Skull Fist - Hour To Live Lyrics

You say its been said I know its been done
But I cant shake that feeling it wont be undone
I'm lying awake when I know I should run
To get back the power and feel like I've won

I've carried the wind I've battled for time
But no one remembers the mountain I've climbed
I'll give you the truth but the end is the same
I wont live forever so carry the flame
Can you hear what I'm saying
Will you ever listen
Only got one hour to live
That's how you know its all I will give
You and me
I'll never let you down

I've only got one hour to live
That's how you know its all I will give
I've only got hour to live
Burning this town for reasons to live
You and me
I'll never let you down

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Skull Fist Hour To Live Comments
  1. Emanuele Brignone

    Buena amigos 🦇🕳️🤟😈🤘

  2. Emanuele Brignone


  3. x-ritual

    Super song!!

  4. S1mple

    Thumbs up if you know the band before Deathgasm

  5. Caio Cesar Headbanger

    Amo esses putos ♥

  6. Julian Matias


  7. Branco Collao

    Sounds like Sonata Arctica's "Blank File"

  8. Michele De Cinti

    This voice is so fucking INSANE I LOVE IT ❤

  9. thatonedrewguy

    I can HEAR the smile during the solo starting at 2:06.

  10. raffo camacho

    true metal unfolding all over the world! SKULL FIST

  11. Hayk Asoyan

    More songs like this?



  13. poopy diaper

    ciooil beans

  14. Eric Leftwich

    2:31-3:26 is GENIUS! This whole track is a banger but that specific part always gets my head banging and feet tapping!

  15. A Bathory


  16. B0MB3R


  17. Metal In Your Head


  18. prangtm

    That chorus can cure cancer

  19. Junger Trap König

    Enforcer brought me here

  20. Doctor Ricky


  21. chris willey


  22. Fenrir Black

    Wtf is Deathgasm?

  23. Ketzakov

    Its like the 80s all over again... And I am not even from the 80s lool

  24. Death Metal Mayhem


  25. THE DolphinSprayholeFucker

    wanna start flying at speed of light and destroy the false metal \m/

  26. Yago Souza

    2:31 the best melodie ever! Shit!!!!

  27. Luis Angel Crespi Oliveras

    headbang everywhere yeah \m/

  28. Gonzalo Venom

    Vi la pelucula i encojtre esta master piece

  29. zottelmann199

    Heard once on youtube and buyed instead the album on emp ^^

  30. Zoro

    Aeee muito foda

  31. lowsider

    Does someone know the song at ~0:43 in the deathgasm trailer?

  32. Noah Perez

    Deathgasm led me here!

  33. Kyle Johnson

    The movie Deathgasm got me interested in this band.

  34. Klaus Toivonen

    Skullfist sent me to deathgasm!

  35. Repugnantone

    The first 30 seconds of this song gave me goosebumps! Do you know how long it's been since metal did that for/to me? Fucking AWESOME!!!

  36. Alejandro Jiménez


  37. alexander ferus

    excellent Heavy Metal !!\m/

  38. metal head

    Sounds a bit like the Killer Dwarfs

  39. Chase Fedina

    amazingly knew this song before I saw deathgasm. Yeah I'm cool

  40. Lupe

    really wonderful yeaahh \m/

  41. Mean Man



    Wow, I didn’t know a textile was a cult...

  42. bassmassterchamp3


  43. Dargos Death


  44. a wrong podcast

    that's fucking brutal

  45. Jeremy Baker


  46. andrew gibson

    it's not roll playing is it

  47. Lodbrok XIIV

    holly shit, this is crazy lml

  48. Hct80

    three days in a row, i cant stop listening to this one

  49. Lumbago Awareness 2019


  50. Galicia Paitan

    13 december in peru ?

  51. Chase Slayton


    Chase Slayton

    lol they should've put it in it would've been amazing

  52. JAG SOUL

    .... I dont like reading comments much cause you always see a bunch of people who didn't know that skull fist even existed ...until they saw it or heard it in a movie ....which is cool.... but it makes you look like a newbie .....everyone who knows true speed metal ....knows who skull fist is ..... I actually meet these dudes.....

    Frank Christian Loyan

    When I heard this song in the trailer of the movie I was blown away! I was like... OMG !! IS SKULLFIST!! And also is great they used bad for good in the credits.


    @Frank Christian Laustin skull fist is killer man ....

  53. tairy hestical

    metal as fuck!

  54. HellCock times

    not one single original riff. All was done by 20 000 bands . Weird people buy this

  55. MichaelNicle


    Logan Campos

    MichaelNicle YYYYYYyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  56. Kaine O'Brien

    Hey man, you wanna do something crazy?

    alexander ferus

    lol jahahhahahha

    Alberto Suarez


    Yael Rivera

    “It’s not role play is it?”
    “Wtfs role-playing?”


    Church stuff

  57. Seymour R

    Deathgasm :v vinyl shop

  58. Alan Plata

    awesome riffs


    brotherhood of steel


    A fucking band discover with a fucking movie. \m/

    Logan Campos

    Vandum & that movie kicked AZZ!!!

  60. ambivalent

    I am completely not a fan of metal music but this one is AWESOME :D! Gimme more guyz, cheers :)


    Have you listened to Iron Maiden, Helloween, Gamma Ray, Crimson Glory, etc..?


    If you liked this, then I suspect you are Power and Speed Metal likeable...
    Check out Dream Evil, Razorwyre, Steel Attack.
    I have suspicion you might have been one of those that think metal is all about pointless growling and smashing stuff, but that's more on Thrash, Death, and probably Black metal, and with non-metal styles such as Metalcore and Deathcore ;P .
    Just try out some classic Heavy Metal like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Dio. Try to listen Greatest Hits or something, so that you wouldn't ram into something that might not be their best song and you assume that whole band is bad, or genre as such, which is not.

    Numb Vibes

    Theres always a metal genre out there that someone will like, be open minded. ;)

  61. василий прудников

    Хуета, лица нет.

  62. Fabyan Calderon

    Buen Tema, Ecuador

  63. Gabriella

    Fuck yeah! lml <3

  64. Zahir Junejo

    Deathgasm.........f*** yeaaaaah

  65. reus boza

    thansk deathgasm for song yeahhh lml

  66. Fred Breaker

    Brutal song to play the drums \m/

  67. Justo Perez


  68. yddet

    out and loud 2015 geile scheiße,der hammer!!!!

  69. David Trigleth

    brotherhood of steel

  70. David Trigleth

    hell yeah

  71. Xpenguinkillr12

    Wow I didn't even know deathgasm had this song in their movie since I love skull first so much XD!!!! It brought me back here to listen to heir full album again


    Xpenguinkillr12 you got snapchat?

  72. Vian Cukimay

    i heard this song from THE DEATHGASM ,, its blew me away... <3

  73. Per Ohlin Yhgnve

    The best fucking song ever i love the voice of that guy lml

  74. FuryOsprey9

    the voice sucks , sounds like emo shit :/

  75. Caroline M.

    Knowing for the 1st time some awesome fucking metal, thank you deathgasm <3


    Knowing for the first time?
    What have you been listening to?! :D
    Try out Razorwyre, Steel Attack, Dream Evil. Power and Speed metal as such are the epic part of metal, inspired from Heavy Metal classics as Irons and Judas for example.

  76. Dennis Drummer

    Fuck yeah

  77. aarounge

    Was already here b4 Deathgasm!!

  78. Baron Von Wienerschnitzel

    I might be the one noticing it, but the pace and the way the vocals are sung, pace wise and it all
    it seems like this is like A Metal Eurobeat....
    and to be honest. I have nothing against it, I actually LOVE IT :D

  79. Nick D

    This song really kicks butt.

  80. Brett Neckermann

    Oh man, I wanna 'like' this, but I don't want to because it has 666 likes. I can't ruin that!

  81. deadNdivine12

    Like number 666! Yeah haha

  82. J Gregory

    I really like them, but the singer sounds like a little girl, love the thrash, gonna have to get past the singers feminine voice, otherwise, great local thrash


    @J Gregory lol its speed metal lol trash wishes it could sound like this

    Chris Kimnel

    it's speed metal.

    Dennis Drummer

    Speed metal !

  83. Samuel Pacheco

    When metal turns to pure magic at 2:05

  84. John Rauðúlfr

    brutal as fuck

  85. Ozzmaster2112

    Deathgasm trailer, anyone?

    Kyle Johnson

    Yep.... Same here

    Aureliana Anghel

    Ozzmaster2112 Me😭😭 good movie and song. It made a new me.


    Guilty pleasure is still my pleasure.

  87. James Del Grosso

    Deathgasm trailer sent me here! :D

    Eric Ramirez

    Same fucking here \m/

    Warped Rider

    Brutal as fuck.

    Salvador NL

    @James Del Grosso Same here bro... that trailer kicks ass and I HAD to know the song! \m/

    Chaos Knocker21

    it's not just the trailer of deathgasm, the movie itself is also great!

    Aureliana Anghel

    James Del Grosso Me too. Let's be friends.

  88. Mel J. Petra

    Bringing True Speed & Creativity... Back 2 - Metal !  ; )  

  89. macaron3141592653

    that solo, holy god

  90. Lu Rch

    *If* your next record is produced like your debut EP or your debut album, it will be *PERFECT!* You shouldn't experiment too much ... again ...

    Roman Colin

    hell no ..heavier than metal should actually get reproduced the sound was horrible!


    Natti Be first off they will never see your comment because the band didn't upload the video and secondly let bands do whatever they want. It's their music

  91. Lu Rch

    Aw, man! The *production totally SUCKS!* And that's not even a matter of opinion. It just doesn't fit Skull Fist.

    BUT(!) even though I really dislike the way this album was produced, I just CAAAAAN'T stop listening to it! And I think that means, it's a very *GOOD album!* Their best record to date! No doubt!

    Almost the whooooole album is absolutelly great! And it starts with THIS song, a definite highlight on it!


    It's intended to be fucking old school, man.

    Lu Rch


    I don't like the vocal mix. I hope, The Man will do it kinda the way of Skull Fist's debut album next time. :)

    Dylan B

    @Lu Lou I agree Im not a big fan of how the vocals were mixed. Ride the Beast had a fantastic production all the way through. That said, Chasing The Dream is still a fantastic album that definitely competes with the debut.

  92. ProtoShreddaJoe

    This is fucking amazing...

  93. shomo1

    I ran into you guys with a misclick ever!

  94. Leonardo Sanchez

    Noooo que paso con el vocalista? ante eras chevere man!  jaja. muy buen tema!!  saludos!!