Skull Fist - You're Gonna Pay Lyrics

We had a vision from a dream
As wild as I've ever seen
Were gonna rock in other lands
But you threw it in my hands

I didn't need you standing there
Cause I was never scared
I wouldn't quit it for a day
But when you changed I stayed the same

And then you're begging for a chance
Hiding with romance
And I'll regret it to this day
With that smile you turned away

You whisper in the air
But now the wind is on my back
And I'll make through to say you're gonna pay
No turning back

You always treated me this way
You're gonna pay
You're gonna pay
When there's nothing left to say
You're gonna pay
You're gonna pay

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Skull Fist You're Gonna Pay Comments
  1. c0uchsl0uch00

    He took a swig with the cig still in mouth heh

  2. Efe A. 35


  3. Maxxx Baca

    Saw these dudes last night thought I was in the 80's that's jow good these dudes are
    Check em out fuckin killer good

  4. Benjaz contreras

    Me encanta el vídeo y la escena de la patineta

  5. Carlos Garcia

    I can relate to this track..I luv this shit

  6. Gabriel Dalla

    I love IT s2

  7. definitely dot dot dot useful

    Just discovered this last week, and it's my new favorite song and album. Metal for f***ing ever.

  8. CrashMan27

    Clean vocals done right

  9. Enrique xd

    Que chimba de canción, energía

  10. Joshua Dominguez

    méxico metal fest 30/11/2019 mother fuckers!!!

  11. Metal Heart

    Triple like \m/
    J'écoute tous vos titres en boucle depuis que je vous ai découverts!

  12. thrash beer

    metal y cerveza

  13. Hendrik VIII

    He looks like the son of Steven Tyler

    Scott Choate

    Lead singer is mark slaughter's son.

  14. matias benitez


  15. John Calixto Ucancial

    Excelente band



  17. just the punk

    Was a huge fan of there work back in the early 80's. Glad to see there still kickin it 🤘

  18. Unlimit3d Productions

    The BEST band since Maiden!!!

  19. Miss funny

    This voice is amazing

  20. Savage Dreamer

    5 years ago, its a long time, im going older

  21. Gabriella

    Son taaaaan buenos! ❤🎶

  22. pun ch

    i need that mug!

  23. Daxon Arnold

    Chicks backpatch on insta brought me here!! Blown sideways!! Haha 🔥🔥🔥🔥🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  24. Equinox79

    Cool stuff 😂😎

  25. Dragoș Bronzebeard

    Is it just me, or the way the song is mixed makes it sound like it's panned left?

  26. axel duran

    Gran banda

  27. Ron Richter

    Don't do it man Jackie jizzed in the penisbutter!!!

  28. Bad Omen

    badass music

  29. Pablo Daniel Parente

    La rompen muchachos Saludos from Argentina

  30. D- Rock

    Peep that Striker shirt! Yall should tour together.
    Love this!

  31. Zaru

    And they tried to tell me metal is dead.

  32. 404_iostream not found

    Como me gusta esta canción y el video es genial

  33. Stellarion Prime

    FETT ALDA ! nice song !, i could make a whole new song from that little solo piece in there !


    Awesome vocals. Great riff. Bernie-Ojeda 2020

  35. Czarodziej Gotard

    Metal will never die!!

  36. DoomS DaY

    This so awesome

  37. Madwild

    BRUTAL !

  38. Angela Moreno

    el 2do mejor vídeo de Skull fist que me gusta

  39. Tyler Peacock


  40. Eric Leftwich

    Lol Jackie's face at 3:39 never ceases to get mexD
    God I love Skull Fist\m/

  41. Lord Belial

    "When there's nothing left to say. YOU'RE GONNA PAY!"

    Words to live by.

  42. El Thrasher Frum Hell

    díganme estoy loco? por ahí vi que el vocal trae puesta una playera de Black Track

    Carlos Franco

    Obvio es Black Track

  43. SoniaCorvus

    Best song ever!!!!! 🤘🏽🖤🎸

  44. Bro

    Those likes just keep climbing! *Canada #1*

  45. Nacho judas priest tony Montana

    Kickass. Yeahh

  46. Alexander Armendáriz

    I use one of the songs I like most about you for a video with my dog, I hope youtube does not report me. I tagged you in the description:

  47. Pejter 1986

    greate job !

  48. James Reed

    I can definitely dig this!

  49. Ali Alçınkaya

    vocalist says ''GAREHT BALEEE,GARETH BALEEE''

  50. Logan Campos

    Shout outs to canada!

  51. Fernando G


  52. killyouradio

    Fuckin legendary....Skull Fist for life. Zach Slaughter baby!!!!

  53. Joshua Flores

    This song muy favorie

  54. Leandro Mariano La Malfa Giudice

    que buena banda saludos desde argentina

  55. RJ FD

    Holy shit!! How did i just now find this, fuuuk, badass

  56. Raft Estudio

    Istant fan!!!!!!

  57. Багратион

    Old school

  58. Michael townsend

    Size Matters.

  59. David Marino

    Wow they sound so much like maiden but its so awesomee!


    This band makes me get so nostalgic.back to the 80'.

  61. Mystica Moon

    I like it ! <3

  62. Coffee And Metal

    I’m a fan now 🤘

  63. Un Dead :v

    I love the vhs quality, back to the days.

  64. Ali Alçınkaya


  65. Nikki Sahlie

    😍🤘 finally someone is making good music again! I landed here thanks to Moto 9!

  66. Stacy Love

    likey likey

  67. larry byrnes

    love it relivin my 80s.

  68. Sergio Alejandro

    Holy fuck this song is really good!

  69. Em Pressler

    Striker shirt. OuO

  70. Rico Brown

    the Alaskan Godfather of Metal sez Skullfist smashes corboi fgts 36 Crazyfists

  71. Louie Sanchez

    I can't enough of this fucking song, it's that epic to me.

  72. Andrew Tschuta

    3:08 I creamed myself.

  73. Rodrigo Guzmán Le Roy

    Fuck me!!! What a sound. These guys rules.

  74. Alejandro Ordoñez

    so fuc#ing \m/ AWSOME!!!

  75. Ronnie Artos

    Acaso soy el unico latino :v

    Mr. Full

    Ronnie Artos No, yo soy de México saludos!!

  76. repudiumab origine

    a la vena!! a lo tokyo blade

  77. Kyle Johnson

    Old School Thrash Metal!! I love it!!

    Francisco de Jesus Cortes Hernandez

    jaja te pasas de pendejo wey XD

    Alexander Pablo

    @Francisco de Jesus Cortes Hernandez creo que no habla español

  78. zital debian

    School First

  79. Anny Green

    *-* me trae muchos recuerdos ♡

  80. zottelmann199

    Amazing song, glad that i´ve found you on EMP ;) can´t wait for your CD ;)

    Heavy Metal Greetings from Vienna/Austria =)


    De las mejores bandas que he escuchado ¡¡¡¡ skull fist lml¡¡¡¡¡

  82. Jaysonlg

    \m/ !!!

  83. A Notícia do Caparaó

    Looks like Massacration

  84. fvgc454ss

    This is one of the best video/song combos I've even seen in my life.

  85. Logan Campos

    it sounds fresh but with a retro flav! I love it!

  86. Steve Hunt

    Wait,.. so,.. Zach doesn't do Live vocals?

    P.S,.. Your band instantly makes my pants several times too small.

    Nicholas Da Ronch

    Steve Hunt He does, they had a live singer for sometimes because he was having trouble with his voice but he's back now :)

    Steve Hunt

    Ahhhhh thanks for the info!!!
    Good,.... his voice is half the reason i like them!

  87. StormCloud -

    Bad ass!! And damn good guitar playing!!! \m/

  88. Al Web

    Just made a new fav Heavy Metal Band....

  89. Jonas essebo

    Holy fuck!! so fucking amazing!

  90. Maria Siemierzewicz

    Greetings from Poland.
    PS You're awesome.

  91. RAVEN 1971 EDWARDS

    awesome tunage

  92. Klara Heydar

    how does he do that tapping-bending-thing at 1:50? i don't see him moving the string

    Patrick Star

    if he was fretting say the 5th fret on the g string he would just tap further up, not sure exactly how far maybe like the 12th then bend it with the tapping hand.

  93. Klara Heydar

    how does he do that tapping-bending-thing at 1:50? i don't see him moving the string

  94. Cured1976

    Sheesh, talk about a blast from the past.. They even dress like they're from that era