Skull Fist - Don't Stop The Fight Lyrics

Sharing these visions
It's all that you show
Well you're crying in darkness
I'll never know!
I won't break no promises!
Never tell you a lie!
My heart never bleeds
There's nothing here to hide yeah!

You're raised in the wall
Inventing a life!
Someone could save you!
I'll never try
Won't waste my memories!
Begging on my knees
Darkness will fade
And destiny never bleeds!

Don't stop the fight!
Be strong and make it right!
Be true this night!
Keep up alive!
White lies to get the best!
Stay tough and fuck the rest!
I'll never stop the fight!
Better stay strong tonight
Don't stop the fight!

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Skull Fist Don't Stop The Fight Comments
  1. AV Valencia

    Intro of "Ride the sky" of Helloween?

  2. 28kiriku

    Šta rade ljudi !!!

    Jovana Krtinić

    jebu kevu

  3. Kyle Johnson

    The Movie DEATHGASM got me interested in this band.

  4. raffo camacho

    super potentes SKULL FIST

  5. Гаджи Меликов

    где-то отдаленно напоминает Хелловинов, но всё равно нормально

  6. Jean Parra

    La entrada recuerda un poco al Ride the Sky de Helloween.

  7. Bitterhet 666

    Gosh i love it. It really looks like the 80's new wave sound!

  8. Spencer WAϟTED

    fuckin great

  9. albert fish

    brilliant. its like the 80s all over again.

  10. stemmer109

    Sounds like the Killer Dwarfs. Another Canadian band.

    metal head

    That's what ive been saying!

    Bass Player

    I've been saying that forever lol But I like Killer Dwarf so it ain't a bad thing DIRTY WEAPON!

  11. Dylan B

    Fucking fantastic