Skull Fist - Call Of The Wild Lyrics

I know you'll never understand
Why I'm fighting until the end
But I know you'd leave me dying

You say I need a real friend
To keep my high and to pretend
That there's no use in trying

I see a spirit in my sight
Telling me to stand and fight
But there's nothing left to fight for

So for all my dreams forever lost
Never asking for a lot
The wild will set me free

We'll never know
Who's holding on inside
But now and then we'll fade away

And I'll never know
I'm on the other side
And you'll stay the same

Call of the wild
Please set me free
Call of the wild
Please set me free

Take me to the other side
I hear the call of the wild

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Skull Fist Call Of The Wild Comments
  1. Emanuele Brignone


  2. SoulDestroyer


    By Axel Rodríguez

  3. priscilla ramirez

    Skull fist 💕🤘

  4. Brian Voorheis

    \m/ !! The Fist is back.....long live THE FIST !! \m/

  5. Dragon king

    Skull fist, sister and enforcer = the new God's of metal

  6. Conrack 90

    Style '80!! ;).

  7. The One Of Legend

    Wow modern hard Rock.
    I love this!

  8. Erik Metalhead 666

    The Fucking best lml

  9. Vami C.

    ¡Amazing! 💗

    Emanuele Brignone


  10. Kyle Johnson

    These guys sound awesome! Going to see their next tour.

  11. Stone Scream _Official

    Michał Hetnał pozdrawia

  12. dr_woods

    i love the "sound" on this whole record, its the best sound i heard on the MIX, arena (huge sounding) like but still tight

  13. Adalvarg

    I watched "The Tomb Of The Fireflies" yesterday, I was still really fucking sad, this song saved my lonely night!! Motherfuking thanks!! All hail Skull Fist

  14. Sirazum Monir Osmani


  15. NoHealer Music

    Jack London forever!

  16. Lavietto

    Grymt bra !:)