Slaine - Pusher Lyrics

Look close at the man in the background
As he moves real calm through a dark bar
Slick when he pass a gram there in that pound
Under pack in the trunk of his parked car
He moves through the winter like a cold wind
Discreet with the style as he goes in
He darts like a shark through the ocean
And meets with the smile like an old friend

Pusher, pusher
Pusher, pusher (pusher)

The poet, the profit
The preacher, the pusher
The people, the power
The product, the pusher

He rolls with the toast on his waistline
And walks with the yay in his pocket
Gets close when he knows he could face time
But some days, there's no way you can stop it
You can sniff, smoke, shoot it or snort it
It's your choice of the way that you rock it
You do what you've got to do to support it
And that's how he stays with the profit

Pusher, pusher
Pusher, pusher (pusher)

The poet, the profit
The preacher, the pusher
The people, the power
The product, the pusher

Pusher, pusher
Pusher, pusher (pusher)

The poet, the profit
The preacher, the pusher
The people, the power
The product, the pusher

He grew up with the hustle and the tricks of this trade
Bumping next to all the kids in sixth grade
When he was told to do the tips, the bricks weighed
Put on a little muscle and he ditched the switchblade
And he ain't been in a cage
But after every close call the adrenaline stays
But he's getting paid
And he ain't trying to live off of minimum wage

Pusher, pusher
Pusher, pusher (pusher)

The poet, the profit
The preacher, the pusher
The people, the power
The product, the pusher

The calls come early from the dopeheads
And stay awake from the heroin promptly
He starts packing up grams off his rope, then
He's out serving these American zombies
The word spread quick and it came back
Somebody OD'ed on his product
Now they all want bags off the same batch
He tells them, "If you need it, I got it"

Pusher, pusher
Pusher, pusher (pusher)

The poet, the profit
The preacher, the pusher
The people, the power
The product, the pusher

Pusher, pusher
Pusher, pusher (pusher)

The poet, the profit
The preacher, the pusher
The people, the power
The product, the pusher

And so it goes with the story of the pusher
The big dreams of the grittiest kids
The quick scheme and the place that it'll put you
And the truth, what insidious is
Behind it all is a snake with the apple
She's known to tell the prettiest fibs
Can't forget about the Jake and his shackle
And the death in any city it lives
In the city it lives, nobody's killing the high
You can smell it in the air, you can feel it inside
When you stop on the pavement, it's thrilling and fly
So a fucked up engagement, and willing to die (willing to die)
So tell me is he villain or not
When his back is against the wall with a million in one shot
To make it alive, there's a war before dawn
The cycle continues and the story goes on

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Slaine Pusher Comments
  1. Berk Nelson

    Story stops pushers don't keep pushing dumb to do so they get pushed out RIP power and purity no dope stay out of our neighborhood I don't like seeing the family Dieng because of you

  2. Steeler Pete


  3. Sunsere F

    No one is iller wit dark storytelling than Slaine! He's on my top 5 list of Favorite MCS & Lyricists! Still bumpin' this!

  4. TheProfessorDank

    Everyone i work with gonna be bumping Slaine after today. Trust!

  5. Lecter G


  6. Shaun John

    That’s des out of the town in the vid isn’t it ?

  7. Matt Jackson

    Dezi from the town

  8. Steven H

    The Town 2????

  9. Nerlim Nelcsen

    солист жиром заплыл, а пушер мпозантен0

  10. James Friedman

    My kneck hurts....I think I'll listen again 🤷‍♂️

  11. Faith Line Entertainment

    🇮🇪👊💯. Sic video. Always a hit vid

  12. JIN

    This guy is so good . DAMN. i wish i can meet him and say to him 'Dude u are the best ever ' . 🤘

  13. gregory redwood

    Lived this life only awesome when I was making mad money but dident realized the stuff that came with it

  14. Wolfhart MC

    Awesome work Slaine... one of, if not my favourite tracks from you.

  15. Rok Živkovič

    this beat.............................. FIRE!

  16. spooby killa

    nice!! DMS B Town to AZ.

  17. Sulei Man

    Песня крута

    Евгений Татаринов

    Сто пудово!!!!кайфую сам

  18. Shortcut Arsenault

    I agree, Id like to buy a few Slaine cds

  19. roon

    I dig so much the fact he's rocking a DMS cap in ths vid. NYHCLIVES

  20. Silver Surfer

    Heard this LIVE .... FUCKIN BUZZIN

  21. Alb Nov

    Irish king!!

  22. billy bragg

    Never meant to harm.


    I’m facing 3 years myself.
    You signed a CD for my homie 10 yrs ago and wrote my name on it. CHANCELLOR
    Thank you.

  24. Jason Fett


  25. Daniel S

    Arcitype makes some sweet beats. Reminds me a lot of DJ Premier style (so much I thought it was him at first)

  26. Chris Ryan

    Dok Bah
    pocked kah
    Love the Bostonianism

  27. Jaydynn Washington

    Make me want to sell drugs

  28. Beat Junkie2016

    2:40, damn homie

  29. Angry white male

    The great white hope slaine that whiteboy

  30. Beat Makers

    Killer track bro

  31. M Ru

    Brilliant song! Clip could be better if you would like to make the whole experience a ten. Those fucking germans have those clip making skills

  32. Юля Решетникова

    👊👊👊Awesome work

    Евгений Татаринов

    Юля Решетникова сто пудово😀

  33. nylesthe3rd

    way ahead of his time!! the purest hip hop!!

  34. Giannis Stathakis


  35. rdk89

    I can't fuckin believe this dope song has only 203K views !! WTF is with this world??

    Joshua Smith

    rdk89 people don’t know good music.

  36. Binta Lokka

    he looks so much younger in the town I just saw he was inter town and gone baby gone he must be friends with Ben he old n broke here tho

  37. N. D.M

    such a shame they didn't do more with that sample in the beat tho' . killer track tho', but a bit of a lazy composition imo.

  38. Beef Jerkingz

    Nice, they filmed a little bit in Charlestown! Love it!

  39. Spliffmaster J

    Best song in a long time. Loving it. Beat is top notch and Slaine to. Good lyrics.

  40. FineSliver

    thats fuckng hip hop!!

  41. David Therriault

    Slaine, you are an inspiration to me. If everyone doesn't mind checking out my music

  42. Matt Briscoe

    Heard this song live. Slaine put it on, one of the best performances I've ever seen.

  43. Generic White Male

    i heard your verse with ill bill and i think hero. shit was dope. finally hearing some of your stuff

  44. pug life and bffs 123

    The best

  45. Matrix Deprogrammed

    He starts serving these American zombies..

  46. Mike Rycc

    "someone ODed of his product now they all want bags of the same batch" true herion addicts there my friends been there done that fuck dope

  47. Klytus knows best

    Feeling a method man flow from this one it

  48. Jaime-Lyn Roy

    And, Drive a Fckn *CAHH

  49. Jaime-Lyn Roy


  50. Billy Lydon

    Somebody call the FIRE DEPARTMENT!

  51. ChefKen CookYou

    I dont care what anyone sais, this is bangn!



  53. Jon Jacob

    Ok ok I like that lil push a video

  54. xele fonte

    13th Dislike here, am I one of the few who thought this album was a total flop by Slaine.. just some crap he made to get something out and stay relevant... and it was so under-produced. The BEATS ARE ALL SO TERRIBLE

    ED Cooper

    Your taste is terrible. Btw, it's very stupid to announce your dislike.

  55. Sir Simon

    who the fuck dared to press dislike

  56. amy morales

    Where's kylie

  57. amy morales

    Not nice

  58. PureIrish77

    Real Hip Hop!

  59. C.K. 916

    This is smooth as fuck. So sick.

  60. don Hallow

    1:44 "Dopehead"

  61. John Jaime

    Future is definitely bright for you Chris keep it up

  62. TriBoro Gigolo

    this shit knockin'. dope project slaine!

  63. Dawud Yelton

    can't front i've watched this video like 20 odd times since yesterday,love this song, winkwink...

  64. Dawud Yelton

    hey, the "pusher" is the brother from the town movie(can't remember his name)...slaine stays w/ some good music

    Bobby English

    Dawud Yelton Desmond elmond on the town

  65. No Name

    I Love this.

  66. James McLaughlin

    Slaine is the fucking truth end of story

  67. Tyhler Novac

    is it just me or Does that guy look like he could actually be Michael Myers from Halloween

  68. EastMan

    LA COCA NOSTRA respect from East Europe Slaine

    Евгений Татаринов

    EastMan respect Bro!hello in Russia

  69. Adam Mok

    Fuck i love this beat...Slaine i been hounding you for years to make some new shit ! Bout time G

  70. Aye Okay


  71. the CHILD up NORTH

    Slaine a rapper that can successfully get old

  72. Hip Hop Junkie


  73. Veda metatron

    This whole shit reminds me of gangstarr . Boston to Brooklyn shits. That hip hop shit ! Story shit , shit u can feel and learn from !


    Crazy track!! still on repeat...

  75. SkoolyRatt


  76. Dmytro Kryvenko

    dope EP!

  77. Edro Lorette

    Slaine, Apathy, Celph, Rite hook.Virtuoso. ....ect.....all bangin brah.....

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    Sick track.. Pusher guy kinda looks like Jorah Mormont lol

  79. DrLaceus

    Respect from Italy

    Frankie Basile

    DrLaceus Morte Prima Di Disonore...

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    really good video - gatekomplex

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  87. When i became the sun..

    this guy....amazing

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    bro how the fuck are we into the same music hahaha I see you everywhere.

    cody sour

    Respect2theFallen haha word bro we both got hella good taste in music


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    Vinnie Paz new album goes hard you should give it a listen to if you haven't already.

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    put this on spotify so I don't have to use my data.