Slightly Stoopid - Jedi Lyrics

I use the force 'cause i am a jedi
But i'm a bad boy
And i'm livin' up at the beach
What ya gonna do now
When i'm reaching for my piece
Of the action
But nobody seems to care
Whoa oh
Nobody seems to care that
I use the force cause i am a jedi
But when i'm hittin' up a blunt
You know i'm down to get high
Roll another one until you know what it means to say
God damn you're a smokin' machine
It's just the bass
Irie i the jedi

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Slightly Stoopid Jedi Comments
  1. Patrict Torres

    I suck dick

    bird flew

    +Patrict Torres for coke?

    Swoop Opolous

    +bird flew Definitely not for marijuana

  2. Guilherme V

    sax solo just kills it


    @Guilherme V In an awesome way.

    Josh A

    Tim Woo's the man.

  3. emakpo39

    I use the force cause i'm a fricking sith <3


    omg FRICK yeah

  4. Andrew Brunelle

    These guys are pretty amazing.  This is one example of their musical brilliance.  After listening to Sublime, Matisyahu, Dirty Heads, and Pepper (not to mention LBDA), I decided to give these guys a listen.  Totally worth it.  They are so musically sound when it comes to their instrumentals and their vocals are pretty great as well.  They're not as good as Sublime but they've definitely become one of my favorites of all-time.

    Julian Carreon

    Andrew Brunelle I wanna say sublime sign them to thier skunk records production.

    Nicko 86

    Andrew Brunelle THAT'S correct man. These dudes are still rocking n rolling too

    Jake Kay



    They're mentioned in Thanx Dub, they used to jam with Sublime.

    Glen Gomoll

    Sublime basically started them... they were really close... Sublime will always be my fav! BUT!! SLIGHTLY STOOPID is probably the best band ever! Like the above comment... slightly picked up right where Brad n tha boys left off! :) my opinion ❤❤🎶👍✌🙏🍺

  5. Cyle Farrar

    I am a Jedi, like my father before me!! XD

  6. Noah Miguel

    Weed "messes" you up hahaha

  7. ChronicCalifornia

    Man I'm feelin stoopid haha

  8. Calvin

    Listening to this sober. Because it's too good to listen to messed up.

    Glen Gomoll

    :) hahahaha! That's why I never continued to listen to them when I discovered them Years ago... they were just too good!!

  9. Demonic's Gaming Domain

    these are not the stoners your looking for

  10. Kyle Strasbaugh

    and soul

  11. Rey C

    3 dislikes? JEDI KILL YOU......Actually, Jedi don't care.....they're too high

  12. bengarris

    lmfao @ tastyherbals

  13. Mickey Mattack

    doing bathsalts and spice enlightens my brain

    isaac strickland

    Mickey Mattack you still alive man?

  14. Johnny Gonzales

    nobody seems to car wo ho nobody seems to care!!!!!! classic slightly stoopid

  15. James Fredericks

    this is my ringtone and it went off during class right at 50 seconds and my teacher just looks up and smiles without saying a word

  16. daniel anoba

    marijuana will live on forever illegal or not long live ganja

  17. bigpoppa03492

    @The500er i think your about 10 years off...

  18. TheSimplicity707

    Like this if your high right now !

    B C

    TheSimplicity707 What do I do if I'm Always high?

  19. Rielly Lane

    @aryiataki Probably not hahaha

  20. aryiataki

    @surferboyy96 lol, would this music even exist without weed though?

  21. Rielly Lane

    @rollwiththemack Calm down big boy

  22. rollwiththemack

    @surferboyy96 ur an idiot its all about gettin high this band i guarantee has the same views as the people ur talkin shit on.

  23. Rielly Lane

    What's with all the references to smoking weed and loving life because of it? This music is about a lot more than that, I'm not gonna preach, but you guys need to grow up.

  24. Erol Buran

    IRIE I.. The jedi

  25. Trwstien

    "turn up the woofers so I can feel the beat
    vibrate my belly like a bomb in harmony
    summer heat
    my back is sticking to me to the seat
    bare feet
    tank top and shorts is all ya need
    summer breeze
    I'm feelin' kinda fine
    I'm rollin with my shorty all the time" ~Michael Franti And Spearhead~

  26. leetpaintballer

    thanks bro for all the good songs chilin all day, could u post some download links (free) jw

  27. TransverseWaves

    @malaleche240 angry* teenager

  28. TransverseWaves

    @malaleche240 I used to be a teenager too... Then I smoked weed, got pussy, and realized no one cares if I'm angry or not, but me... So fuck that anger noise

  29. TransverseWaves

    @chiefthriller Damn the man...

  30. Flavio Kowalsky

    i used to be an angry teenager...then i smoked weed, drank beer and got pussy

  31. Tony Tone

    iiiiiimmmmmmmmmm a jedi lets go smooookkkeeee and use the force!!!!

  32. Marty Mcfly

    yupp man sublime does that kinda stuff to people =]
    R.I.P brad and lou

  33. tom broadfoot

    Never heard that one before, was in my recommendations. Glad i checked it out it was niiiice maaaaaaaan :)

  34. randy mcsoocher

    PERFECT haha no Dislikes!!

  35. glassroom135

    all below my comment are stooned out of there heads!

  36. jffhy13

    such a chill song

  37. josh taylor

    awh man when that sax comes out, just perfect

  38. tjsurf1122

    if i was a jedi, i would use my powers to grow me some dank ass nug hahahahah

  39. Manojstanford

    all da jedi get high they smoke that sensi till they die!

  40. Knight Of Moons

    that sax at the end.....

  41. Wasclywoger

    yuhhhhh !!!

  42. Clayton Jolliffe

    @guayo18 me too

  43. Max Feiern Abfahrt

    Bababababa but im a bad boy and im livin up at the beach :-)

  44. Wayo

    SAME HERE! I used to hate reggae, but when I started to smoke weed I started to fall in love with reggae, now its my favorite music :) haha its funny huh!

  45. gdsac



    What about your penis.

    It touches my penis

  46. Cole Johnson

    my opinion, best lyrics from the album

  47. Huitzel

    Started smoking and listening to Sublime, from there Ive been loving life :D


    wow u missed out then

  49. Flavio Kowalsky

    and siths the best crack =)

  50. James Frolio

    nah dude like, it kinda sounds like what u said if you listen for it

  51. Jeremy Smith

    they were in orlando it was fuckin good

  52. tehuberpwnage

    I had a packed bowl next to me and i heard this song for the first and said to my friend, "yeah.. time to smoke". I didn't even realize it was going to be a stoner song. Chill ass song

  53. mindgame554

    that sax solo is bill clinton

  54. brock rutledge

    its just the BASS this is a good cd i got a while back no i know has this cd

  55. xf1

    i think this is one of their best songs off of one of their best cds that nobody seems to know about or have. thanks for posting man!!

  56. Jake Dee

    yeah i just found this band out and they kick.
    thx m8!

  57. ctjazzking

    Thank u 4 putting this on! UR the 1st