Slaine - Mind Of A Criminal Lyrics

Hey yo, Ronnie was a wannabe gangster and an ornery prankster*
He'd shank ya
Quicker than he'd thank ya
A crook and a thief always looking for beef
Gave em crookeder teeth
Then a hook of this beat by a pimp
His environment was violent
Always getting high and shit
Grew up and now he's a man
With a dealer type
Always thinking how he could scam
He went to back and think and turn the music loud as he can
What the fuck, yo?
You need to go make a few bucks, bro?
At the pharmacy they're nothing but sitting ducks
So call your man with the pistols, run in and grab fistfuls
Of every pill they got and they got a shitload
All you need is a yahtzee, the O's silly man
This little plan is brilliant
A renegade, eliminate the middle man
You can make like twenty grand off of these milligrams

This is the mind of a criminal
The criminal mind will find a way to get money at any cost
This is the mind of a criminal
Go for the dough, you gamble and sacrifice your life for any loss
This is a mind of a criminal
Just evade cops, never say stop because there's always a better day
This is a mind of a criminal
Under the influence, convinced you'll never be caught but get away

So Ronnie got a chance with Dan
Scoped the place out like a motherfucking cameraman
With the panoramic lens
Him and his band of friends
Looking like he swallowed a can of Fen-Fen
Right before they did the job
His eyes bugging out and the kid was starved
For an o'connor
Ron knew him from his old corner
Their old colony but lived there no longer
Anyways, they've never been afraid to be a renegade
As long as they stayed
Getting high and getting paid
Like they're supposed to, Ronnie had the Monte, skinny Kenny with the toaster
Closer it's coming, his mind troubled him with the nine double MM
Tucked in his belt but fuck it he felt
Grabbed his balls, gun in his drawers
Opened up the door to run in the store

This is the mind of a criminal
The criminal mind will find a way to get money at any cost
This is the mind of a criminal
Go for the dough, you gamble and sacrifice your life for any loss
This is a mind of a criminal
Just evade cops, never say stop because there's always a better day
This is a mind of a criminal
Under the influence, convinced you'll never be caught but get away

So there he was brandishing the gun
Demanding every one of the Oxycontin from the foxy woman
Who's a pharmacist
Stay calm for this
Believe me, I don't really want to have to harm you, bitch
This is a robbery, I know your knees are probably wobbly indeed
Oh you've never been stuck up?
Let me give some advice
Hurry the fuck up!
Give me the OC's
He pistol whipped her and gave her a nose bleed
Looking at her lab jacket Ron sees her clothes read
Janice, Janice panics, looking at the handgun and the bandit
Wants him to scram so she hands him every fucking Oxy that they got in the place
Her nose is broke and she's scared that she'll get shot in the face
Now she's coughing and bleeding, whining and wheezing
Not believing she's getting robbed this time in the evening
It's the end of the night
Not a friend is in sight
Kenny's in the front making sure the engine is right
Then they're gone without a trace
Criminal without a face
Chewing up an OC pill for the powder taste

This is the mind of a criminal
The criminal mind will find a way to get money at any cost
This is the mind of a criminal
Go for the dough, you gamble and sacrifice your life for any loss
This is a mind of a criminal
Just evade cops, never say stop because there's always a better day
This is a mind of a criminal
Under the influence, convinced you'll never be caught but get away

And once again the criminal has won because our life is like a movie where the bad guy always wins and the corner spots are full of sins and the fiends shoot heroin. And when you're a little kid, convinced that you can never win. Tuck yourself in, kid. That's a bedtime story

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Slaine Mind Of A Criminal Comments
  1. Darren Johnson

    Tru story

  2. EastMan


  3. Ryan Fifield

    o sillys

  4. Billy Larson

    some real shit

    Stalz Otonga

    The real .hit home here

  5. Lowkey kid

    This song reminds me of the time I home invaded some drug dealers house, put this song on to hype my crew. RIP brent. fallen soldier

    Lowkey kid

    Before y'all talk shit, nobody was harmed. I'm trying to turn my life around and im currently training for my job, my friend Brent died from another incident.


    Hope it's going well mate.

  6. SlaineKyrane

    its sad to see someone is known as slaine if u were the very first. fuck the internet

    Jimmy Johnson

    sLaiNe slaine has been rapping for 10+ years.

  7. Jay Hud

    Slaine I ment to say

  8. Jay Hud

    Saline should be Eddie Brock in the Venom movie Sony is having

  9. derekhugh

    remix is better

    Ader Oner

    no itz not

  10. Grill The Mil

    This is fucking amazing

  11. EnglishANDworried

    Anyone know if the end bit is a film?


    requiem for a dream

  12. Jason Kotch

    gotta say bruce on sniper kill shoTT!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Ivo

    nigga you is jelly

  14. Michael Petrie

    u funny llol

  15. skasere1

    I dont find it funny at all...everyone has mouth and speach...being black or white has nothing to do with it...

  16. Julia Shapira

    extremely true

  17. Jacky Sambahangphe

    and than bribe police commissioner and government.

  18. lowpantsnutsack

    yeah he was

  19. ray greene

    I am a criminal

  20. justin magnum

    I have friends that are criminals

  21. TheSkyhazFallen

    mos def. beenie siegel, method man. krs1. red man. talib k. biggie. chuck d. scarface. nas. rakim. tupac. jayz. mc lite. jean grae. wiz khalifa.canibus.jada name a fuckin few, imitation is the highest form of compliment.

  22. TheSkyhazFallen

    A copy could never be better than the original. whites have been jacking our style long before elvis, &btw Real hip hop is underground gets no radio time. he even jacked the title 'mind of a criminal' from krs 1 "criminal minded'' lol! the white man truly is the devil!

  23. 84hennarot

    Wasn't he in gone baby gone too?

  24. 84hennarot

    In la coka nostra featured on everyone I'm glad he's getting his come up finally. After seeing him in the town I can say he's got acting easily under his belt too.

  25. Jonathan Loupis

    An ill cat that nobody fucks with from Bean Town also check him on tracks by loka nostra

  26. Jonathan Loupis

    Alright Im from the Boston area, I am goin make sure ya'll know what's up, he sounds like he's from Boston, not like Eminem....

    And there's a difference between Underground and Eminem

  27. vinzy2007

    Non phixion son

  28. fucku

    slaine from la coka nostra

  29. Neon Leaf

    True, but you gotta admit you sound a bit like Eminem sometimes too. It's all good, though.

  30. Levi Weir

    It is just deceiving because there are not many white rappers in comparison. Theres just so many shitty rappers period and the majority or rappers are black, but the majority of ill rappers are not white so theres no point to be made..

  31. Josh Eppard

    America!!!!! Does anyone think this song is too much like Eminem?

  32. max schmitt

    you both sound retarded

  33. john jackson

    if thats not racist idk what is... rap aint skin kid ik sick brown skins and sick white skins

  34. King Delamuela

    Have u heard of Canibus? Edo G, Masta Ace, Hopsin? Planet Asia and Rasco? Little Brother, NYOIL, Smiff n Wessun, AFURA, SEAN PRICE, CHIEF KAMACHI? DEEP ROOTED, DA GRASSROOTS, STRANGE FRUIT PROJECT? PPT, ELZHI? Wu Syndicate, Crucial the Guillotine?

  35. King Delamuela

    U lying..

  36. MaDGriZz78

    mainly because the ones being promoted are fucking sellout trash. lil wayne lil drake ffs how do ppl like that garbage

  37. juggalofolifeful

    a search engine that appears as soon as u either open google chrome internet explorer or mozilla firefox but u should know this and if you dont ummmm how the fuck u got a computer?

  38. juggalofolifeful

    0 dislikes so far 137 likes so far a little faith in humanity so far

  39. ThaFaks

    ur a fool

  40. thedokkkta

    what are a google?

  41. brad lastnameBarnes

    watch it buddy, we white boys dont claim no vanilla ice. lol.

  42. brad lastnameBarnes

    because he's talking about cocaine(the white man, the devil). you should have already googled that and gotten your own answer.

  43. thedokkkta

    can someone tell me why a white rapper would name his album the white man is the devil?

  44. Dankbud

    Yo Middle east Show last night was BADDDD FUCKING ASSS!!! Def would see slain agian,Keep BEAN TOWN on that map!!

  45. jooks223

    @LookManRightNow That's a bold statement I doubt you can back up with FACTS. Slaine is dope tho....BEAN TOWN.

  46. Alex Chikara

    slaine should choose his words better to not make it a racial thing but he means something more with "the white man is the devil" those who think he means it literally and think its cool are most likely retarded.. he the shit tho

  47. Alex Chikara

    @LookManRightNow hip hop is way beyond that mentality its true skool vs new skool fool.. don't let me start namedropping thing is true skool got 300x the amount of real skilled rappers than new skool white or black doesn't matter yall got vanilla ice we got lil wayne and so on why not rip out those pages and focus on the good part of the book. THIS IS HIP HOP shout out to the irish, romani, blacks, latinos & aboriginees all people who been oppressed!! HIP HOP LIVES

  48. curtis porchak

    sick song litterlly

  49. juggalofolifeful

    @cobralaw u should too piggy oink oink squeal

  50. juggalofolifeful

    @cobralaw how bout u mr.pissy |)

  51. Curtis

    ohh you've never been stuck up? let me give some advise... Hurry the fuck up! lol

  52. SpeakRyanSpeak

    Honestly,Slaine should quit drinkin. Smacked a rapper like 3 times HERE because the guy hit him with a good line....the art of a battle is meant to insult the other emcee the best you can, you cant smack the guy for having a good line.... That’s a Disrespect of Hip-Hop.

    David Kadisevskis

    TaLLiEsALLEY i think was more behind that.

  53. dratsabREVIEWS

    @1994TheYear Those guys aren't bad, but the 3 I mentioned are better... especially DZK and Sweatshop Union. Sweatshop Union has the most positive vibe in rap music I've ever heard, why the hate bro?

  54. Bruce Paterson

    @dratsabREVIEWS Sweatshop Union, Twiztid and DZK? You serious? Try Necro, Ill Bill, Vinnie etc

  55. One4u2nv

    If somebody is convinced that one "race" is better at making music than another...You should probably do the world a favor and go swim with a godamn toaster. Jazz can be sung, made, written, and played by anyone...Same for classical, metal, rap, hip hop, so on and so fourth...Black is the new white and white is the new black..Ignorance is why our fucking world is in this shit sucking position in the first place...This guy Slain
    has something to say, so let him say it without judgement...

  56. dratsabREVIEWS

    @LookManRightNow Been saying this for a long time... Atmosphere, Sweatshop Union,Twiztid, DZK, Everlast, Eminem... I'll stop there, but feel free to list more.

  57. Frank White

    @genesistheruckus haha buddy you think your the shit but your music is whack and your broke as fuck. you probably dont even have a car and thats pathetic

  58. Frank White

    @genesistheruckus haha making shitty music videos for youtube isn't work you homo, your such a baby its so funny to make fun of you. MAKE A DISS TRACK FOR ME HOMIE

  59. Chris Coles

    @PunkAttitude8V it's not literal, it's a metaphor meaning coke

  60. Matthew Latchem

    @LookManRightNow And still ignorant people think white people can't rap!


    Wow. White ppl actually know the truth about themselves.

  62. bored336


    yea? there not people trying to earn a living just like you? People looking for a legal career where they can do good. Not saying there all legitimate cops but shit thats like me sayin everyone in the ghetto pops OC's and stick people up

  63. Mary Schaffer

    @GalacticCompound yes, he is in la coka nostra

  64. Killswitch8852

    @heikkigeddon fuck the cops all they are is a punk with a badge andd a wana be badass cuz they got a gun.

  65. ThePowerExcess

    FUCK! I LOVE how Dennis Leary pops into the song.

  66. ThePowerExcess

    @GalacticCompound Slaine is also a member of coka nostra, yes.

  67. Joe Johnson

    @GalacticCompound Yes

  68. hegemonia

    welcome to the real hip hop, it makes you wanna kill cops

  69. hegemonia

    i love the way how this song starts