Slaine - Still Got My Gun Lyrics

Square peg in a round hole
I learned to do my dirt on the down low
Had to make some moves that would sound bold
But in that same dirt, I had found gold
So they label me a scoundrel
Guess I had a ruffle a couple feathers on my way up
But I'm a hustler
I didn't give a fuck if I gotta harm ya or muscle ya
I been armed with the tools that we use in the trade of a renegade
Thrive in a game, you're not able to penetrate
I'm not the same as you, I'm tried and true
This is something I died to do
Part of learning how to fly
Eventually, you hit the ground, crashin'
But at the bottom of the pain
I had found passion
Though I been gone for a minute
Now I'm back in it
We either overcome the past or get trapped in it

[Rite Hook:]
There's a lot of things in life I know
We can go up so high and low
A lot of things I left behind that I once called mine
But I still got my gun
My gun, my gun
I still got my gun

[ILL Bill:]
Violently designed like the Trolls of Asgard
Silencers the size of a grown man's arm
Listen, the scope pivot like a cyclops
Chrome so heavy the shooter had to use a tripod (Bong!)
The pistol long like a pool stick
Hammer hit the hollow like a baby in the womb kick
Listen, visual verb, missile swerve, hit your herbs
Feel the pistol burn, hit you like a whistling bird
All it take is half a shotty for half your body to fly a half a block at your fuckin' block party
Pussy, your every word have a period
Your album comes with a free bo of tampons for serious
My lyricism's the littyiest
Carry the torch for Brooklyn like Sean P and Biggie did
My demographic be Henny and Acid
My algorithms are savage and my religion is madness

[Rite Hook:]
There's a lot of things in life I know
We can go up so high and low
A lot of things I left behind that I once called mine
But I still got my gun
My gun, my gun
I still got my gun

[Vinnie Paz:]
Boko Haram, stay calm, strapped with a bomb
Behind the mask of God, he can trap the divine
I got numbers and statistics, it's a matter of time
Imma hit him with the.50 paw, Shaq at the line
And them fiends lined up, they be pacin' for days
Had a yopper put a hole inside his cranial cave
How the fuck you gon' walk into a maze in a daze
Muthafuckas being deviant and say it's a phase
This ain't fun and games over here, we make money
And y'all is always gon' be second like Chase Utley
This muthafucka think he the wolf, he the same puppy
It's the same mask, same.45, and the same Duffy
You are goofy homie, we was never meant to be cool
I was taking people's shit in elementary school
Feel it with both hands paw, read it in braille
And the whopper always with me homie, Kenan and Kel

[Rite Hook:]
There's a lot of things in life I know
We can go up so high and low
A lot of things I left behind that I once called mine
But I still got my gun
My gun, my gun
I still got my gun

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Slaine Still Got My Gun Comments
  1. Axil Axil

    I will love to but all thé music of saine IS super music and social

  2. TheBjiii

    Aagghh that hook gets me through the lows, i Still got my gun

  3. Ms.Fikes

    Proof that most are sheep...

  4. Carson Jacob

    Dope collab.

  5. Marco Velez aka Marroquino

    Big up from Portugal🇵🇹

  6. earnesto mcspliff

    "You know i can take a pinch. Ill only give em ur 1st name..." -slaine

  7. Nathan England

    Best complete album I’ve heard in a while. Slaine 👊🏻

  8. TheRealCeltic

    I dont care what age you are talent is talent. I produce hip hop and the effort that goes into a song like this is eminence. The mumble rap crap is loading up an 808 pattern and a pad and saying a bunch of crap over a beat. There are some talented new generation rappers that I like but guys like this are undeniably talented.

  9. Surashi Porter

    Same here you got the like before i listened please make more music for your fans. Your runs not up yet you guys cant stop.

  10. Surashi Porter

    Much love

  11. Scott Zenobi


  12. Nick Nyce


  13. SpazDillinger

    I had this album waiting for spotify....

  14. Aurora Dyx


  15. Into the Moat

    Beasts! This is top shelf hip hop here.
    All legends.

  16. Hand Puppet Beats

    murder blah blah kill bla blah blood
    nice stagnation oldies

  17. Hand Puppet Beats

    ёбаная хуйня
    эти дряхлые пердуны разучились делать жёсткий рэп
    какая-то однотипная поебень каждый раз

  18. J Todd Hammond

    Some of Vinnie’s new slang loses me. Yopper?

    Cheesy nips plz

    Yopper the distant cousin of Whopper that you can buy at burger prince

  19. Antonio Flores cuenca

    This is real hardcore rap

  20. Bradster X

    All of y'all go off on this one 🤢👏👏🤢

  21. andrew kirchner

    La Coka Nostra + Heavy Metal Kings= 🔥🔥🔥🏴‍☠️ Ill Bill murders his verse! 💀
    Much love!

  22. Hip-hop on the House

    Great video!

  23. Анатолий Сыроватский

    Просто АХУЕННО!!!!самые любимые 3 исполнителя на одном фите,это просто бомба,пора делать альбом!!!сука это просто разрыв



  25. Dennis Wayne Allen

    The old man put 1 million on a Sim 2015 now he's dead who picked up his job

  26. Mike Robinson

    I'll bill and Paz killed it

  27. Deedius Esquire

    What a tune

  28. David Miles

    "Hit you like a whistling bird"

    Baby Yoda approves

  29. IamOhighO

    I'm mad I just came across Slaine ....this shit Smoke.. 🔥

  30. Mike Stubbs

    Siickest MLB reference by Pazzy.......y'all gonna always come in second, CHASE UTLEY!!! LOLOL

  31. PuchoAlmighty666

    Awesome! 🔥 🔥 🔥

  32. Loyalty1269

    Vinnie Paz.... end of story

  33. Narva Beats


  34. Rory Quirk

    All I can is “ Clack, Clack , Boom!” To the 89 bums that clicked thumbs down! Fucking goofies


    Busch n acid

  36. Oscar Ozzie Caraballo Sr

    Y'all always been #Flames!!! Much Respect!!! Ima artist myself, and Fux wit it awe day!!!

  37. Dennis Wayne Allen

    Trump impeachment hearings are a habitual witch Hunt 👌

  38. lewis dickson

    Ill bill👏👏👏👏

  39. B ANT


  40. Arturo Maisonave III

    Slaine deserves way more attention

  41. Lord Zuke

    Sounds like some gay guys on tha cell block getting f'd

  42. VRMusic

    The beat is SO GOOD

  43. jules11788

    I just came here for the Paz Man

  44. Daniel Paquet

    That fucking loogie that Bill spit was the song

  45. Forsaken Pumpkin

    Guns are for pussies....

  46. Dustin Wroten

    Imma hit em with the .50 shaq at the line


  47. ibratraceur

    I'm 26 and listening these three since I was 16. Every single time I listen to a new record brings me back to when I discovered them.

  48. امين Amine

    Vinnie... ma shaa Allah. Marocchino che vive in Italia

  49. HavockBlade

    is this hate just fuckin engrained or am i insane just the slightest look of disdain over edge im pushed mane -- now me and the offender in the middle of the street and my friends they fuckin know me so they wont give me the heat so they load me in the jeep cuz these tables i den flipped em all stop askin about my brakes cant you see i fuckin hit the wall

  50. KB. TV

  51. Timothy Mc backwagon

    Issa banger!!

  52. alimuh007

    IIL BILL lyrics


    MOST slept on rappers hands down... im SO glad tho cause if you look at main stream now its PATHETIC and Vp, bill, and slaine are FAR from WHATEVER you call those corporate shells of "rap"

  54. one penny

    I missed a week of my life without knowing this to be 420th comment.

  55. 나려


  56. That Guy

    Big Jay Oakerson on the hook tho

  57. DreadInNY

    And that ladies and gentlemen is why he is "Ill Bill"

  58. Frederick Blackwell

    Slaine, Ill Bill, and Vinny Paz are Ruthless. Drop that Ouija type ritual style of Rap. Fire. Whoop whoop!!!! Juggalo ryda muzik.

  59. Justin Storelli

    Bill kills it as always

  60. beatsbyjay

    this shit fire

  61. Dj ZoO

    Some good ish right there!

  62. Robbie Jack

    Great verses. Weak hook. Meh beat. Typical of these guys.

  63. Aurora Dyx


  64. Anton 'Molen' Koev

    I dont think Rite Hook's voice rly fit on instrumentals such as this one, but the lyrics hit hard. Well done.

  65. Adolwulf Bjorn

    Far Right wing or die

  66. Steven Dando

    Fucking sick as fuck

  67. AdamMortisOfficial

    1:22 !!! <3

  68. BuddyBoy Mc'Hemminsworth

    Ive listened 50+times in 3 o tha heap

  69. Andrew Parker

    I'll Bill fuckin DESTROYED!!🔥🤘

  70. SuperJg1975

    B O M B ! ! ! ! Vinnie P is killin it ...

  71. Junior Howie Hower

    Man what a track sick track SLAINE SMASHED IT!!!

  72. AB The Eight Five Delegate

    This is a beautiful song and Slaine and Vinnie went off but Bill must have been pissed off when he wrote his verse because he went nuts 🔥🔥🔥

  73. Daniel Paquet

    this sound like a Coka song

  74. I am Gilgamesh

    Monstrous lineup, killer track. A project with this lineup would shake the game up!!!

  75. Stuckinthen9neties


  76. Balanced Lion 7

    Heavy pressers eny mesures smokin heavy pleasures Bless up

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  78. Xx2020VisonXx

    🔥 has always been burning with these guys

  79. MAXRAP101


  80. K Dubz

    Slaine always has the 🔥

  81. Ænigmakil X

    That shit hit me like MMLP era Em did

  82. creaseoner


  83. DannyThomasKiB

    Liked before I even heard a word, I know this is bout to be 🔥

  84. charlie renegade

    Good rapping..but you over 40 niggas talking like you just woke up..not living a life of success..make your owb money and you dont need guns or no drug dealers to do speaking from a ex cartel brotha...

  85. DJ Anthony

    box cutter pazzzzzzy

  86. FvkSociety

    Sooooooo dope broo

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    This was insane!!!

  88. dick cheese

    Praise the 2nd

  89. BNIBCD Creative Media

    Oh ok. I had to listen like 3 times. Im starting to like Slaine a little more.

    Doug styles

    Heard this ? Dope

  90. Mr FarQ

    Unimpressed. Huge vinnie and bill fan but this is trash

  91. BuddyBoy Mc'Hemminsworth

    Keep producin hip hop on tha planet - thank ya'll god bless

  92. UNI UNI

    Damn Slaine you killed it... dope.. Vinnie Paz Ill Bill 🔥🔥🔥👍🏽👍🏻👍🏽👍🏻👍🏽

  93. jon ele024666

    Got Dam🔥💯✊🏼