Skull Fist - You Belong To Me Lyrics

You've got the pleasure
To live inside my words
But I've got desire
To bury all the words I've heard

A chain reaction
Brought you on my land
When you spoke of action
Words becoming weapons
Pushed into my hands

And though I cried
When you burned me with the sun
But I'll never take it back again
Poison that I've overcome

You won't get out here alive
Trapped inside till you die
You belong to me
She'll never set you free
And don't believe

And though I tried
I'm better off alone
And you'll never make it back again
Voices are guiding me home

You won't get out here alive
Trapped inside till you die
You belong to me
She'll never set you free
And don't believe

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Skull Fist You Belong To Me Comments
  1. TomdeArgentina

    Shit this is old school

  2. chisoxfan708

    Thrash with Slaughter vocals

  3. Juan Dela Krus

    Sounds 100x better than Slayer or Metallica. This is Heavy Metal finest of the new era. You saved the world, Skull Fist!!!

  4. Дмитрий Петренко

    Охуенно валят,класс однозначно

  5. Pedro Sarmoles

    Come to Los Angeles

  6. eternal fire

    they sound kinda tired. at least not as tired as sabire.

  7. hot fuse

    let us support these bands that showcase the 80s style rock/metal. the world needs more of these


    Skull Fist está a la talla de grandes bandas, y no son tan reconocidos, a que gente

  9. Metal Heart

    Triple like \m/
    J'écoute tous vos titres en boucle depuis que je vous ai découverts!

  10. socom2

    I'm not toooo into this music, but this is fire.

  11. John Goodman

    Rock the fuck ON FOREVER SKULL FIST

  12. Dan García

    Come back to Mexico City, please!!!

  13. Jkamilo

    Apoyo total a esta genial banda, ese sonido es el que amo

  14. Ago Contealia

    So this is were we are at in the song, Cock Claimer! Far beyond, Cock blocking!

  15. Ronnie D

    Просто бомба!!! Hello from Russia!

  16. Gabriel Fernandez

    Suena de puta madre 😈🤘!!!! Saludos de argentina 🤘☠☠☠☠☠☠

  17. Antônio Soares

    Ainda a esperança na humanidade

  18. cristian sierra

    Uuuu!! Me voló la cabeza ...

  19. Marcos Cuervo.


  20. íตα ɾօck Gon

    ... SON GENIALES!!... saludos desde Argentina

  21. William Aguirre

    Aquellos años, y siguen haciendo buena musica
    🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺Que más se puede pedir...... Esa 🎸 💯 %

  22. Rodycaz

    Saw these guys here in Ecuador yesterday. Amazing show, they even stayed after the show to take pics with the fans and sign autographs. Unforgettable experience.

  23. raja tikus

    It remind me of oldschool speed metal... Love it... Good job guysss

  24. Hugo Pereyra

    Muy, pero muy buena banda!!!!

  25. VMG Cuervo

    buena dinamica!!!los felicito!!!



  27. Giusseppe Lozano

    próximamente en Colombia que nervios

  28. Nicholas Ko

    That Eddie Van Halan tapping at the beginning tho...

  29. Laturbo

    fettes teil!

  30. Max Grean

    Nice VH influence

  31. bill schneider

    These guys are playing at my work tonight. I'm glad I get to work tonight. Wow!!! Explosiveness is intense and I fucking love it!!!

  32. Trimotor mdp

    GENIALES !!!! Saludos desde Mar del Plata - Argentina

  33. Emmanuel Ayala

    No mamen, no les falta nada para llegar a ser una banda de primer nivel, quizás porque son poco reconocidos, pero no le piden nada a nadie, puede ser la banda más infravalorada con otras más que tienen muchísimo potencial!

  34. Ormagoden lml

    Ellos son punta de lanza del the new wave of traditional heavy metal!! LONG LIFE THE FIST!! Come back a México again, the last concert was brutal

  35. Silver Lion Media

    Racer X - Street Lethal

  36. axel duran

    Hevy metal en su estado puro

  37. Moises Rabelo

    Antes no me convencían, pero ahora empiezo a cambiar de opinión, sabía que podían dar mucho más que en sus anteriores discos.

  38. Verónica Guel

    Awww!! \m/ 😍

  39. A. Wagner

    The vocals aren't for me, but the music is.

  40. The rules rules


  41. Terminal B

    good until 0:26 !

  42. Adik Dassoff


  43. Joy Goldar

    Is it me or the vocalist looks like a combination of young Hetfield and Mustaine?

  44. Aingeru! mendoza!

    Drums are awesome

  45. Israel Baranhuk

    Vem pro Brasil !

  46. TheClaw

    I found out about these guys from the movie deathgasm and i fucking love them now!!!


    BOLIVIA siempre presentes escuchando a Skull fist.

  48. Xico SH

    Es como el painkiller de judas priest pero renovado, excelente ejecución de guitarra y bajo, todo el apoyo a Skull Fist

  49. Jesus THE HORSEMAN


  50. Attila Czine

    Just so guys! You're fucking good! ;)

  51. lukas romero

    Suena bien! Voy a empezar a masticar esta banda. lml

  52. Gonzalo Herrera


  53. Sallyisout

    me corro

  54. Ajie 19

    This band from where ? I never heard before, but amazing

    Grindcore Rager 67

    Canada. Listened to them since "Heavier Than Metal."


    No puedo parar de escuchar esta canción. No hay realmente nada nuevo aquí, pero la mescla es excelente. Es claramente thrash, muy técnico e intrincado por momentos, hay algo de melodeath aquí y, la voz, con una clara influencia glam, cierra un coctel delicioso. Es una muy buena alternativa en un entorno musical donde cada vez es más difícil innovar. Esta, creo yo, es la dirección que la banda debe tomar.

  56. Clever Name

    I got this music video as an ad on another video,10/10 best ad ever

  57. João Avelino Vieira

    Pablo Vittar do metal

  58. Olek Yebhen Hild

    Skull Fist... muy buena banda... tienen mi apoyo

  59. Olek Yebhen Hild

    tipo black sabbath en mob rules y Dio en NIGHT PEOPLE

  60. Olek Yebhen Hild

    es increible... es como los viejos tiempos... Dio... JudasPriest... IronMaiden... etc esto es asombroso!

  61. Pepin Nator

    es mi imaginacion os hay un coton en la parte de atras arriba de un aplificador?

  62. Denis Cardoso

    É ruim, mas é bom!!! Igual a vida!! kk

  63. Cristian Acher

    La primera publicidad de youtube que da gusto de ver! lml

  64. Pablo Ariel Centeno

    Me volo la cabeza. Altisima banda.

  65. Marcos Alvarado

    first time I don't hate commercials

  66. Артем К

    Guys, you're great! Thx for giving ads - found your clip while watching "5 finger death punch" video)) Old fine metall school, glad to hear.

  67. Juan Jordan

    Qué banda tan brutal. De las pocas bandas jóvenes que mantienen vivo el Heavy Metal. ¡Apoyen que las bandas clásicas no nos va a durar para siempre!

  68. Tolga Pamukçu

    Ne isiniz var olum meksika da gelin buraya

  69. Russell Keffer

    Hey do you mind if I use A portion of "Ride on" for my ending credits for a project I'm doing. Ill make sure to credit you.

  70. Franco 000

    I see latin American fans everywhere!! hails from Paraguay.

  71. iiREDNARCii

    taco burrito nacho bell grande

  72. Ariochz

    Peru 🇵🇪🇵🇪

  73. Nic Zanko

    STOP! first, I swear I thought i was about to listen to another Judas Priest "painkiller" cover...until..boom, got me...this shit is dope..

  74. Gaahl 666

    Best new heavy metal evor 🤘

  75. Cristian A. G.

    When I hear that drum solo at the beginning, I almost get the same feeling when I listen to Painkiller from Judas Priest

  76. Jhonny Calderon

    Just awesome!!!

  77. diego matias

    CON ETE DISCO DE VERDAD ZACH SLAUGTER regreso con fuerza ptm par mi una d elaas mejores bandas de hevy y speed metal en realidad este disco del 2018 esta re buenooo agunte skull fist

  78. Guilherme Moreira

    Cheers from Brazil your putos! Skull Fist keeping the real spirit of metal alive!!!

  79. Ondrej Cicman

    Great music ...change the vocals...

  80. Nuno Hardy


  81. Matthew Daniel

    the growl on that fucking jazz

  82. Fernando Ferreira

    In 5-10 years there will be no priest no maiden, maybe no metallica or megadeth, and very likely no sabath or ozzy. Some people fear that moment. Honestly I look forward to it. Not that these bands won't remain in history, they sure will. But someone will rise with these retirements. Honestly can't wait to see skull fist, cauldron, enforcer, axxion, steel wing and the likes taking the spotlight. Whoever says metal is dead is just a lazy fk. Keep on going strong guys!

  83. Doreen Marguerite AuCoin

    Bravo Skull Fist :)


    awesome band,but noone belongs to noone,remember that

  85. diego matias

    por fin zaach er puta madre te amo weon cantas de la conchadesumadre esto no es falso metal es el verdadero aguaante skull fist

  86. Stephane Garceau

    Nice Song and Shirt Dude!!
    I really look forward to seeing you again in Québec

  87. Anferny Garcia

    Bolivia presente bastardos siempre escuchando skull fist!!!

  88. official_ CZARUS

    Music kills! Vocals/band name are killing it for me though :(

  89. Zieg Fried

    Queremos vocês aqui em São Paulo seus putos.Avante Skull.

  90. The Sexy Kid Project


  91. Anna Moomin


  92. Angel Griet

    Skull Fist hellyeah!!! 🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸

  93. Urs Meyer


  94. Belial Master

    Una de las mejores bandas de la new weave que he escuchado! Los amo ❤

  95. Nergigante

    I am a fan of death metal, metalcore ,deathcore, black metal, thrash metal and all modern genres ect,ect sorry fellow modern fans but this is true heavy metal in its purest form not even thrash is the purest metal but this band is a great representation of traditional 100% metal you can't get anymore metal than this. Skull fist rocks

  96. James Victorine

    Skkuuulllll fisttttt 💀👊🏽

  97. Gabriela Luque

    Aguaaante skull fist tengo todos su discos de este año infaltable regreso con fuerza Zach que felicidad saludos desde Perú y Argentina

  98. Vicky Grandy

    🤘❤️🔥 fuck yes