Skyzoo - Suicide Doors Lyrics

As I think of how to begin this, I already thought up the ending
And if the ending dictates the way the start of it's written
Then I'm really rewinding what isn't, get it?
Swear it gets harder to get it but when you got it
To get it again's more innocent, it's like product
Concealing the end is in a sense how lights got us
And sealing the win's where it begins, it's right by us
Labeled it type bias, to be one in the same
Or maybe they might buy us, to see one of us change
Or say that they might bye us, and leave us yet again
For a gain like pills on the banners of your screen
Know to handle the regime is the handle on the lead
And the hands do extend 'til a hand is outta reach
And the reach be the limbs that'll balance out the means
And the means to it all will get a ski mask involved
And you winning or you swimming in a flood of the maroon type
Sheets by the dozen and you covered by a boom mic
Pardon, the most humble of an autograph
The threaded needles of Desert Eagles & honors raps
The high of thinking you can find more
The balance of the script when a shooter signs off
Ballerina fits like two inside four
All for the intrigue of a suicide door...

Saw the doors lifting up
And then they never came down
I mean they rode around the block with the doors lifted up
Like they was flying off the ground
And then they told us that they call those suicide doors
They said they call those suicide doors
The break lights was 100 dollar bill green
And we was green for a suicide door

And as we take this to a further route
The steps move like its word of mouth
The steps move like if they was stepping with us when we further out
So step two becomes to work around
It gets lighter than a fly knit, tighter than a eye slit
Brighter than the writer you was bright enough to climb with
Complimenting you while biggin' up me
Just brings us up to speed to the steps that we aligned with
Then it all ties in, tied up to keep down
Or cover up your eyes when it flies like you Dee Brown
The complexities of rubbing arms next to me
It all adds to these bags of longevity
It's like, I'm Wayne Shorter with a ratchet fetish
Or, I'm Mendecees with a jazz collection
In other words, I covet what they covered
Like overflowing cupboards spilling Gold Medal dreams
And running to the cupboard like you're gold medal breed
Or bred, and fed how that Gold Medal steam
Meanings all over, you can pick the one that suits you
Depending the tie the accessory could lose you
See how we still twisting shit together?
Black ice dangle from the mirror that reflects us
Black ice tangled til the loop is tied off
All for the intrigue of a suicide door...

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Skyzoo Suicide Doors Comments
  1. Calvin Malema

    2019 🇿🇦

  2. devario10

    This is Hip-Hop!!!🔥

  3. Elevated -

    Only discovered this album last year and all I can say is my man sky is way underrated. This whole project is super dope, he definitely deserves more credit

  4. Brain Storm

    When I hear this shit it reminds me of jay z but on crack 🌋

  5. Robert Charmers

    Sky is lyrically one of the nicest to ever do it in my opinion, he literally paints pictures with words and his rhyme schemes/patterns are always on point. Shame that prevailing "music industry politics" means he doesn't get the recognition he deserves!

  6. Cedric Wallace

    This whole album is DOPE!!!!!


    muito bom


    this shit is golden era's baby..
    the real shit is coming!
    Classic sound.

  9. Fleezy81

    Album cover reminds me of Crooklyn

  10. DAS C

    sooo goood

  11. Christopher Letts

    this joint is mean

  12. Je Ceee

    Shylow's nice.

  13. JayBiggz

    did people really confuse suicide doors as opposed to scissor doors?

    The Golden Nugget

    The premise is that people buy expensive things and don't even know what it is called.

  14. immyownpresident

    Fresh air

  15. KingMidasOfficial

    this joint should be called homicide doors cause sky killed this shit.

  16. Theodore Huxtable

    Ill ass sketch work on the album cover. Young'n flippin the chips up in the air, Sky at the top of the stoop in the Pennies, dude in the Starks jersey, son on the right reachin for the quarter water. Trash stuffed in the corner. Mother Sister in the window. Ill ass cartoon Crooklyn shit.

    Theodore Huxtable

    +Bradley Kaphingst (Louis Farrakhan voice) "Ahhhh, my dear brother! You're l-o-s-t..." Hahaha. Jokes aside tho, the "Beautiful Dark Twisted..." joint is actually an example of how important covers are. I mean, that same album came out with almost five or six different looks. You can tell Ye was thinking a lot about how to represent the music and its sound, but in a visible form. Sound-wise, the album itself gives you a lot of different "looks" too, so...

    Theodore Huxtable

    +Bradley Kaphingst ...but if you know Sky's music like that, you know how important the stoop is--what it represents. You know what that brownstone connected to it means, too--from the 'Crooklyn' Carmichaels to 'The Cosby Show' Huxtables. The album cover is really like a low frisbee dude is throwin for real. It's part of the artistry of the album and the meaning in the music.

  17. Talent Page

    Lool that Dee bar made me laugh. Smh another great one from the great Skylar.

  18. High Education Sounds


  19. Bongani Mazibuko

    It'll hurt you properly on the 3rd listen. Trust me!!!!!!

  20. Mad Ry

    My dude S-K-Y is just a phenomenonal emcee. Incredible lyricist & has something a lot of artists lack & that is he has an ear for great beats.

    Iqbal Ali

    @Mad Ry He has to be the most underrated artist. ever.

    Nerdbama Rich

    @Iqbal Ali Him and black thought..Both are two of the best in the game hands down...

    Iqbal Ali

    @Nerdbama Rich Yeah. It was cool to see Black Thought on Music For My Friends.

    Nerdbama Rich

    @Iqbal Ali Yes sir I agree fam....

  21. Jamie Lee

    get it.......boy..

  22. Marcus Dessaso