Skull Fist - Commit To Rock Lyrics

Time running out but that's ok
That sacred place I'll find my way, yeah
Do you know that feeling?
I'll make it through, I ain't gonna run
I spoke the words with no help from anyone
I couldn't shake that feeling

Don't let go
Won't let go, oh yeah

An axe attack I'm on the right track
A speed demon can't go back, yeah
Do you know that feeling?
I'm fully charged, gonna explode
I had a power overload, yeah
Can you feel that feeling?

Don't let go
Won't let go, oh yeah

You gotta... commit to rock
You gotta... commit to rock
You gotta... commit to rock
You gotta... commit to rock...

And if you leave and say that I'll cry
I know my love for rock will never die
I couldn't shake that feeling!

Don't let go
Won't let got, oh yeah

You gotta... commit to rock
You gotta... commit to rock
You gotta... commit to rock
You gotta... commit to rock...
You gotta... commit to rock
You gotta... commit to rock... yeah

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Skull Fist Commit To Rock Comments
  1. DarkNebvla

    Next month in Maringá /, , /

  2. santiago cano arias

    Listening since 2011 And counting


    it's not rock, it's rock'n'roll

  4. Thrash Zone

    0:00-0:06 iron maiden


    I guess so

  5. Kyle Johnson

    Love their sound! Old School Thrash Metal!


    Kyle Johnson 'thrash' lol okay buddy

    Dragon king

    It's heavy metal not thrash metal

    Client 09

    trash ?!? gotalottolearn my friend

  6. Tucker1Nonly

    most underrated album ever!!

  7. Cheyanna Nakai

    badass :)

  8. Péter Vigyikán

    Great music!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  9. Wretched Slippage

    it sounds auto tuned...

  10. Gamal Hate

    12 months later and still listening to it.

  11. Arcade Gangster

    classic bad ass heavy metal! !!

  12. Gabriella

    Woaaaw!!! <3 lml

  13. andré Luiz

    Perfeita! como todas as outras.

  14. José Antonio Ayala

    suenan con huevos!!!

  15. mega thrax

    Kick arse band

  16. The Wicked Troll

    You will feel the feeling of my Club...

  17. PowerMadHeadBanger

    WOW NWOHBM in 2011... So good


    What? Skullfist is a Canadian band.


    @mamlasu Yes, Skull Fist is a Canadian band with a huge NWOBHM influence. Its awesome!


    @PowerMadHeadBanger I hate it when people say British heavy metal everyone always says its British metal how fucking stupid. they might have had a good wave but that ended in the 90s many new bands have came up and people still say British heavy metal. 1 thing I realized is if a song has a good sound stupid people will always say ....O that's British style. grow the fuck up skull fist is a speed metal band from Canada lol

  18. Tiago Lethal

    es como una cruza de motley crue y judas priest... 


    That was my first impression too. Great band though and they are even more amazing live. Don't miss them if they come through your area. The show will be worth it!


    Basically sounds like "Tokyo Blade"

  19. Einfach Ich

    This one fits that fuckin perfectly to the original!

    Sarthak Roy

    this is original mate

  20. Walamonga 1313

    Have you listened to Enforcer?

  21. Travis Newbury

    Man this is metal! I love it some good music metal has a future! And i a part of it we all are! heavier than hell!

  22. Snake Plissken

    Singer reminds me of Tim Skold from Shotgun Messiah.

  23. Bianca Flores

    why can't you guys come to California USA:((((

  24. Mitch Davis


  25. victor moreno cardona

    jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaa elemele meroleros

  26. Manuel Rodríguez

    Motorhead Font Px

  27. Bersi

    love them!

  28. SadisticKillerXx

    loving this band !!!! lml

  29. metalpsyche82

    that kicks ass big time!! darn it!!! darn cool!!!

  30. ozzy blackmore


  31. FH Dylan

    This is better then any modern day metal i've heard. This sounds like a modern day Iron Maiden style type of thing going on. I like

  32. Bryan Kim


  33. Márcio Ramos

    quem critica negativamente uma banda com Skull Fist no mínimo nunca sentiu de verdade a energia que o rock nos proporciona.

    desconfio mesmo da qualidade de ouvintes assim.

    mas sempre defenderei a democracia estrema, já que no rock tem espaço pra todos, inclusive para idiotas fanfarrões que acham que são melhores do que os outros.

    banda DURACARALHO, espero que carreguem esse energia por longos anos!

  34. Jesse Belor


  35. MrThrashmetal13

    skull fist are just outstanding! they bring back that NWOBHM sound and deserve more praise than they get

  36. Cickoo

    One of the best vocals!

  37. Brandon Smith

    The vocals are great.

  38. Leonardo Vargas

    horrible art xD

  39. keithii84

    my new favorite band it's a breath of fresh air for a change i'm addicted :)

  40. Thrash1904

    Não, do Canadá

  41. Trainwreck Architect

    Best fucking band !

  42. nixon hernandez

    jackie up !!!! skull fist rules!!! heavy skaters (Y)

  43. mamlasu

    I like the singer.

  44. crishayes10

    São canadenses.

  45. gretta huallanca calderon

    lml ohh yeah!!

  46. Dodge Boy

    sounds like 1980's glam metal!!!!!!!!

  47. Ian Anderson

    Banda brasileira????

  48. Ian Anderson

    Gostei bastante!!!!

  49. zombee38

    I agreed with you \m/

  50. Anibal Fagner Da Silva Campos

    I Knew this band few days ago, and man, is one of best Metal bands of nowadays(Together with...HEAT, Firenote, Airbourne)... This is True modern Rock, No shits like Slipknot and Avenged SevenPOSER!
    Next year(2013) They will come to Brasil... And i'll be there.

  51. hakanimre

    Still hope for humanity. This band is kick ass with their mates Enforcer and White Wizzard.

  52. PartisanGamer

    Of course you have to be 16.

  53. Andy Birger

    Fuck off, hater. There's no matter in being homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual or asexual. By the words of Iron Maiden, we're all Blood Brothers.

  54. Anton Sander

    In the spirit of the oldschool stuff!! LOVE it, where the hell can I buy a CD, or two, or three..?

  55. gerolf

    2011? No fucking way!

  56. mptrax

    really??.... and how many women for free and how many for money ? LOL !

  57. ST Rider

    No, but me and them fucked women together

  58. mptrax

    You guy have strange tastes :D

  59. ST Rider

    just like their dicks

  60. James Kinch

    Love it

  61. H.A.M.C

    bad ass cover

  62. Bianca Flores

    such a good song

  63. SpireOfFire

    i know why music like this isnt on the radio: its too fucking awesome.

  64. bloozblasterX

    This band is on the way to the top of the Metal Heap !

  65. Wenceslao Guerra

    Great band, great song.

  66. arwi55

    Fucking awesome !

  67. Hughesy16LFC

    @Jokutyyppi4000 Just google it

  68. Jesse Penner Music

    @WishmasterTheDark id recommend watching their music video for head of the pack. its quite bad ass! I saw these guys 3 years ago before they got a record deal, To be honest, These recordings do shit for the actual talent he has for his vocals. Especially back then :p

  69. rrnypres


  70. FionaGoodOfficial

    Its funny how none of these comments are about how awesome skull fist is.... you're all dumb asses

  71. Sjamsucks

    @WishmasterTheDark You're an idiot, COB is notthing more than a band made to make money, laiho is a whiny little baby who is also one of the most overrated guitarists in the world. His lyrics are bad, and are reminiscent of the stuff you might find in some deathcore band. I listened to Cob when I was thirteen and 14, by the time I turned 15 I grew up and stopped listening to them. They are no better than the crappy glam bands of the 80's like poison. The money comes first for them.

  72. MyWeny

    awesome!!! this is the first time I've heard songs of this band. They are amazing!!! Head of the pack - totally awesome song! Thanks to James M. for recommending me to listen to this guys.

  73. rob1tnt

    Oh man this is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Alexandr Zaykov


  75. SwissCheese667

    @MrCatFetish Huhuhu I agree completely ! =)

  76. mptrax

    WONDERFUL !!!! AMAZING !! GREAT !!! Sweet and HARD at the same time.

  77. Mario Rondón

    @MrCatFetish well... preferences man. I do think hes one hell a composer, especially the first album, up to "are you dead yet" oh well what the fuck anyway xD

  78. Isco Disco

    @redevil993 Sure he can shred a bit. Doesn't mean he knows how to actually MAKE music. You could be the most technically gifted guitarist in the world but it doesn't mean you know how to compose. Laiho definitely is not a good composer.

  79. einzmetal

    @WishmasterTheDark this is one of the slowest songs on the album, try listening to commanding the night or tear down the wall. this band is way better than decent

  80. Mario Rondón

    @MrCatFetish i have to disagree on your comment about children of bodom. When you play like laiho ya let me know =)

    On topic, i shall await the day these fuckers come to my country, fuck this is one the best albums this year if not the best, could only be shaken by new shit from megdeth or anthrax if they play it well

  81. Dan Chapman

    Skull Fist is Hard as Fuck!! Hope to see ya in Moncton again soon!!

  82. stinger band

    haha dude skullfsit are amazing, sure everyone has their own taste, ive had the privlege of sharing the stage with striker and skullfist and both are amazing at what they do, u wanna look at mediocrity go check out Dirty Penny

  83. MutteringUrchin

    Got this one on rotation, baby.

  84. zai rocka

    proper music !!