Slade - You Boyz Make Big Noize Lyrics

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Hey mister man with a guitar in your hand
You're a rubber legged looney in a scruff-bag band
Hey there my man get that piggy off your back
Well a decent sort of chap wouldn't talk a load of c-rap

You with the mouth, your headin' on collision
Got to try to use your 20-20 vision
Hey mister clean your shirt is white as snow
Do you want to wreck a record on your DJ show
Well the wind don't blow, mama don't know
Say you got a lot to say
I know that you big boyz make a big noize
Nobody get in the way
A wee drop of rocket fuel gets you in the guts
It's better that the nutter who nuts you in the nuts
One piece of drastic plastic is a hit
Then a master ghetto blaster drops you in the head

Well the wind don't blow, mama don't know - Say you got a lot to say
I know that you big boyz make a big noize - Nobody get in the way
Hello sailor do you wanna buy it
It ain't my cup of tea don't knock before you try it
Dirty shirts can smell really mean
Gleamo washes not only white, not only bright, but clean

Mister man do you really wanna rock it
Funny money burns a hole in your pocket
Lady danger lookin' good as ever
Can't afford her on the never never

Well the wind don't blow, mama don't know
Say you got a lot to say
I know that you big boyz make a big noize
Nobody get in the way

Well the wind don't blow, mama don't know - Say you got a lot to say
I know that you big boyz make a big noize - Nobody get in the way

Here come the boyz who make a lot of row
Mama, mama, mama, mama, mama weer all crazee now

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Slade You Boyz Make Big Noize Comments
  1. Сергей Кара


  2. Gaz Tams

    Gaz Top. what a twat!

  3. MrRoztoc

    Beastie Boys meet Slade!


    С этим материалом еще будут работать и учиться долгие годы ... Супер !

  5. Hermann carrkizz

    Cool Song
    Hail from AustriA

  6. Jef Fa

    SLAAAAAAADE Argentina Love you!!! Gracias for your Music, MUSIC!!!

  7. Сергей Мокеев

    Great englishman, ,,!!!!

  8. Сергей Мокеев

    Время все расставляет все по своим местам!!!!

  9. Сергей Мокеев

    Слэйд- это практический идеал рок-музыки!!!!!

  10. Сергей Мокеев

    We love Slade

  11. Сергей Мокеев

    Опередили время

  12. Андрей Участкин

    ПЕСНЯ ок ,но фанера плакать охота

  13. Андрей Участкин


  14. Gry Boge

    Slade without Noddy is like Motorhead without Lemmy !

    Tim Kohn

    Slade without amplification is not slade.must be a promo

    luc luc

    Or T.REX without MARC BOLAN ! Or The SWEET without BRIAN CONNOLLY !!!

  15. Robert Cubinelli

    A bit different from the usual Slade sound....but good anyway.

  16. Joni Tuoreniemi

    I was 17 when Slade performed this. After all these years I can't believe that female presenter is dressed like a grandmother. Thank god Slade had such a sexy dressed and decent background singer.

  17. Alexandr Falcon

    Нодди Холдер бесподобен. Его голос узнаваем сразу. В 71 год выглядит бесподобно. Долгих лет!!!

  18. Uyung Yuliasman

    Nobody's sad coming to their gig. They're playing Happy Metal.

  19. лиахим нихум

    Холдер. Ты высший ! Даже не заглядывая в перевод песни, любой текст в твоем исполнении заставляет кровь бежать быстрее,радоваться жизни. Сто лет тебе жить,и нас радовать.

  20. stunni6913

    Always when I am listening to Slade oder Led Zeppelin, I realize that I was born in the wrong decade....

  21. Guram Alibegashvili

    Нодди Холдер неповторим!!!!!

  22. mirouske mirous

    Slade is Slade !

  23. Marc Vander Putten

    De la ville de Wolverhampton est sorti un grand groupe: SLADE

  24. Claymor

    Slade in '87. The light of fame is all but extinguished and the 'welcome back' glow of semi-ironic nostalgic reappraisal by the trendies is still some years off. A salutary tale for those who seek rock stardom - lo, you must wander through this vale of tears.

    david chave

    What are you on?!!!


    gold song and slade whit gils

  26. Phil Ward

    Her name is Brenda

  27. stuxj40

    I used to fancy that bird at the end..........

  28. Татьяна Чернякова

    я люблю Slade!

  29. California Pizza Kitchen

    It's weird to think they're all in their 40s here rapping in jean jackets and shit
    I love Slade

  30. Steve Dicus

    Such bad lip-synching.....

  31. Galiamh Reghdaddin

    so what  if they are similar its a typical slade song with a rap verse it would always have sounded like this given those peramators  if you look at the dates this slade sound goes back to at least 1971!!!!!!!!

  32. DMSProduktions

    Another fine stomper from the 1 and only SLADE!
    Keep on rockin'!

  33. helltopay1

    oh god ,is that what it came to in the end...nothing lasts forever (sad smily)

  34. Cyndi Foster

    I wonder if this song is where the Beastie Boys got their sound from.  Another trail blazed by Slade <3

    Mark Peterson

    This song was actually Slade's response to "Fight for your right to party" by the Beastie Boys...

  35. Snake Plissken

    I agree amansd86, this is just horrible

    Jason Arsenault

    Then you're both idiots; particularly adamsd86 who doesn't seem to realize Slade is the grandfathers of glam, predating it by a decade, and predating the beastie boys by about as much. These guys were contemporaries of Joplin, the Doors, etcetera, and invented much of what we consider the sounds of the eighties and nineties, decades earlier.

    Snake Plissken

    @Jason Arsenault  Just because I don't like this song does not make one an idiot. Is this song used to test MENSA members ?I like Slade, but this is horrible. 

  36. Włodzimierz Woźniak

    i love Slade!

  37. Aberdumbie

    Oh come on guys..... Get it together for one more set of gigs for us old timers.... How bout it Noddy, Jim, Don, Dave??? I would fly round the world to see it.

  38. Сергей Панкратов

    Hodder & Lee супер!!!!

  39. Сергей Панкратов

    Супер Любимая группа

  40. ledrotten

    Almost a SLADE rap song ,1987 wqs quite a scary time for us hardcore Slade fans , ya had ta like the new stuff , even if you didn't , I can almost see why Noddy was lookin for an out , they still rocked , but the magic was gone , they were wrighting for the next headbanger generation a little to much , an it just got a little to insincere, that sucked since you could finely buy their records here in the US without hunting them amongst high priced imports...lookin back , l guess it had to be...

    Daniil Prochorevich


  41. Greggo Van Dall

    The only thing I don't understand is that now I could pay a top dollar to see them live. Same as you I believe. But back then you can see only 38 people in the audience! How could it be possible? What went wrong??

  42. Jon K

    lip synced but i still love slade

  43. skintrade

    Who was the female vocal.. Samantha Fox?

    Lael Destan

    Doubt it. Samantha Fox couldn't sing like that.

  44. the1mwood



  45. proslade

    @the1mwood ???

  46. proslade

    @podmitry Agreed! But the prejudiced crappy media and their " image" have not been helpful. I am glad someone else recognizes the true brilliance, versatility in styles and genres and their unmeasurable talent.

  47. the1mwood

    Hahaha Gaz Top Wotta Wanka.....

  48. Deadmaker7

    This is much more innovative, intelligent and original than anything on Hysteria.

    Tim Kohn

    Yah specially when D.F. got so candy assed after the second album

  49. carlphone

    @SAHBfan If a band does not sound tyically what is expected, people with lack of musical sophistication think it must be poor quality. That s delusional, versatility in styles and genres and continuously evolving what Slade did, is very rare, most of the 100 listed as "Greatest"don t have that ability. And did not create real tunes in 10 or 15 pop and rockstyles as Slade did. Dylan, Zep, Stnes did not really progress that much, conclusion: Slade and the Beatles are the best forever!!!

    David Crabbe

    carlphone wow my man dat is sooo true..i never even saw that. The light just went on....Bless ya man....and Alex Harvey another underrated genius...keep crazzee

  50. carlphone

    @Sladest1962 Agreed!!!

  51. carlphone

    @smscamp WOW Slade evolved to new wave... Hmmm. I think Beasty Boys are the crap compared with Slade, mastercraftsmen if it comes to creating rock powertunes, or actually they could play any pop/rock style. I think their last albums are awesome and the highest category of songwriting. Can you refer to any music act with more diverseness in styles, sound and more ral and catchy tunes? I doubt it.

  52. carlphone

    @smscamp LOL have you listened to other tracks of this album, Roaring Silence, Still the same, Sing shout knock yourself out, Won t you rock with me, etc??? SUPURB stuff. THIS ain t great, but their last album still is great stuff and much better than what Status Quo or U2 or Iron Maiden or you name it, have produced....which is mostly monotonous, tuneless crap. You can t say this album is low quality. Or try Wild wild party, Lay your love on the line. Blieteringly excellent stuff from that era.

  53. carlphone

    @treetoptop So right there, I would like to add violin and piano based classics and ballads, gospel, complete anthems etc. even reggae. Would you say this song is "rap" (LOL) And Can you refer to any music act that has more diverseness in vocals, sound or genres? I really don t know.

  54. carlphone

    @onslokurgen1 CD shop

  55. carlphone

    @adamsd86 Completely delusional, OOOUUUPS I guess you are another dumbass American? You can either decide to make great music, "reinvent" yourself and make millions or you can slag them off as a "crappy glam band" and listen to Led Zep, Iron Maiden, AC/DC with their monotonous bunch of noise, in your mommy s basement. So who do you think is "sad"??? Probably the average shallow American lacking any musical objectivity, intelligence and or taste and completely misled by this kind of footage.

  56. proslade

    @adamsd86 HELL YEAH Slade "reinvented" themselves. If you had any musical sophistication, THAT is what music is all about, diversifying in styles and sound, continuously evolving. No other act can refer to this many REAL and catchy tunes in so many pop and rockstyles, only the Beatles and Queen come close. They did anything from beatlelesque violin classics to the loudest hardrock, anthems, ballads etc. So dumbfluck tosser, check the facts before writing something ill informed and prejudiced.

  57. George Korneyev

    @adamsd86 Oh I guess you're born a year befor that. Where were your beastie boys? Womb?

  58. onslokurgen1

    I greatly appreciate the slade postings,please does anyone know where to get their CD's? Thanks

  59. tommyt1971

    @scharf84 Sheesh, I surely hope not!!

  60. tom_s0624

    @tommyt1971 Please... There's NO WAY Slade would attempt a Free-Form Jazz Oddyessy infront of that "Festival Crowd."

  61. proslade

    Teddingtroll, 50 Teddingtonctu types without brains in the audience???? Nah I think you can t count further than 50, that is why you think there are only 50 people in the audience. Plus, I can t see the audience so how do you know???
    Any idea what they would fetch for one worldtour if they decided to reform??? At least 50 Mio, maybe you understand that, I won t say hundred Mio, coz you might get confused hahahaha.

  62. tommyt1971

    Ok, around 1:43, does this feel like the Jazz Odyessy scene from Spinal Tap or WHAT???

  63. tommyt1971

    Oh man, lookit that NASTY 80s hair... been wondering where to find this tune for about 20 yrs, just couldn't recall the title.

  64. TheKalipse

    GREAT SONG. Can't get enought of this Slade song :)

  65. TheShotgunslade

    Slade were a class act live and I really dont think that would have been a good idea for either of those bands. I have witnessed bands such as Whitesnake , Def Leppard etc being embarrased by the reaction Slade had on their fans. It is a bad idea for casual fans to judge Slade on old footage or on analogue albums. Slade could be menacing live. I recall seeing them in1983 in Manchester university and the Swots were unprepared for them. SLADE were very loud and underestimated .

  66. FlyingJunk

    It's so good, it's almost progressive. Seriously.

  67. 6irondriver

    Sounds like they were having a go at the Beastie Boys. Sounds alot like Fight for your right to Paaaaaaaaartyy...

    Dalton Bailey

    That is what I think when I listen to this song.

  68. stymye

    wow ...a samantha fox cameo !

  69. harvey Last

    I would like to see the original slade line up be the opening act for the who or Rollingstones

  70. Ruiseart Alcorn

    Excellent stuff!!!

  71. ventues97

    i like this song and lp

  72. WWladek

    - Slade, Slade, Slade, yes, yes, yes...

  73. smscamp

    Yes I knew this. No wonder they broke up after releasing this album.

    No wonder Noddy Holder is glad to be out of the music business.

    One wonders if Alex Harvey had a heart attack just after hearing he would have to produce similar music in order to get/keep a record contract.

    P.S. The Mafia Stole my guitar album is an absolute gem

  74. SAHBfan

    I think they were taking the piss!

    It's absolutely not typical Slade... I take it you knew that?

  75. smscamp

    Sounds like hair band heavy metal + new wave + Beastie Boys = doesn't do anything for me.

    Sadly the album this is on is full off synth drums

  76. Steven McColl

    sounds like kiss

  77. Lachlan Macleod

    who's that lassie on the stage?

  78. Lachlan Macleod

    thank god they chose noddy!

  79. Lachlan Macleod

    you're right there, pal

  80. Dave Nation

    I thought I read somewhere that Robert Plant was originally going to be the singer for Slade but it did not work out and Noddy decided just to do it himself?

  81. kalyamka007

    Как же мы любили когда-то танцевать под эту песню!!!)))
    Как же мы любили и любим эту группу!!!
    It's amazing song! We love Slade!Thanks for this video!!!

  82. Disturbedaholic

    Truee...i like Zeppelin too...but i much prefer Slade!

  83. Инесса Борина

    WOW! COOL!!!

  84. Юрий Очеретянный

    Веселуха кайф!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. 6PBP6

    "The Singer" ? That is Noddy Holder ! That clip is from 1987 so Robert Plant must have been modelling himself on Noddy around that time.

    Slade were far better than Led Zeppelin in my book. They had loads of singles in the Charts in the 70's. Led Zeppelin never had any.

    Zed Zeppelin were "ok" but very overrated. Slade were brilliant and very underrated.

  86. DeadBunny Studio

    This song sound like they could be precursors of rap rock, cuz most of the vocals are quite rapped rather than sung :)

  87. SteveRes

    Sladev you're a legend, thanks for your Slade posts. Greatest British band after the Beatles.

  88. eveningtsar

    That's a reunion I'd cross an ocean for!

    Funny: that album, a real unsung gem, has become a Christmas album for me. When I finally found out that they wrote "Merry X-Mass Everybody", I ran out and bought the first Slade album I could find. Which was "You Boyz make big Noiz". I loved every minute of it, and play it non-stop every December.

  89. d4nnyc1983

    ive got this song in four diffrent versions on the album of the same name check it out/ classic.

  90. watanenn

    Just great!!!!

  91. Whild91

    Jim is so cute and sweet :)

  92. Dominique Steckens

    ok i remember!! a real good one! see ya.

  93. ventues97

    this song should have been a hit single..i have the album and all the songs were very catchy..they should have kept going..but oh well...wish you well...

  94. slaphead59

    thanks mate, you sure know your stuff...cheers.

  95. slaphead59

    this is a good clip, i like the pretty girl!, the band still perform with great energy, i really like the song, but i love the "noize remix" version on the remastered "you boyz make big noize" album...cheers.