Skull Fist - Chasing The Dream Lyrics

I'm on these speeding wheels
And I ride to victory
I give it all I got
So there's no way you'll follow me

And in this tired land
I'm faster than a steed
I feel the power flow
Ain't nothing that I need

I see you in the streets
You're always going slow
Should've got it right
But there's no way you'll know

Ain't got the time for me
You think this feeling's free
You took your biggest shot
But couldn't even see

I'll rise above
I'll always love

Chasing the dream

I'll never give it up
This world is meant for me
I hear you say the words
I know you'll never feel

So as you crawl ahead
I'll be speeding by
These mighty words
Will never die

Chasing the dream

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