Skull Fist - Mean Street Rider Lyrics

It feels alright being closer to the edge
When I'm riding right through you
And I'll stay all night when I know I must defend
I must protect my only land

Mean Street Rider
It's the feeling that I'm only getting higher
Riding with desire
Mean street rider
Follow me and I will take you higher
Mean street rider

When I'm trapped inside with no heading for the door
I can feel my power surge
When I'm shaking in my mind but I know I can depend
I'm gonna ride it till the end

Mean Street Rider
It's the feeling that I'm only getting higher
Riding with desire
Mean street rider
Follow me and I will take you higher
Mean street rider

You can never get me down when speed is on my side
There's nothing else that's true
I've dreamed it all my life and I'll never lose the sight
That's more than I could say for you

Mean Street Rider
It's the feeling that I'm only getting higher
Riding with desire
Mean street rider
Follow me and I will take you higher
Mean street rider

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Skull Fist Mean Street Rider Comments
  1. Emanuele Brignone


  2. diego arzeni

    los pude ir a ver cuando vinieron a argentina y se tocaron TODO!! unas bestias los canadienses!!!

  3. Brennan Cormier

    Such a fucken banger. My God.

  4. raffo camacho


  5. Wuncler Laufenbum Cornelius Ulysses Albrecht LVX

    NWOBHM at it's finest

  6. Cole Jones

    Why do people think it's auto tuned? You've been listening to too much false metal

    Dani Kalero

    Because it's obvious as fuck. It only takes that you aren't tone deaf to notice the robotic voice. Just compare it to other Skull Fist albums (and I see why they were okay with autotuning, because the singer is mediocre at best). This maybe isn't false metal, but it's phoney metal and I don't know what's worse. It's a nice song though.

  7. Brittany Davis

    I don't like when the singers have high pitched voices but now I love it becuse I am a girl and I can match the pitch in the car

  8. Jesse Hartzog

    The guy's voice reminds me a lot of how Peavey Wagner from Rage used to sound like.

  9. Rc-Nerd

    WTF barbie metal

  10. De Ath Met Al Hell

    this shit is wack fake shit


    +de a th m et alhell k

  11. Samuel Pacheco

    Hahaha your guys opinions all suck and aren't worth 2 shits and a fuck! Long live heavy metal and fuck the posers!!

  12. Agathocles 87

    mix of 80`s style and a sucky voice...

  13. Kristian Moore

    This band sucks dog testicles. The vocals are bad, the guitars are OK and this band gives heavy metal a bad name.

  14. Salad Hate

    I wish when Carmageddon game remake will come out - this song will be in the soundtrack

  15. Dan Jackson

    Jesus tittyfucking christ... It's not autotune... it's just the way the guy sounds.  It's a lot of reverb and someone who can actually sing and change octaves but doesn't have a lot of vibrato in their voice.. hence the auto tune accusations. Relax, jackballs.  It sounds like 80's metal... and be glad for that, as it's a dying breed.  This is one of the best 'traditional metal' albums i've heard in quite a while.  Whomever compared it to blink 182 needs to clean the caked spooge out of their headphones.


    @Tiago Lethal One of Jackies main influences is motley crue


    Ever heard of enforcer? Their lead singer is leagues better than this guy

    Dan Jackson

    Yup. I like enforcer. And I like these guys. No one's putting a gun
    to your head and forcing you to listen to Skull Fist. I don't like
    Wham.. but I don't feel the need to go in their videos and say that I
    think they suck.

    Shy guru mogwat

    studio vet here. great record, great band, obviously autotuned. Singer probably has perfectly good pitch but unfortunately many engineers are so anal they will knock even in-tune vocals to the grid, giving them a weird, unnatural clip at the beginning and end of each phrase, which is what people are responding to.

    Bass Player

    honestly glad you cleared that up

  16. Benjamin Sword

    I probably would have bought this, but the auto tuned vocals ruin it for me.  

  17. Lee Thompson

    Listen to them :)

  18. DR.JackobyUK

    wtf?? they use auto tune on the voice??... something is totally off with that voice,,,

    Bass Player

    Listen to Killer Dwarf...he's basically singing like him check out Dirty Weapons

  19. '95 HD Films

    I've seen them live... These guys are the real deal. They innovate their sound. Very good band, very worthy of attention. Also, Canadian.

    Steve Hanson

    Too true!

  20. nemular1

    This is speed metal.  I have no idea why people are talking about the mix.  I think it's great.  Great song, possibly the best on the album.

  21. Dylan V

    Dude.. is he using autotune?

    Gabriel Martínez

    +Writ Ofexecution I was thinking the same bro :O sounds like autotuned !

    Dani Kalero

    in fact I never heard anybody be as crazy on autotune as this. Massive amounts.

  22. Titus Weekes

    If they were a British band I'd call it NWOBHM...if it was 1980.  The lead vocals are a little high pitched for my taste.


    they are actually a nwothm band (new wave of traditional heavy metal )

  23. Michael Hexx

    Skalna MOC! |m/

  24. REAPER

    This is a rad song dudes!!!!\m/

  25. Nikolas Horianopoulos

    Filthy street heavy fucking metal that stinks from miles away. 

  26. Hughesy16LFC

    Found the vocals weird at first, but now I'm really liking the sound. Skull Fist with Enforcer is gunna be awesome. See you in London real soon!

  27. Vince van Roth


  28. audrey gohier


  29. Luis Fermin


  30. AsterBass

    Too much autotune. But great song indeed.

    Connor Riley

    there's reverb and delay but i highly doubt there's any autotune on Jackie's voice in this

  31. Triumvirate

    Fucking AMAZING! 

  32. Cocktus

    Great song but the mix is fucked up.

  33. Kira L Rock

    sublime, maravilloso, pinche bandota , maestros , lml 

  34. Israel Muñoz

    Fucking heavy metal!!!!!!!!! 

  35. Erick Ozaki

    No me gusto mucho el adelanto pero bueno a esperar el álbum completo.
    Viva Skull Fist

  36. Marco Gutierrez

    great song!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the best band of the world!!

  37. Vitor Machado

    Oh God!!! Awesome!!! Cheers from Portugal

  38. 123myballsitch

    vocals sound weird some blink 182 or sum shit

  39. Doc Unco

    Please remove Vocoder.

  40. AlfonsoEA

    Cheers from Perú!

    frank ormeño

    si , algun dia vendran :`)


    compare, si algún día llegan a este cochino país, no se que hago pero los vería sea como sea carajo!

  41. guitarover9000

    Great tune, hope the mix is being worked on some more. Too compressed for me, and maybe a touch too much pitch correction on the vocals ;)

  42. Henkka Shiva Nevalainen


  43. Jamie Binger

    So Fucking Awesome! You guys are fucking amazing. The last riff sounds like something from Accept, love it.

  44. 80sClassicMetal

    reminds me of megadeth

  45. Lord Lore

    Great track, not sure what to make of the mix yet, but I can't fucking wait for the album! Keep the spirit alive \m/-.-\m/

  46. Marek Vodicka

    The last part is the best

  47. DarkGodfryd

    what a crap


    And your band is ?

  48. sergio gomes

    parabéns por mais um grande trabalho!!. ficou muito bom!!!!. 

  49. Jan Šmucr

    The mix is a bit weird, but I like it anyway. :-)

  50. Jose Oyola

    Fuck Yeahh /../ 

  51. AdoremosMetal

    Larga vida a Skull Fist!!!!!!!

  52. Daniel Rosso

    Por Dao..