Slash - Promise Lyrics

The first time I ever saw you
You had that far away look in your eyes
And heaven's eyes shined down upon you
And the whole room filled up with light

Now the cruel world it's gonna try and change you
Try to hang you up and mess with your pride
Now the rich just try to chain you
You got to keep your fire burning inside

Promise me
You won't let them put out your fire
Put out your fire
Promise me
You won't let them put out your fire
Put out your fire

Now sometimes the world tries to slap you
And it seems to love watching you fall
I wont lie to you, it's gonna happen
You got to pick yourself up and move on

Promise me
You won't let them put out your fire
Put out your fire
Promise me
You won't let them put out your fire
Put out your fire


Which star will I be thinking of tonight
Which star will I be thinking of tonight

Promise me
You won't let them put out your fire
Put out your fire
Promise me
You won't let them put out your fire
Put out your fire

Promise me
(Why don't you)
Promise me
(Why don't you)
Promise me
(Why don't you)
Promise me
(Why don't you)

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Slash Promise Comments
  1. Javi y Pilar

    Absolutely underrated song. I miss you, Chris

  2. B Ó Conghaile

    2 legends!

  3. Thomas H

    That note though 😱 0:39

  4. Guy Tahar

    cris cris miss you :(
    guy from israel

  5. B Ray

    que QUÍMICA animalesca, seria mtu foda ter uma banda com os 2, quem sabe em outra realidade paralela. s2 eu amo esses caras!

  6. Cloud

    Chris and Slash??? Am I dreaming right now????

  7. Theory Manifest

    Chris wrote these lyrics for his kids acording to Eric Valentine the producer of the album. Gives a whole new perspective on the whose better singing it argument ive been reading in the comments. Just found out and came for a listen, its a whole new song now for me. Fuckin love Chris's voice, God rest his soul. He was allegedly a very deep and wonderful human being acording to Eric.

  8. Jurnal de pisic

    Chris rulzzz

  9. N C

    Obviously no disrespect to Chris Cornell, especially since I really enjoy his vocals too, but for any fans of his, check out Richie Kotzen as well. Richie has a similar voice and produces some great music himself.

  10. VDF community

    Two of the best ever. EVER!

  11. my music field

    great song. try this acoustic version

  12. Daniel Aleixo

    Great great tune.... also the lyricis...

  13. Joannie Demko

    WOW I love this!!!!!!

  14. Septic 99

    sorry Chris hope you have a good afterlife! not joking!

  15. lucatrex125

    Descansa en paz chris todos te llevamos en el corazon ❤

  16. Hoots

    I just noticed that the crossbones are shaped like little guitars.....

  17. Gorąca Północ Zapasowe konto

    song is great (dlaczego piszę po angielsku?) uczę się jej na gitarze jeszcze w ucho wpada
    Pozdrawiam, Gorąca Północ YT z bsp

  18. Joao Paulo Torres

    Great Song !

  19. Dogan Kaplan

    Best Song of that Album

  20. Carlos Huizar

    I do not like it

  21. Vero Salvador

    RIP Chris 🙇

  22. Analeonor Rosa

    Você foi o melhor cantor chegou sua hora mas a hora se vc ir pra sempre nunca vai existir vc sempre foi incrível vc nunca vai sair de nossos corações quando caímos levantamos e nunca vamos desistir pq vc é o rei do rock rock e uma coisa q cresce em nossos corações alguns tem mas não valorizam o rock dentro de vc o rock se libertou em vc Chris cornell vc foi um grande cantor te vejo no paraíso
    (Estamos com saudades)😥😥😥😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢☹☹

  23. HilliIndustries

    Weirdly amazing Song. Together they sound just like Richie Kotzen. Especially the voice.^^
    I like it. :)

  24. Sebastião Machado

    Rip chris te vejo no ceu

  25. Analeonor Rosa

    Rip Chris cornel😢😭😭😭😭😭😭

  26. salat pedersen

    good old memories

  27. Murilo Piétre

    2019? \o/


    Murilo P. Still my favorite song

  28. Kendra Baker-Childers

    Rip Chris Cornell

  29. Shikari Fox

    2010 was a good year for music, Ozzy's Scream, this album, featuring Chris, Ozzy, Lemmy & M. Shadows, Enter Shikari released Destabilise, Futures put out The Holiday, The Boy Who Cried Wolf and Sal Paradise were my top songs of that year, and we had Chester (RIP) go from rapping to screaming instead of Mike for Blackout.

    Am I forgetting anything?

  30. Blurtastic

    M A S T E R P I E C E

  31. Pat King

    To be honest
    I still struggle with Chris being gone.

    I was at his 2nd to last show in KC and he was so alive and iconic without any effort at all.

    I posted on social media after the show, " You have not lived until you have heard Chris sing in an amphitheater" and then he was gone.

    He helped me so much with his lyrics and delivery I would have helped him anyway possible.

    Miss you Chris, RIP my friend...


    Pat King 😩😭🙏🏻

    Zidders Roofurry

    Depression is a monster. When you're in its grips and suicidal it's eating you alive. It's like being held underwater with a giant weight on your chest. Sometimes you manage to swim to the surface but sometimes people can't shake that weight. It robs you of your free will. A lot of people don't understand and it is really, really hard to understand if you're not going through it or haven't been but sometimes there's nothing you can do to help. The only thing you can do is be as kind to yourself as you can be and be kind, compassionate, accepting and loving towards others. You might not be able to help everyone but if this world becomes a kinder place it will help people with depression so much more.

    If you want to do something to honor Chris and help others look into ways you can support research into mental health and illness and advocate for for better mental health programs in your area. That and do your best to let those around you who are struggling with mental illness know that you'll be there for them as best you can and that they are worth kindness.

    Lm Curtis

    "And then he was gone." 💔

    George Bushnell

    I was there too, I was asking my wife on way out after " Do you think they ever get tired of singing the same songs over and over?" Couple days later he was gone, over 2 years later and I'm still mourning the loss.

  32. Lil Matte


  33. Afua Puri Visser

    Estuve buscando esta canción por 2 años y al fin la encuentro
    Puta madre por fin!!!! :''''''''')

  34. Channel Of Fish


  35. Cecilia Abendaño

    Dos potencias! Maravishooooso!


    This is a pretty hot song ...lovr it and missing an angel down here ....🔊🔊

  37. Sara85 sm


  38. Ivan Mijailovic


  39. John Sabo

    Which star will I be thinking of tonight?

  40. Kinga Śleziak

    Two Gods!!!

  41. christar 95

    2 of the very top musicians together. Love these guys!

  42. Dan Green

    Now thats what I call tune

  43. Jessica Kiel

    Absolutely Smashing🎇

  44. Daravy Hottell

    I liked it before it started because I knew it was gonna be good.

  45. Jimmy Bocanegra

    Crazy how most the singers that came out in this era are dead cobain chris scott at least Eddie is still alive with perl jam

  46. arunim ahmed

    Such an underated song. why? Is people busy listening to shitty musics with shitty lyrics?

  47. Barbara Riale

    Happy Birthday, Chris. RIP, man. 🤘💔🤘

  48. lesley curtis

    this song is so Underated and ironic as now we are lost, without Chris Cornell... yet this song today Chris on your bday anniversary.. inspires me to keep going, doing what I'm doing .. when i've been at the lowest point of suicide myself. legends never die xxxx

  49. Josh Johnson

    I almost cried listening to this just now I will forever miss u Chris rest in peace

  50. Eduardo Rivas

    I really love this song.

  51. Randy Grover Independent consultant of Immunotec Inc.

    Rest in Peace Chris. It's too bad ... "Promise me
    You won't let them, put out your fire, put out your fire...."

  52. Black Brid

    Miss you Chris C.

  53. Master Edrick

    This is slash man, u dont need to fuckin' worry ..The song gonna be great

  54. Midnight Rocker

    Love this song!

  55. W Elbendago

    How has this song only got 1 million views only? :( Sad.. this should be Billions! Sleep Well Chris....

  56. L.A. Rose

    promise me you won't let them put out your fire

  57. Weka Soliman

    I promise you chris :)

  58. Karina Hidalgo


  59. Caroline de Araújo

    Love this song ... This voice 💜


    So glad I can listen to this song ....really like it alot and I don't care what anyone says Chris was the most amazing singer to hit the highest notes and still sound awesome of the most unique singers of our time slash of course is one of the best as well. Thankful for this song!!!!

  61. Souvik Biswas

    I love slash guitar and Chris voice

  62. Jake Young

    Bet no one noticed the guitar shaped bones.

  63. Ggunner

    Rip Chris, I'll never forget you and your terrific voice!!!


    I do Miss YOU best singer really it tares me up.



  66. Necesary Evil

    Rest in Peace Chris Cornell, I hope your Soul is at Peace :,(

  67. alexander maldonado bernal

    chris y slash perfecta letra y cancion

  68. V-drums

    This song is amazing

  69. Matthew Moore

    What a song still shocked that Chris is gone, R.I.P Chris...

  70. Luciano Caracciolo

    You put out your own fire Chris, we miss you

  71. Jesper W

    this makes me wanna cry, damnnit Chris! #rip gone too soon

  72. Alberto Bispo

    R.I.P Chris. we all miss you...

  73. Peppi Boudreau

    Fucking Great Song!!!! Chris and Slash perfect fit. I wish they would have recorded more songs together. What a loss.

  74. arwien reza

    Funny ... Chris broke his own promise and put out his own fire ....

  75. Jeremy James

    This sounds like a toadies rip off

  76. nicolas jofre

    Wen tema men

  77. Eva 1

    Rest in loud Chris

  78. Bogart

    its kinda ironic listen to this "motivational" song coming from someone who killed himself. Chris Cornell, always on our hearts lml

  79. Jim Venom

    TOP <3 !!

  80. Taking Back Autumn

    I promise I won't let them put out the fire, RIP.

  81. Dylan Hammers Productions

    A collaboration I wouldn't have expected. Chris had such a great voice and he passed too soon ;(

  82. Fabio Parrella


  83. Emma Stockton

    An inspiration to so many, a muse and a talented gentleman, gone far to soon. Rock in peace Mr cornell x

  84. ***Anthony Peake***

    OMG!!! Why am I just now hearing this.... Fuckin Awesome!!!

  85. Peppi Boudreau

    Awesome song!!! Can't get any better than Chris Cornell and Slash. Wish they did an album together. How awesome that would be.

  86. Melissa Kirchgassner

    We love you, Chris, forever. 💔

  87. DavilRulez

    Damn what a great song. Just stumbled upon it and it hit me hard... So sad Chris is gone :( Will love his music forever.

  88. Thuan Sena

    Algum BR por aí?

  89. Mr Pugilest

    Who died..... Chris or rock????? RIP the true highway.

  90. Ganondorf

    Best couple! Sry Chris, but I DO miss you :/

  91. Clarice O'Hagan

    Amazing song xxx

  92. Isabella

    I was 15 years old and the biggest fan of this song. 2010 had the days ♥

    Ohh Barsa

    Isabella Oriol me too

    Nick Gramuglia

    Literally same here, feels like a life time ago

  93. Phyl RV

    RIP Chris, see u to the other side

  94. Zakk Mucci

    This entire album was kickass. He's been releasing some awesome tunes the past 5 years or so. RIP Chris Cornell, you beautiful legend you. Your voice will be missed, dearly.