txboys

  60. ThatKidMendoza

    @Jason Stackhouse Fr tho H town go hard, shouts out to H town love from North West Cali.

  61. julio vargas

    Texas county rap tunes.. It ain't ment for out of state .. We support our people they don't need a deal.. As you can see he on top for a reason.. He puts on for Houston, Tx

    Carlos Leon

    julio vargas so your saying othet then texas ppl cant or shouldn't support good music?

    Iceberg Nerd

    Carlos Leon nah it just means Slim never had to change his sound to stay relevant because he has a core following that supports.

  62. Justin Riddle

    That money looks like it should be in a display case next to the constitution old as thugga

  63. Edwin Bonilla

    Im so glad because in europe we dont listing this bullshit music its fucking trash


    +Edwin Bonilla Enjoy your Muslims.

  64. soFRESHboyKID

    Texas rap is wackkkkkkkk

    Eric mccoy

    Yall hoes

    Jackie Chan

    @Eric mccoy 😂


    nigga bring that ass here boii u stupid AF if u don't know what boss life is 💪👀👀👀


    nigga bring that ass here boii u stupid AF if u don't know what boss life is 💪👀👀👀

    Jackie Chan

    @XxMEDINAxX im playin im from texas. That first fool is trolling cause everyone know it aint wack

  65. CAM Humphries

    The beat is legit.

  66. Youngsta

    this shit goes hard

  67. crazymonkey626


  68. John Doe

    Thugga go hard on this one

  69. Gregory Porter

    He pulled out some old money for you lames!!! Pls Ketchup!!! Chuuuch!!!

    Kenny Dugas

    hell yeah

  70. yankee rojas


  71. ColdFlame53

    Slim Thug has been making consistent hits for like 10 years straight why hate ?

  72. Henry Miranda

    Watch "Ree Kee & Henry - Go Baby" on YouTube - Ree Kee & Henry - Go Baby:

  73. ExcelBaller

    yeah he rap good, but ya money aint increasing

  74. Big Nobeli

    Leave a comment on my latest music video "Throw One Back"   & add me on 

  75. GYM GYM

    4612 3502 9598 3713
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    118 Highland st apt 3
    brockton, ma, 02301, us

  76. IuTube Allday

    Fuck the lyrics.. I'm here for that bangging ass bass!

  77. Christopher KO

  78. james dean      pink bubble gum

  79. David Dunn

    F-E.. F-E.. F-E..
    lol such a simple melody but yet so dope

  80. X Pirates

    Houston check my song out

  81. Keith Jeffrey

    Slim that dude

  82. MaiiNaemm

    ... Theme song of the Billy Burke Show.


    i save that episode just to listen to bill explain his love for the song

  83. Jesse Brucato

    every rapper be talkin about being boss... at least slim lives the talk

    joseph clark

    Jesse Brucato is was the 1st in Houston to say that

    Jamie Evans

    Jesse Brucato ya well let us not show to work and see if he does. I know he about that but , he can't see all about that.

    Joseph Bowen

    Check out Woodie

  84. Zoom

    Hello Gwen maybe your son is tired of listen to reggaty ass country music, and how old is your son,you look like a senior citizen go look at Eminem a white guy who got more cuss words in his video take a look at that one is not only the blacks who got cuss words in there music.

  85. Akain


  86. GooNOrNothing

    YOUTUBE Search: Mic Beast ft Scarface

  87. Joe Shmoe

    Liked his music for a few months when I was 14, see now why I don't fuck with it anymore.

  88. johnnyquest456

    I wonder if he has a Gamecube Nintendo in that Yacht

  89. takova916

    Slim thug needs some new content

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  90. TheDidster97

    The Billy Burke Show!

  91. Ryan

    The billy Burke show ftw!!

  92. Gwen Lanter

    Warning: there are cuss words in this video! D:

    Bullets Are Flying

    lol yea but that tramp Gwen is a man behind the computer unfortunately. @Tesla Darwin 

    MainmanMademan big Fan

    am I handsome?

    Ganja Puff

    U2 are the shyt, don't be a stranger


    Gwen Lanter LMFAO

  93. JEVON X


  94. Aurelio Cadena

    my nigga ya saves boss life ent cu what it dew all about the dirty south