Slaine - The Fuckery Hotel Lyrics

Death before dishonor, still growin' like a farmer
So-called soldiers walk around in glass armor
I remain calm or run the point like Chalmers
I can feel the ghost of the victims I plan to bomb on

I plan to avoid the penitentiary, pencil these poetic memoirs
Of a star trapped, thoughts tap, ADHD
All that bipolar make me fall back
What y'all lack I instill in pen skill, lyrical contact

Yeah, dog, I got a bottle and a Prada model
These cats wanna fist fight but I'm homicidal
I can't keep my mind swayed, all the drama I know
And my cocaine is rockier than Colorado

I got a single-shot Ruger, hopin' that I hit my mark
The life of a shooter, my brain is like a fuckin' dart

I been sippin' 40's in the park, duckin' from the narcs

Bustin' from the heart, pussy, all the stars torn apart

Aimed at those who oppose where my life's headed
On a futon, eatin' croutons with light lettuce
On a cruise ship, stuntin' with my new chick
She keep both hands on my dick like a pool stick
She the coke holder and I ain't talkin' soda
'Bout to run a train on the game, baby, bend it over

Be my Henny coaster, ass stupid fat
Couple shots of Henrock, no question what I do to that
True to fact, Rugers blast steady on the block
Henny on the rock, gimme-gimme plenty shit to talk

Them are not really ready, I should have been killed already
I would have been dead and buried in the very cemetery
In Roxbury with every Tom, Harry and Jerry
But I ain't never worry for nothin', nobody is scary
I came up the hard way, I earned what I have
Caught the science of the violence and I learned all the math
Carry gasoline tanks, I was burnin' my path
Held a razor blade close, I'm determined to slash
Fuck two porn bitches spittin' sperm in the bath
Punch 'em both, but they weren't into that
I'm fuckin' with ya

Taught to never testify, beef, we let them weapons fly
Feel the hunger when I rap, you niggas look like shepherd's pie
Paralyzed by coke lines and methadone
Shoot you in the chest, you should have never left your vest at home
I left your heart and a part of boy in the water
No love for these little heifers, we sendin' them all to slaughter

Ain't none [?] offer to take care of your sons and daughters
Regardless of niggas' profits you politickin' with prophets
I done fucked with porn bitches too, sorry to reiterate
Penetrate dinner plate interstate ridin' rhetoric head it
Get all exes a slight, ex-wife bitch and moanin'
Picturesque moment: Kali, Reks, and Slaine own it

The modern version of hate I slaughter virgins escape
The sort of version of fate you can't record on a tape
I'm an animal in the jungle, can't cordon a ape
I'm a lion defying a giant flying with capes
I am firing weight, tight spiral when I'm wired and I'm
Burning houses up while the fireman wait
You exist in my nightmare, I can die in my sleep
Buyin' an eighth, you gotta love me I am the great

So get your white sheets, yellow tape, pistol poppin' set you straight
Hit your head and hit your face then close your casket at your wake
Hustlin' proper, guzzlin' vodka, no one can stop us
We totin' choppers at helicopters, we fuckin' mobsters
Put steak sauce on your tits and have a barbecue
Bring your daughter, dude, I'm John Madden calling audibles
I'm Charles Manson in the game how I slaughter crews
Typhooned raps, spit a verse, make the water move

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Slaine The Fuckery Hotel Comments
  1. Axil Axil

    Semaine IS a good one

  2. JREVY22

    Had this album on iTunes since day one now I found it here too

  3. JREVY22

    They all go in

  4. Jack Burton

    Slaine needs to get on with Merkules

  5. James Jones

    First of all , Fuck the Miami Heat, and Mario Chalmers. LoL

  6. Dirty CUNTry

    Yo that's fucked up...he said he punched those bitches. LMFAO!!!! SLAINE. Listening everyday in 2019.

  7. JesseTD

    Damn. Fucking Flawless Song

  8. owendabom wright

    Killed it love them all.keep it up ..

  9. Paul Wisniewski

    I think all 3 of them fuckin ripped it. Slain I can count on but Kali pushed my wig back...killed it. When I looked him up...theres like 3 other Kali's. He's the only real one if you listen to the other ones.

  10. Hell Loca

    I fucking love this song!

  11. Jed Defedge

    personally responsible for 150,000 of these views

  12. Pèternè Ormos

    Dope!! respect from hungary..

  13. Hip-Hop Homework

    that intro skit is hilarious! And this beat is up-n-down straight proper!!! Kali is sick and love Reks. Yo', is Kali a boston MC?



  14. Boston video Marketing

    All three murdered this. Slain is a fkn animal.

    Hiisi-I 666

    slaine is a fucking beast, ur right dude. respectah

    When i became the sun..

    Hiisi-I 666 slaine. Is crazy

  15. Whois KevinKent

    damn this is a classic we got off on this!!

    Lola&Jimmy Slick

    I got off on your mom

    Damien Bunting

    Kali Raps Dude Ive been lookin for ur shit for days after hearin u murder on Slaines shit! Glad I can just click on ur profile and see ur music

    Damien Bunting

    That fuckin bodybuilder kali muscle kept poppin up an I was like wtf? Lol

  16. Mothafvcka Jones

    Am I the only one who can't find Kali's music on yt anymore? Wtf?

    Whois KevinKent

    +Mothafvcka Jones Kaliraps search me up big bro

    Mothafvcka Jones

    +Kali Raps haha I eventually found ya bro, forgot the "Raps" in "Kali Raps" when I was searching you lol

  17. The Random

    slaine needs a seat up top

  18. ChefKen CookYou

    that is hard as a porn fuck!

  19. R77RHR

    The Best we need to do something about that to push him up ! Yes or No ?
    I believe u man !

    Good Luck !

  20. Lt. Magnum

    It's sad that these rappers are so under rated.


    Yes it is slaine is class

    Oleksandr Galamon

    They choose to stay underground instead of going commercial and mainstream.

  21. shapandrew

    Bananas beat Matty T.

  22. Flashpoint922

    @ppaattrriicc76 shut the fuck up faggot. no one cares what your shitstain ass thinks. fucking imbecile go play in traffic

  23. Daily Dawg

    Carry gasoline tanks I was burnin my past!

  24. tee jae

    somebody call me a cab

  25. jason hamilton

    Rippin it much love from Plymouth

  26. Sandra Pabon

    A friend turned me on to Slaine recently and I am hooked... Thx jojo and thank YOU Slaine. Sandra from Brookline

  27. Mike Weinmann

    this is fucking sick i just found this

  28. Daniel McNamara

    Fucking Dope !

  29. vag poop

    ''i cud jerk off on my imagination tha fuck i need a porno movie fo'' ahah 

  30. Noti Fawkes

    Nothing wrong happening on this track. They all kill it.. Kali is from my city, Lowell Ma - MILL CITY.. REKS from our neighboring Lawtown and Slaine from 20 minutes south of us...

  31. Chris M

    Why cant i find any of Kali's solo shit!!!?

    Noti Fawkes

    I have some of his shit.  Message me your email..


    @Noti Fawkes I hope the kid did

    Noti Fawkes

    Not that I can see.. his loss lol

    Chris M

    @Noti Fawkes I did fool! A few days ago i think

    Whois KevinKent

    +Chris M search kaliraps my brother

  32. Kilo 1105

    Dope ass hip hop...

  33. Dżejpop radosny

    My cocaine is rockier than Colorado ; ))

  34. Nick Gauthier

    slaine is awesome he remind me of biggie in this song and prop to kali u hit that verse wicked

  35. 4401nine

    how come i cant seem to steal this album off the internet? pirate bay, kickass etc?

  36. Whois KevinKent

    hahaha best song we ever made together

  37. vag poop

    206 right here!!

  38. GTPBeats

    508 likes... 617 we in here!

  39. Lipster Davis

    yeah Slaine is a beast but this track wow

    Axil Axil

    Yes Elaine IS the best one

  40. Jay Bergs

    Honestly, I've heard Kali and Reks through Termanology and Statik Selektah but this song did it for me. I became a fan after this song, every single verse merked the song.

  41. Derek073182

    Hip hop mathematics. Slaine + Reks = so fuckin dope

  42. HolidayStyles

    Great song

  43. ppaattrriicc76

    NaS, Talib Kwali, Ghostface, all the WU is raw, not some wack ass Boston white kid who sounds like Everlast and Eminem had a kid. By the way you have to be the lifestyle for it to sound authentic, and Wac Miller, Slaine, the other cat from Seattle are bullshit.
    Go back to your white projects, that ain't gangsta.

  44. ppaattrriicc76

    it's not raw, it's not dope. Silly Caucasian thinks he's a rapper. WEAK.

    george scott

    ppaattrriicc76 yall cain handle ths shit not bein just urz. Those days long gone. Oh and u can thank yalls lil feild negro marshal mathers! Bahahaha!

    george scott

    Haha this shit dont belong to yalls anymore. And you can blame that lil ass field negro slim shady! Bahaha

  45. GregFromSI

    Good catch. Slaine's facebook statement on the day of the bombing made me think the album was supposed to be out that day. Ehh close enough.

  46. Okeanos

    boston bombing: 15th. Slaine's new record, "The Boston Project" available April 16, 2013.

  47. SameDayHurt

    Better yet, let's go on a date.

  48. Chaima wu tang fairy

    Yes Sir :p

  49. GregFromSI

    Can anyone else believe that an album titled "The Boston Project" came out the day of the Boston Bombing? Crazy shit.

  50. Como Las Weas Records


  51. mike mcdonald

    Black n White rap is the best.Love tha underground.

  52. berndveritas


  53. mobspeak

    "You went one verse too long, we were supposed to end the song a minute ago" some funny shit right there


    303 rep COLORADO

  55. Chaima wu tang fairy

    thank u

  56. Whois KevinKent

    if u like me on this check out my other songs just search KALIRAPS (Kali)

  57. jon IItrickyx

    Repping that COLORADO!!!

  58. Jordan Mercier

    lol fuck i know right... such an amazing rapper dude.

  59. JREVY22

    I have that album

  60. Cob Phelan

    just kidding the rest of the album is just as crazy. haha much love #thebostonproject

  61. Cob Phelan

    Ill be honest.. the rest of the album is not as crazy as this song. this is a crazy track and needs to be put on repeat for 1 hour minimum. a day.. The album is still great and I didnt feel that any songs were just on there to be on there. It backs up looking at Slaine as being one of Bostons leaders in this hip hop movement they got going on. buy the album and support it

  62. kesta222

    Slaine just gets better and better WATCH OUT

  63. YafactKid BILLY BAGGZ

    Fuckery hotel? C'mon we all know ago says fuckery

  64. BooMxDizzLe

    My cocaine's rockier then Colorado!

  65. Kevin Kilcoyne

    love it....born boston, live cali ..."nobody is scary"..perkins square 4 life, what up ky?

  66. Brian Thomas

    fukin luv slaine theres a reason these mutha fukkas have no dislikes pay attention

  67. Dino Fulan

    this is fucking hip hop.... fucking rawwwwwwwwwww!!! killled it

  68. nickwithasickness

    you were supposed to end the song a minute ago...haha....

  69. mr0we

    This shit is monstrous.

  70. gerrapk

    Sounds like "Couldn't Walk a Mile" by David Dallas.

  71. Jordan Crenshaw


  72. Kyšpanz Kyžmonsky

    Slaine crashed that beat best flow on tha fucking world

  73. Grill The Mil

    Sippin 40s in the pak' duckin from the naks'

  74. Aragon From NL

    This is real hip-hop !!!!! Smoke Some Weed

    Respect from Rotterdam (Holland)

  75. JRez1620

    Nobody is fucking with what Boston has coming this year.

  76. Amoe Damackahoe

    415 to 617...grimey Irish cats out here

  77. Bosco

    Every person I've shown this song who either does or doesn't know Slaine has fucking LOVED it. Slaine just keeps getting better and better in my opinion.

  78. Patrick McCloskey

    unreal kidddd

  79. Classifed Info

    ..fuck would i order a porno movie for? hahah

  80. PsyberP

    Rondo doesn't rhyme in that bar tho lol

  81. K.O. Masonry

    ERI Bragh

  82. Chaima wu tang fairy

    Melaaaaa Melaaaaaa
    we'r tuneeeeeeeeeeeed ya 3am :p :p

  83. madwithhats

    Can't wait for this shit to hit. No bullshit.

  84. XXXDeathbyFartsXXX

    Just have to change that "Chalmers" line to Rondo and this is perfect..

  85. XXXDeathbyFartsXXX

    "and my cocaine's rockier than Colorado.."

  86. SpazDillinger

    I want to see Slaine actually talk about this album

  87. Mr Devil

    I had to listen to that thing twice. HAWT SHIT!

  88. Neops Jam

    في كلّ محضر تحضر ؟ :D

  89. Jenn Kay

    LOVE IT! sick as fuck

  90. Chaima wu tang fairy


  91. Derek073182

    never heard Kali before, dude is murders that last verse!!

  92. Derek073182

    Slaine + Reks = Automatic dope

  93. mi niewski

    Dope! Respect from Poland

  94. vanvillainz

    LA COKA!!!

  95. chlingui wingui

    DOPE !!!!!