Slaine - Redemption Lyrics

I know the truth is that I'm on my own in this life
I gotta be ruthless, I know my opponents is right
What is it that I got left in my tank
Bet on myself with the rest of my bank
This passion and hatred, I smash it and break it
And I got my anger and effort to thank
What is it deeper that's driving me further
I couldn't sleep, I was high from the furor
Haven't you heard, I got a nerve
I got a knack for surviving the murder
I'm coming back with the fever
You'll be believing soon, he's a goon
Keep the ethos of a wolf in sheep clothes
But as soon as I see the moon
I'm full of greed and doom
Deceiving, what does it even meaning to 'em
I got a grievance, I can just sieve it boom
As soon as I leave the room
I'm on this craftsmanship again
I'm an assassin with the pen
This is no accident, it's accessing, collapsing on your chin
I got an axe to pick again, you know the factions that I'm in
I been a potter, poet, a prophet, preacher, a pusher, most the armada
Closer to God but the closer I get to my goals, oh it only gets hotter
I got a hole in my soul, shit is the size of like most of Nevada
Maybe I'm supposed to just say that and die
Maybe I'm supposed to do nada
But live with the comma that ain't even mine
And rose from the ghost of my father
The focus that jolted you outta
Georgie it's time that you leave these demons behind
Thrown in the garbage, own what you gotta
This is a journey of freeing your mind
Lonely survivor feeling the terror, the thorn
That's where the spirit is torn
This is a serious wrong
All of this wrath, now I see where it is born
This is a tool, this is the fuel
This is a world so vicious and cruel
Sick and abused, give me the match
I got the flame to the wick in the fuse
Left with a desperate resolve
Burn like the will of the sun
It's been a desolate haul
I got a feeling that I'm
Feeling no pressure at all
This is the thrill of the hunt
This is my testament dog
Now there's redemption involved
Odds are a million in one

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