Slaine - It Doesn't Matter Lyrics

It doesn't matter at all what you say, it doesn't matter at all

Them tear droppin', heart-stopping kind of days
Make a humble man wanna go and fly away
I need rest, my brain stressed, I'm trying to change
But a mixture of the pain, liquor and cloudy days
How my life got worse soon as I found the fame
You never get the picture 'til it's jumping out the frame
Your girl's a bitch and her world is vicious, you feelin' drained
She acts suspiocious, the trust issues killin' your brain
So I'm spillin' my pain, turning tears into ink
Got me feeling ashamed, all these years full of drinks
Should have been sobered out, but I went the soldier route
Hit the streets, had to live everything that I wrote about
Your mind changed with growth, age and experience
Things you never cared about, now you takin' them serious
Still I know I gotta improve in certain areas and really try to embrace who the man in the mirror is

It doesn't matter (matter)

I wish we could recapture that old flame
But I'm left holding onto this cold pain
Neither of us really want to show the no blame [?]
But we become what we numb and it's so plain [?]
For me to see while I'm looking through these tear drops wishing you were here
Clouded by my sentiment, my vision isn't clear
My resentment, yeah it's evident, but is it full of fear?
Or maybe it's just [?] too miserable to care
So I sit inside the living room and stare
At the fucking chair but there's nothing there
I just keep remembering November when I met you and you took away my breath but now I left you in despair
And everything between it just seem like a dream
We know when we're in it, but we're moving full steam
Trying to sleep another minute, when we both close our eyes again and hope
It continues where it left but you can't, and it don't
And we couldn't make it work in our real lives
I just kept getting hurt 'til I realized
Something that I already know
It's the right thing to just let you go
See I love you but... (it doesn't matter, matter, matter)

It doesn't matter (matter, matter, matter)

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