Skull Fist - Don't Cross Me Lyrics

You've got your back against the wall
I see you begging on your knees
In a real ruff tuff situation
But now the liars need to feed

I hear the whispers on the air tonite
The taste of freedom on your lips
I'd follow reason to the very end
You'll never hear me call your name

Don't cross me
I'd rather spend my time in hell
Don't you cross me
All was justified when heaven fell

Don't cross me
I'd rather spend my time in hell
Don't you cross me
All was justified when heaven fell

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Skull Fist Don't Cross Me Comments
  1. Josh C

    What happened to skull fist? There EP was better then this. I thought bands get better through the years?

  2. Felipe Roa

    Donde está el típico comentario con la letra cuando se lo necesita

  3. Metal Heart

    Triple like \m/
    J'écoute tous vos titres en boucle depuis que je vous ai découverts!

  4. FatalArrival

    Heavy Metal crucifixion \m/ Awesome song! \m/

  5. Gemini Viking

    I would love to contribute to your image with my art.

  6. navi hermetica

    Me encantan!!

  7. Melina Gisselle Escudero

    Nunca pierden su esencia de la vieja escuela, zarpado!

  8. Caio Pavani

    This should be in the billions of views! :)

  9. Caio Pavani

    Is that Rollo from Vikings?

  10. Pinkkifantti

    This has some DOOM vibes, i'm loving it!

  11. theblackmist54

    Bro, the mcu movies look like shit compared to this music video

  12. David Léveillé

    pretty funny vids guys. i like it. why yet cant we hear ya on the should do the top of billboard ..anyway..i can listen to ya each day at work or before some backcountry sled or board or skate time..hey dude...keep on

  13. RayeThrash

    I was going to make some jokes about how high the budget was for the video and how they still have that shitty music that i love, but from 1:20 and onward, i was just speechless, then that that solo started and i just started climbing walls high enough to see mt. everest

  14. Myerpoe

    Skull Fist live Colombia yeah!

  15. Doreen Marguerite AuCoin

    Payback time....... repent .... Jesus is returning soon... Lord of Lords King of Kings

  16. oussamah metal

    Smells like this band such classic band and i really like that, for me rock is dead in the late 2000's SKULL FIST bring it back 🤘🤘

  17. Ron Richter

    One of the best things about SKULL FIST is their humor!

  18. Omar Santiago Gómez

    Skull Fist
    Se les quiere un chingo en toda América de habla ispana...Queremos un tour 2019 por toda América latina incluyendo México chingu!

  19. Andres Carrero

    Guys i love your new album keep the good work

  20. Justin Bernard

    lmao sickest music video EVER

  21. Mazmorra de Maldoror

    Besatt's "The kingdom of hatred" 2.0? 😂

  22. Stephane Garceau

    Killer Vid!!
    Skull Fish!

  23. 7 ,

    What a terrible video.

    Jesus is the most holy being on existence, the perfect example of God's love. yet so many people disgrace him....its sad.

    Jesus doesn't need you, he WANTS you.


    but.... he came back and had his vengeance, hes buff jesus dude!

    7 ,

    SkullFistOfficial the lyrics man, the video was funny, but the lyrics was what I was talkin about lol

  24. John Wolftide

    Hot for teacher mixed with some Anthrax.

  25. Fernando Figueroa

    Fuaaa, esto es realmente bueno.


    hollywood movies would like to have that kind of beefy budget




    Indiana Jones and the crystal skull(fist)

  27. Thiago Moreira

    Cause the song is called "Don't CROSS Me". Get it? 'Cross me' hahaha. Yeah, sorry. Also, I always knew at least one of Tartaglia's J's standed for Jesus. Rock on, guys!

  28. Vicki King

    M. Night Shyamalan moment when ripped-jesus trashes the cross and gets back to business!

  29. Glen McIntyre

    Who's watching this in 2019!?

  30. Zaida Zadkiel

    10,000? looks like 10 inatead xd
    love it !

  31. gtamaniak2145

    Finally some quality heavy metal without shitty downtuned drop omega guitars and ass blastbeats.

  32. Erick Ernesto Martínez

    Jajajaja <3

  33. Vitor Annuel

    Comes to Brazil Againnnnn!!!

  34. Daddy Pig

    Alejandro Jesus is a beast!

  35. Martin Alcazar

    Lol hahahahaha

  36. Matt

    Absolutely love your guys' music! Any chance we could get a gear/rig rundown style video sometime? Really curious about Zach's guitar!

  37. Ida Petersson


  38. Bence Seres

    Amazing HUGH budget, high quality, cgi supported music cinematic video clip! You were in The Dave Mustiane Show on the Thanks for that Dave, and thank you for this music! I hope you'll come to Hungary again sometime...

  39. Kelvin St-amand

    Now that's what I call edgy!
    Jesus revenge porn.
    Lol but seriously it looks like you guys had fun with this one.

  40. Alexander Jenssen

    No falsettooooooo

  41. W/O ID

    It's 10,000 CANADIAN dollars, folks. That just barely covers the cost of the booze they drank and the gas needed to drive out of the garage.

  42. Lunartica

    The Jesus guy looks like Rollo from vikings... just saying.

  43. Mariana Guuerrero

    Me encantaaa 😍

  44. Gabriela Luque

    Lo maximo que buen aguaante skull fist

  45. The Metal Mag

    cool ahah lots of money used lol u guys are so funny ! keep the good work

  46. The Rock Office

    He's back, and he's mad! Jesus 2! No more Mr. Turning-the-other-cheek! He's out to kick some butt. This is one bad mother you don't wanna mess with! He's a one man wrecking crew... :D

  47. Gabryel Gss

    Do caralho \m/

  48. Kyle Johnson

    A little cheesy, but entertaining. 😊

  49. El Muerto Espejel

    You Guys make the best Videoclips

  50. Ralph Filigenzi

    Is this the brand new Maroon 5 video for 2019?!

  51. Ron Cardenas

    Have not heard this 'style' of music in ages. What an awesome throwback. Great job guys!!

  52. greekfreak1980

    So,you guys pretty much made ''Djesus Uncrossed''?

  53. Wil Rodz

    CLICKBAIT: Thought it was ZAKK choking OZZY...

  54. José Urrutia

    The new album will be a fucking amazing album, i'm sure

  55. beastly fist OBT

    No fucking way

  56. William M

    I dont think the wood used on that crucifix is rated for the load. Fire the engineer who designed that!!

  57. J. Monteiro

    I feel like they are starting to lose their metal side and turning into a softer version of themselves

  58. Leo Saldaña

    Vengan a mexico cabrones!

  59. Shelby

    my resolution is to stop listening to metal

    Joel Pech Sarabia

    fuck i thought i had a hair in my screen

  60. Wagoo

    'e's not the messiah, 'e's a very naughty boy!

  61. joorch raamiirez

    Muy buena 👍👍👌 👌👌👌

  62. franksm2001

    My favourite imaginary super hero zombie from the skies

  63. Mike Hackenschmidt

    Jesus is the biggest star of the last 2000 years. Must have cost a fortune to get him to star in your video. How you could afford to keep everything else to such high standards is truly a miracle

  64. Seigi

    Skdjjdje que chucha

  65. Nick Cani

    This is skull fist

  66. The Lynch Code

    One of the best music videos EVER!!!

  67. litthe niky

    Este es el mejor video musical que e visto saludos desde latinoamerica se los quiere aquí
    Psdt: i dont speak a good english :v

  68. Alicia sunburn


  69. Mu Fanchu

    Is this the same place where Cauldron shot the video for Nitebreaker?

    High Octane

    Looks like it

    William M

    Toronto only has one park.

    Alejandro gonzalez

    Different place. But canadian forests all look pretty similar.

  70. Dayana Quinaucho

    Realmente es una maravilla skull fist ..que solos 🎵🎶🎵🎶 exelente ....Son los Mejor sin duda👊 aguante.....😈

  71. cirl Camargo

    Skull fist una banda alucinante y brutal....

  72. Northern Monkey

    Best advert for Tim Horton's Coffee EVER!.
    That stuff is not to be taken lightly. ⚠

  73. Shawn Lee

    The quality of this video is so far the best!!! I love these guyes and their musics!!!! Let's go!!!!!

  74. Buba dziewic Zguba

    I just love that Scooby Doo sequence

  75. Mauro Ribeiro

    Esses solos... <3 🇧🇷

  76. CMT Productions

    Huge budget, huge balls. Skull Fist is back!

  77. Ramos Richard

    Que bacán, saludos desde Ecuador!
    Esperando que vengan pronto por aquí...

  78. Tommy P

    Nice and Good

  79. pochoclo neitor

    Me vale verga que casi no conoscan la banda pero la verdad me ebcantan son la riata❤ \m/


    Fuck yeah!!!!! I love SKULLFIST!!!!!! big love from Australia.

  81. regiszilla


  82. Alex Torres

    Aguante Skull Fist!

  83. Tyler Peacock

    The production value is said to be in the billions.

  84. The Ripper

    Cerrar el año con esto está de lujo!!! lml

  85. HellLordBR

    Loved the high value clip.

  86. Stradivari

    Puta Madre Que Solos 😨👌👌👌👏👏. Skull Fist lml.

  87. deathwish88

    Awebo skull fist rules!

    Wotan Poderoso

    Jesús se dice cuando estornudas... y la virgen cuando te pees