Skyzoo - Luxury Lyrics

Designer sweats off designer plugs
My fan base peddle crills or designer drugs
Money hand over fist like a Steiner glove
Drop jeep, box seats what I remind you of
Aura of the city, everything that I came for
In a carry-­on, I carry on like a wave board
Handing work to whoever like if my aim's gone
Fly murder forever like "get your name Lord"
Devil wears Prada, Hitler wears Hermes
I be in Celine with your queen going burlesque
Either that or Supreme, I'm supremely the deity
Crowned off the point how I weave where the needle be
And it's leaving legendary if it come to me
Rep means everything, mine means luxury
And we Tryna turn bread like Harpo
Talking Marlo with a Partlow arms fold

If I don't make it bet the fam will
Watch the city fall in love with us
Clyde Frazier with the hand skills
Double rings baby, double up

Wore the same Balmains outside for a week straight
Fronting like we ain't rich
Baddest chick you ever seen in your life
Pulling bottles all night like she won the chip
You know we here for the luxury, yea
You know we here for the luxury, yea
Until we filthy with the bank roll, yea
Know we here for the luxury

Winning lasts forever baby, swear to God it's like we won already
Word to counting everything that we done drunk already
Only thing that they can say is that they wasn't ready
For real, salute to how we was brought up
Fly guy etiquette turned us into marauders
How I throw etiquette 'round the way they taught us
In short chains and Balmains how God want us, ha!
Luxury, see where that'll get you?
With a Cici Amor Tryna be like Karen Civil
Print game silly so my Nike Tech gorgeous
Casper the friendly, writing for the Forbes list, ha
Yea, Earl the Pearl when I'm at it B
So who you love is being me, all flattery
Flattered to be what they never was
First to the money, everything is FGR

Crowns all around, we about a win
Luxury talk, everybody want in
All day ones, with it til it ends
Counting up together, same as it been

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Skyzoo Luxury Comments
  1. Aflex1481

    Don't think people knew what was coming with theses Griselda boys at this time. ShOUT Out Zoo 4 peepin game.

  2. Steve Brown


  3. El Capo

    "Sky I was broke when I shot that luxury vid"- Conway

  4. Kk LL

    Lol moral of the story if kids don't have that strong foundation at home no matter what the msg r how positive it is they gonna do what they see visual motivation always wins

  5. deceit71

  6. MBF

    This is hard 🔥🔥🔥

  7. Stephen Bridge

    Went to carvel to get a milkshake.....

  8. Stephen Coyner

    "Sky I was broke when we shot that luxury vid" - Conway on Eastern Conference All-Stars

  9. E 313

    Needs more chipmunk fx on Gunn

  10. Derek Bailey

    This was the 1st time I heard them griselda boys

  11. Deeway TV

    Was wit this shit that I had discovered Gunn!!!

  12. Ob5oLeTe

    Who is the girl in the beanie?

  13. Soner Çelik

    sky, don't leave boom bap

  14. koreylr

    This video is funny, cuz u can tell them girls wanted NOTHING to do with them lol

  15. The Jeneral J.U.-ICE

    That’s part of a Tribe beat ain’t it?

  16. Soul Goals



    Ur obviously not educated enough to digest his bars


    #FGR x #GXFR 4LYFE !! Salute big bro

  18. Stephen Bridge

    Intro give me a Midnight marauder feel

  19. JrozOne

    <3 skyler

  20. The Self Made Coalition

    37 dislikes by 37 humans with no soul, no style, no sense of ambitions or a solid leg to stand on.....Hate is real💯
    👑s all around, we about to win..
    Luxury talk everybody wants in😎♪💎👑

  21. smith lovy

    I thought westside gun was a chick. Now I aint so sure.

  22. Copernicus Barnhouse

    GxFR x FGR = GOLD

  23. Champ Life

    Seen this video a couple years ago. Two years later, it's one of the best I've seen in the past two years. Very dope.



  25. Gonsalo Garcia

    Song still dope in 2017
    It don't matter what year it is
    When something dope it's dope

  26. MayneH

    skyzoo put me on to westside gunn

  27. rob87

    how can this not have a million views -smh

  28. Upgrade 9696

    Been looking for this for two years - satellite radio played it with no description and no announcement on a mix night, luckily I recorded some lyrics with audio recorder. Fuck Sirius!

  29. Theodore Huxtable

    The book lil dude drops at the end of the video is Richard Wright, 'Black Power: Three Books From Exile'

  30. linga frederick


  31. nati truth

    took me 27 sec to thumb up.. New Westside gunn is good too

  32. Uber X Confessions

    This has got to be the illest shyt I ever heard from Zoo! WSG threw a mean oop too... Yikes!

  33. MisteR SiR

    Frontin like we aint Rich

  34. DaVinylBox

    GUNN the illest!

  35. JayMoungMUSIK

    is this the dude from Freestylefriday?

  36. zerozebra

    ayo skyzoo ur generic as fuck homey, ur like big l compared to papoose, u more anonymous than Erule, homey. Just keepin it 100 wit chu, haaaaa

  37. Quake SRK

    2:22 this fake ass/booty shit gotta stop

    Hip-Hop Don't Stop

    looks like she wearin a diaper haha

  38. the Unfuckwitable


  39. Noor Deen

    22 morons.

    only thing I don't like about this song is that wsg doesn't spit a verse. ha



    Christian Kaalund

    Now its 24 morons smh


    35 now..

  40. LXXXV

    These rappers feelin' themselves too much. Not true of all east coast rappers.

  41. lefleg

    Hopefully we got Gunn on the hook! One love from France! 🔥🔥🔥

    Air Mart

    Donc tu es français ok, tu es sûr que WSG & Conway sont frères ?


    Air Mart Absolument sûr!

    Nikos AliaCash

    +Le G dans 7 putes

  42. Muziks Chilu

    Charlamagne brought me here

  43. mmessy33

    Is it bad that I only looked this guy up today because of how live he is on blacktop in 2k11 😂😂😂

  44. Nicole Thomas

    West side gunn be raggin hard

  45. DEAL-M_05

    It deserves a remix with conway and other mic burners of this level.

  46. Faytasia Terry

    ft. wayne/buffalo

  47. SDS Overfiend

    Sky zoo changed it up lovely.. Gunn with the assist..

  48. The Landmine Lieutenant

    "Just Last Week, my girl stress me. Now her best friend be undressing me" - Phife Dawg

    My favorite line of 8 million stories. R.I.P.

  49. The Landmine Lieutenant

    "Just Last Week, my girl stress me. Now her best friend be undressing me" - Phife Dawg

    My favorite line of 8 million stories. R.I.P.

  50. tha bud


    Blakkk Fero

    +tha bud thats shortie from money n violence

  51. Uchawi Beatz

    Dope track! Once again Skyzoo proves that real HIP HOP IS NOT ON THE RADIO! By the way producers, the sample is from Bola Sete -Bettina

  52. Dulcio Mazive

    Skyzoo is from another planet...very good

  53. Metamophisis

    ill video Skyzoo you killed it as usual. Also the Rolacks video is sick

  54. JemzE LKB

    sOOOOooOOOo dOpE ....

  55. Reece Q Baskin

    straight 🔥

  56. the manorail

    Its the Trane....Sick Bassline...... Hot track!!!!!

  57. Cyril F

    Why Sky aint let Westside go off? he woulda ate this song apart, just started bumpin his shit recently, Gunn is a serious problem...

  58. gigolo25

    Damn this dude is a monster, can't believe I never heard of him until now.


    oh man. I hope you caught up by now

  59. SABO

    Sick beat!

  60. Demonkai Mugen


  61. Aaron Burris

    Still wondering why or how mofos saying Westside Gunn is whack....he just does a hook lmfao

    Elvin Solano

    Aaron Burris cuz the fake fear the real that's why.

  62. Jerome Bentley

    8 Million Stories! Phife!
    Tribe unto the last seeds with my blood within them!

  63. Earl Dean


  64. rolaz productions

    So sick!!!

  65. Brandon SmIth

    this guy sucks listen to sadistik blue sunshine

  66. ThePeoplesChamp

    I wasn't expecting that voice from Westside Gunn

  67. Big DV

    Fire sky

  68. deadmanwalkin

    2.23 dat bubblebutt


    You damn right😃 I wasn't expecting her to have all that. I'm in Atlanta that's a regular thing down here daily.


    @Metamophisis Those are TRANSGENDERED men 😭🎯💯


    deadmanwalkin Damn 😳😲 I hope that’s not the deal

  69. Bad M.F.

    Sky ain't gettin what he deserves, too underrated

  70. Seng Rattana

    Thats my boys ride. COD! LaoKuza!

  71. goddamnitjesuschrist

    Cant understand why Sky is this underrated.


    +goddamnitjesuschrist His hooks are, meh.


    He's not a sellout


    Jay z WHITEBALLED him they have same voice monotone 🧐🎯💯but he's better than Jay it seems🤔

  72. Neil Villella

    In Heavy Rotation!!!!!!

  73. YouKno Whatitis

    He put his stamp on this shit, made me go back to tribe shit to see who killed this beat the hardest.

  74. Taurean Morrell

    Skyzoo got that butter smooth flow.

  75. M G

    My 3 favorite things

  76. gnarmarv2


  77. troy

    I don't know what to say other than Skyzoo is that dude, Song after song album after album. Skyzoo is Ny Hip Hop.

  78. The Incredible DJ IDAI

    One of the Brooklyn's Finest who brings the lyricism back to Hip Hop. I definitely rock with this Dude. He will make you wear your rewind button out.

  79. donta rapgames

    8 million stories dope!!!

  80. Kamekal V

    old school & fresh as fuck you got support from france

  81. Dubb Official

    I actually hate how underrated skylar is smh ,music for my friends is 5 fire emojis

  82. Ralph D


  83. Ricky Denham

    "8 Million Stories" A Tribe Called Quest

  84. deck52

    Watching ya fly....Sky! Keep going!

  85. immyownpresident

    Fire! Love that jazz NY feel Skyzoo always come with.

    Armando Ramirez

    +immyownpresident Same here.  I could play Music For My Friends over and over again.


    @Armando Ramirez I play it repeatedly as well as Dreams Deferred.

    Armando Ramirez

    @immyownpresident Crazy.  I was playing Dream Deferred earlier this week.   

  86. Matt L

    Had a nice little message at the end for whoever got it.


    It was pretty obvious.


    Fuck college, street knowledge that amaze scholars when we coin phrases for Dollars

  87. Genesis Shine

    Like how that beat come in head bobbin fresh...


    @Aurelia Shine Head bobbin as I read the comment

    Genesis Shine

    Dope! @BkSenko24​ 😊 hip-hop will do that to ya!

  88. Favor Heights

    lp 12" want that

  89. HCIW Page

    I believe the Video relates to Skylar watching the grown folks when he was younger. Looking at what it could be for him. Luxury. Thats what it could be. We are here to get in it. #HighCauseIWanna

  90. Candice Lee Baldwin

    proud of you Westside Gunn

  91. killaf89


  92. Mag-nito Muzik


  93. mrpostman730

    SKY' did this Beat too!!