Slade - Do You Want Me? Lyrics

Just the way you move you seem to turn me on
Stocking black and slender,
What I want, yeah.
Always gets me higher
When you stroke my palm
Gotta keep me level
Keep control.
Do you want me, moving around with you
Moving around with you now,
Do you want me moving around with you.
Take me, here I come.
Just the way you move you seem to turn me on
Stockings black and slender.
Have to change around
I don't need no other,
Got me one.
It's just the way
Don't you know it's just the way that you move
You take me if I'll come.
It's just the way
Don't you know it's the way that you move.

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Slade Do You Want Me? Comments
  1. Rob Harding

    I'm 63 , but this band still speaks to me.

  2. jpoups

    Cream or The Who would have dreamed about a song like that! So good

  3. Александр Климанов


  4. robert harding

    Two great things here, Slade, & Allan Freeman. two legends.

    Kev Biscoe

    Not being pedantic, but that's Brian Matthew, not Alan Freeman introducing.

    robert harding

    Well spotted ! I suppose in my defence, there is a resemblance ,lol.

  5. perth45

    homophobic comments here.....are you homophobic guys jealous that your girlfriends cant suck and swallow like we can?......

  6. robert harding

    l love this band and their music and l will never forget what joy this band gave me when l was a wet behind the ears teenager.l adorned my skin with their name and l have no regrets .

  7. robert harding

    carl ,,right on all counts,,pete hawkins ,,spot on,,love your knowledge on the worlds greatest rock band,,hey you guys l see your wisdom,,

  8. MoonBearBush

    Must have have been raped up the arse while "Bangin Man" was playing or something ... some hate for gay and slade complex syndrome.


    you wish...

  9. GuyTunes

    You`re here a lot, DD ol` cobber, you must really love Slade.

  10. GuyTunes

    Good one, carlphone.

  11. GuyTunes

    Don`t bother with the mind-games, DD. Just admit that Slade rocked better than anyone.

  12. robert harding

    you may just have a point there,,on the arguementative aspect ofcourse, my social circle will all agree lm an old miserable bastard ....arguementative just about sums me up,,as for musical taste,,well l consider my preferences to be totally justified,, slade,, beatles badfinger,, free etc,thats music,,

    Colin Latham

    Excellent taste Mr Harding

  13. robert harding

    Pure rock, wow that voice is something else,noddy holder woke me me from my slumber in 1971 and lm still recovering,legendary band


    Most excellent choice of Slade!!!! One old broad who KNOWS how to rock! Thanks for this post!

  15. Glam Rocker

    Only Say



    This song is NOT on the Anthology pictured.

  17. ledrotten

    There are few slade tracks i'm not aware of ,but this is one off them,glad we've finely met ,a classic indeed ....

  18. robert harding

    @proslade so right,,

  19. proslade

    @robharding1957 No problem mate, I am sort of 'obnoxious' too .... ah well, there are many good reason to be sort of 'obsessed' with this SUPURB band, simply the best. Agreed!!!

  20. robert harding

    yeah its me again,,but this band were something else,,,dont you think?,,in life we are privalaged to witness rare happenings,,,this band were just that,,goodnight you non believers,,and best wishes to the wise folk of this sphere,

  21. robert harding

    one hell of a no brainer. if you cant dig this ,,you must be dead,,

  22. robert harding

    if this track had been released as a single,, it would have been another no 1 to their great collection,,brilliant vocals as usual,

  23. robert harding

    great track,noddy holder is without doubt the greatest rock vocalist weve ever produced,,bar none, this band had such a profound effect on my entire life,,,even now,,

  24. Riitta L

    great song from great band!!!

  25. proslade

    @gypsyroadhog The people who make these phoney top 100 'Greatest' or decide who are inducted in the just as much phoney Hall of Fame are indeed US based. Slade are no doubt one of the best bands ever in the world EVER. REAL tunes, no drivel, verstility and variety in a wide range of pop/rock styles, EPIC live act etc. Noddy Holder the best rock singer ever. You agree???

  26. Mike Wochele

    First time I've heard the BBC track of this...Like 'Raven' BBC track, I like the extra nuances in the track. I have yet to purchase the Slade Box. Hmmmm?? Christmas is coming of course.

  27. bigmagic96

    This is good but check out this song on Slade 2s Keep On Rockin, it's even better.

  28. bigmagic96

    Ok carlphone. Became a Slade fan in 1971. Joined the Slade fan club In 74. Finally got to see them in 77at The Bham Hippodrome (see Dave Kemp site for pictures, Pez) after the return from the USA. Saw them again in 78 Bham Town Hall. The loudest gig i've ever been to. Saw them again a Bham Barbarellas in 79. Again at Monmore Green dog track for the Wolverhampton Fiesta and then many times at the Mighty Bham Odeon. Again at Donnington in 81 and Bham Odeon again every xmas until 83. LLTMS! LLTMS!

  29. proslade

    Not underrated in the UK at the time. But they are not even in the VH1 list of 100 Greatest Rockbands and Quiet Riot at place 100, who would not have made it at all without covering Come on feel the Noize, well, how much forgotten is Slade then??? Americans are completely ignorant and prejudist negative. But just some B sides by Slade are comparable to for instance the White album and would have been fine as their 13th album! Slade were one of the best and also most undervalued bands ever IMHO.

  30. debcobweb1

    love this.

  31. carlphone

    @Enquiringmind777 Of course beatles sold much more and their success overshadowed Slade. But listen to this, or to 30 other B sides, that we are talking about, not even A, The beatles would make a killing out of this one. Public perception now and the media make people believe Slade was just a footnote in the history, while Slade were actually a much more diversified band than the Beatles. They shoud have been much bigger than they were, but I am not gonna waste time to educate other people.

  32. Enquiringmind777

    carlphone you say these guys were underrated but I don't think so certainly not at the time; after all only the Beatles has more hit records that Slade in fact they were only just behind the Beatles in that respect. It's just that people have forgotten how good they were or are only just hearing them for the first time and wondering about their fame.

  33. Barry McGiffen

    @carlphone I Have Got Most Everything They Have Done. Keep On Rocking

  34. Barry McGiffen

    @carlphone Yes Because They Should Have Been Bigger Than They Where. They Are My Fav Band

  35. carlphone

    @BarryMcGiffen Do you have any idea why they were underrated? I guess it is all a matter of image. They were much more than a 'glamrock' band. They were the best. Jim lea s new album 'Therapy' (2009) is the ultimate proof.

  36. carlphone

    @BarryMcGiffen Just by their B sides, they were already one of the greatest of great.

  37. carlphone

    @colemanm1 I am alive. Brilliant song. Brilliant band.

  38. Riitta L

    I LIKE IT!

  39. Barry McGiffen

    The B-side to shape of things to come, What an excellent underatted band these guys where