Slightly Stoopid - Mr. Music Lyrics

Play on mr. music
Play on
Play on mr. music
Play on
But give it to me lord
Mr. music
You know it sure sounds good to me
It's just the feelin' i know that
You can't refuse
I say now what have you got to be
Say there's a riot in the city tonight
People come no fuss no fight
Said there's a riot in the city tonight
People come no fuss no fight
He tell me
Play on mr. music
Play on
Play on mr. music
Play on
Well if ya never knew
That givin up's such an easy thing to do
Say people don't cha know what's right
And when i'm reaching for my sun
That be in the sky
You know my heaven's coming down tonight
He tell me
Play on, mr. music
Play on
Play on, mr. music
Play on
But if you listen raggamuffin
Don't cha 'ere what i'm sayin to ya
Every little thing okay
And when i wake up in the morning
And i'm feeling fine
You know i'm loving everything today
We got to
You know we got to get together one more time
To stand up for our rights
And if you're livin for the life of the simple man
You best stand ground before ya put up a fight
He tell me
Play on mr. music
Play on
Play on mr. music
Play on
The keyboard, __
He tell me
Play on mr. music
Play on
Play on mr. music
Play on

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Slightly Stoopid Mr. Music Comments
  1. bl4l88

    Sounds amazing sober drunk, high or both high and drunk. So soothing
    Makes me feel so free
    Mr. Music it sounds good to me

  2. b1bout2jam3

    “An over – inflated sense of self importance requires that we be offended by the words and actions of our fellow man.“

    All you people with your negative opinions need to chill out, it’s just your opinion. Nobody but you and maybe your friends really give a shit.

  3. GoogleisTyrant

    A friend recommended these clowns - they're infantile...sorry for her, she's 34.

    Fat Max

    Her soul has a free and youthful essence. Lighten up man, it helps sometimes... This band isn't "infantile", they simply know how to create a good vibe and have a good time! You'll never meet a mean stoopid fan!

    Ehh Igna

    GoogleisTyrant fuck, I would hate being associated with someone like you. Wash your mouth out with buckshot yeh

    Fat Max

    Ehh Igna Agreed dude like holy shit how can you hate slightly Stoopid? Im glad I'm not the only one who saw this comment

  4. Blaze Harmon

    play on Mr music

  5. LoveAddict69

    This sounds the closest thing to sublime and Bradley's voice.

    Mike Miller

    look up the band Pepper, one of their singers sounds very much like him. And the music sounds like that of sublime as well.

    salami boy

    +Mike Miller pepper is a good band but this sounds wayyy similar to sublime

    Glen Gomoll

    Whenever Pepper used to come on I would think it was a Sublime song... I agree.. this song definitely has it .. Hi yall Stoopids

  6. Robert Camp

    cat puck isn't a true fan. true stoopid fans are always stoned!


    Oh i guess i'm not a fan. Better throw away all my music and tell everyone how much this band sucks then!

  7. Madam Kitty

    this band sounds REALLY good while drunk. I wonder how they sound like when ur high on weed.

    Madam Kitty

    @warpedsavage cool


    @cat puck try it sometime you'll see 

    Madam Kitty

    the closest legal dispensary is 2 hours from where I live. 


    @cat puck you don't need legal weed any chronic will work 

    Madam Kitty

    I gotta as a friend of mine 4 his dealer 1st.

  8. xkfalling

    This is the song that made me a big fan of them 12 years ago, so glad

  9. TJ Dub

    Great song the oringinal was by the heptones produced by lee scratch perry called mr music also awesome check it out :)

  10. daniel williams

    thats actually true, when hitting the plant i just think that and it works

  11. morgan erkard

    I think this was the same band at the Sunfest last year. Cool!!

  12. Hannah Walczak

    when it hits you feel no pain

  13. Ryan Shaw

    This should be thumbed to top comments. The two there now are actually pretty uninteresting.

  14. Radley Nowell

    One good thing about music,...

    Glen Gomoll

    "When it hits you you feel no paiiiin!" Plus. Buch of other stuff

  15. comets9gg

    Sublime and Slightly are unique in their own way. Slightly Stoopid's early tracks had much more similarities with Sublime but also guess who signed Slightly's first record deal? Brad Nowell's Skunk Imprint. Since then, Slightly Stoopid has matured and Top of the World shows it.

    Regardless, stop hating and appreciate both Sublime and Slightly for the great music they bring.

  16. dovebird22

    Ah thanks Scratch

  17. Dan The man

    this song makes me smile :)... and yes i am high :)

  18. Timoteimar

    ...and when I wake up in the morning and I'm feeling fine, you know I'm loving everything today...

  19. Dan Panos


  20. sauceparatras

    good music is good music....stop all the fussing and fighting


    Soemhow I came to the right place. Noice select. play-on...

  22. Matthew Spittle

    playyyy onnn slightlyyyystooopiddddddddddd

  23. Justin Morano

    @knives1315 false

  24. xkfalling

    I heard this song about 10 years ago and have been a big fan of their's ever sence, good good things

  25. Nick Meyers

    @knives1315 your outta your pinche bro

  26. Youssef Hamdan

    @knives1315 how can you compare two legends there both on there own level of greatness.

  27. Cedar Strzyzewski

    @chiefthriller how does knives1315 even think dat? he doesnt even sound like brad, hes got his own sound of awsome (:

  28. benedettiification

    play on the music!

  29. Liveeasy1811

    wow this is simply amazing

  30. PurpsAllDay420

    @chiefthriller not saying we need more singer that sound like brad, but we need more singers with this kind of potential. i hate these monotoned, and autotuned fucks out there making the dollars.

  31. Bomini Dockers

    Don't argue, Just listen. Shheeesshhhh

  32. devoncho sanchez

    @notnotthatguy no dont ever put those in the same category. butt wipers nasty an heinekens piss an one beer. nothing alike

  33. devoncho sanchez

    @losglobos2 hahaha. DUUUUMMB!

  34. konzjustin

    the last song brad nowell recorded he played bass for slightly stoopid. love them both. so so much. good music.

  35. marinipiero

    @chiefthriller best comment ever. exact

  36. FichDak

    i personally think slightly stoopid is better than sublime.. almost every one of their songs is just great, even the ones no one has ever heard of.

    sublime, on the other hand, had just gotten popular when brad died. they could have done so much more, given us so many more great songs. it sucks that he had to go and die. fuck heroin, smoke herb.

  37. kogeki

    personally i think slightly stoopid has completely outdone sublime.. they're just better overall.

  38. Skyler Garabedian

    @knives1315 fuck everybody who is dissin on slightly stoopid just because they sound like sublime. it doesnt matter and i really dont think he sounds that much like brad either

  39. bigpoppa03492

    so CHILL when you high

  40. PhattBudz

    who would ever hate on slightly stoopid let alone any reggae band

  41. dubversion1989

    A lot of people talk bullshit about Slightly Stoopid trying to sound like Sublime.
    The truth is, they have their own and particular sound.
    Play on Mr.Music and fuck these ignorant people.
    RIP Bradley

  42. Rob Haubrich

    Listen to SOULMOBILIN if u like this song

  43. liz moran

    so chill man................ =P

  44. ama creeve

    Man he doesn't even sounds like brad.

    I hope you're getting lots of annoying comments for what you said a year ago haaha =)

  45. Jerikho

    @Rayd8807 agreed

  46. Jerikho

    stop Flaming...just injoy the music

  47. Punkforbrains

    I be blazed right said man. Got me rasta Goin

  48. devoncho sanchez

    he sounds nothin like brad you fucck tards its a whole other style than sublime.this shits fuckin emo compared to sublime.sublime was more punk .this generations all emo .stop lookin for some thing thats not there hes gone an there is never gonna be another. there just on skunk records ,there not sublime

  49. Parker Foor

    @andow7 sarcasim so over rated

  50. Parker Foor

    @fatwadmcskylar yeah rip Bradley

  51. Cameron7

    @schabergdegerman oo im shakin in my shoes

  52. Parker Foor

    @andow7 fuck u

  53. o0debs

    i think that if slightly stoopid were a sublime tribute theyd be the best sublime tribute band :D

  54. Das Gemuse

    @chiefthriller that's exactly how i see it. slightly stoopid is the reincarnation of sublime. fuck "sublime with rome" this is where it's at. play on slightly stoopid, play on...

  55. hawllz

    It's called being in a genre of music. Slightly Stoopid toured with sublime way back when. And I don't think they sound like sublime hardly at all, but a style of music doesn't make it the same music.

  56. danshwan

    well it all sure sounds good to me !!!

  57. Nathalie

    if you dont like them, then dont listen to them- simple as that. why listen to a band you dispise for w/e reason?- or even worse why waste time on them? I like Slightly stoopid, so rock on. I'll listen to them, but if you dont like them, why bother going on youtube and find their shit? to each his own, man, & just jam to what you want.

  58. twisted705

    just cuz there talented and enjoy playing this type of music dont mean they are copying sublime chill the fuck out and listen to the music. i still love sublime but bradly got this band famous and wants them to keep this music living

  59. brock rutledge

    slightly the best song stoopid