Skyzoo - 4 Bar Friday Lyrics

Uh, bars open for the next four
I start scoping over next door
I carve open from the deck, whoever should want to step
I'm known for the [?], I'm Rondo with the Connect Four

What's the connect, Tor got that dope
The shit playing, what, y'all ain't know?
Still spit that potent bars laced with that arsenic
Pinning that authentic lyrical awesomeness

Know what the God in it, I give em 40 to flood them out
And double up on double D's before the drought
You cut a rug, I cut a scene and cut you out
And based on the cut of your jeans, you cut a gown

These clowns is cut-arounds, but you know where they cut it from
The blueprint of the written sentence is one to one
You one and done, ain't nothing come to try the
Jerry Bruckheimer of the rhymers, remind the

If memory serves then I've been on my Arthur
Asheing for the cash, know I'm gripped like a halter
Back to my react like the scripts is on the wall
Packed to run the track like it's hitting off the arm

We're giving them the heron, the calm before the storm
The timer before the bomb, a hundred stacks in the palm
The 23rd and the Psalms, the Lord is your Sheppard
And you shall not want the God stomp on the record

Recorded by the legions with Jesus hovering
Worn with your Caesar, fade who we ducking it
Call 'em how we sees 'em, measure the applause
Lines over lines, 11 on the floor

So whoever want a war, take twenty paces and draw
But better be Basquiat to the core
I paint pictures in Pro Tools, shine on the track with no jewels
A breath of fresh air like O2

If it ever approach you, however get close to
The flow handle like burnt spoons and ropes do
The brave one is the same one that will start wrong
Pull your heart out the chest like Comme des Garçons

Comprende cabrón, on that Rosetta Stone
Bilingual better flow, porque I let 'em know
Sky and Tor, the stanza's 4 on 4
Doing the most and they still want more, maricóns

"Bar for bar"
"Give it to any nigga right"

"Bar for bar"
"Give it to any nigga right"

I just seen the darkest nights and all they see is my success
The town heart pumping getting weaker by the breath
You seen what I just seen and probably leap up out your chest
Had to make it for my momma, caught a seizure by the stress
That's 4 Bar Friday man

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  1. God Wisdom Cipher Edamin EL


  2. MrSoloFlights

    BANGER !

  3. Vincente Perez

    This shit is an eargasm....

  4. Tony Hustle BPE

    Tony Hustle ft. Skyzoo - Due Time: