Skull Fist - Better Late Than Never Lyrics

Want tell you any longer no regrets
The hunt for freedom in my eyes
Walk but never follow miles behind
Nobody hears the distant cries

Destiny was begging I never heard the call
Possessed by the essence of the night
Rituals were failing forced me not to fall
To rule the dark you need the light

Out here protectors of the years
You know it's better late than never
Out here I'll never shed a tear
And the feeling lasts forever

Out here protectors of the years
You know it's better late than never
Out here I'll never shed a tear
And the feeling lasts forever

You know it's better late than never
You know it's better late than never

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Skull Fist Better Late Than Never Comments
  1. Warren Moua

    that sabbat shirt though!

  2. peña nieto

    Skull Fist simplemente maravilloso

  3. Rickey Engle

    Better late than,,Never

  4. bobby boucher

    gods are not real ; oh! yeah! well skullfist.

  5. bobby boucher

    SKULLFIST POWER!!!!!! bossanovas im gonna pay!!!

  6. Ida Petersson

    Please come to sweden soon ❤ best band ❤

  7. Joshua Dominguez

    mexico metal fest lV 30/11/2019 una fecha que nunca se olvidara SKULL FIST

  8. roberto cayo

    me encanta

  9. Danilo Costa

    This song could be part of a Megaman X game soundtrack.

  10. richard roberts

    its like BFMV, Trivium an Maiden had a baby. Love it!

  11. Bobby Bell


  12. Jorge ivan Camacho

    Una banda muy buena 🤟

  13. Bobby Bell

    Cape Breton 2019 ☇☇☇☇☇☇☇☇

  14. House of Power


  15. Tensas laut

    Its Really Amazing...

  16. metallikita666

    So glad to see they're still playing, and sicker than ever! Strong Annihilator feeling lml

  17. Josh Gore

    Holy crap these guys are good, finally some metal from today

  18. L C

    That duo guitar style remind me to Judas Priest

  19. hot fuse

    we need more of this kind of rock band today!

  20. Sunny Penny

    71 dislikers should be skull fisted!

  21. Colin V

    amazing band, come do a home show again or do a kw show

  22. Oort Cpt

    This Riff !!! love it

  23. Leo Antunes

    Adrian Smith would like this band !!! impressive!!!!

  24. Carlos Ribeiro

    I'm a simple man from the 80's. I see Skull Fist I click like.

  25. Meecacz

    definitely 80´s! definitely dead genre. definitely for the nostalgics.


    It's Metal. And it's not dead obviously

    The Poison

    And why is that? I'd say this kind of band are pretty rare to come by now days. Everything is fucking growling and playing 100000000MPH.


    ​@The Poison Have you tried looking up modern day traditional heavy metal on youtube? It's not rare there's hundreds of bands like this lol. Also I prefer clean vocals myself but not everything with harsh vocals is bad. Wintersun for example.

  26. Metal Heart

    Triple like \m/
    J'écoute tous vos titres en boucle depuis que je vous ai découverts!

  27. Manolo Fernández

    The best!!!

  28. juan delgado alvarez

    I follow you from your beginnings, I am glad that you are going far, every time I listen I am very proud of how you are doing. always skull fist!

  29. Vixinaful

    This stuff isnt bad.. Big ass fukn ILLUMINATI eye at 1:29 tho


    It's just an eye ball symbol. Calm down.

  30. Богдан Клименко

    Ебать поливают....

  31. cristian sierra

    Guau una mezcla de estilos muy bueno ...

  32. A. yanez

    Awesome Solo!! I watched 6 times in a row, is something surreal

  33. Marie Cr

    Tuve la suerte de verlos en vivo en Ecuador hace unas semanas. Digo suerte porque estos muchachos no dejan de sorprenderme con su talento y su esencia, son increíbles ¡Los amo!

  34. flaviofiuza Fiuza

    Que saudade desse estilo! Show!

  35. Oscar QG

    Sencillamente Grandes!

  36. Krag Featherston

    They are so smart and spot on when it comes to the lefty vs righty guitar sync. It's as metal as true and fucking phenomenal. Hail and Kill Skullfist members!!!

  37. redel 86

    Mix de Anvil y metal lucifer

  38. jester Jamante

    WOW!! Great band.. Bravo!!

  39. Dario Di Gianantinio

    Esta cancion si que tendria que llegar al billon de visitas.

  40. magic The Lord

    buenisima maravillosa genial excelente super Rololon 👍\ . . /

  41. Logan Campos

    SKULLFIST I'll jump your bones & I'm a straight dude 🖤🤘😤 That's right I said & I'm not ashamed of saying it.

  42. Miguel Sanchez

    One of the best bands of recently years. Never though will hear something like that. Love skullfist

    Boofer T. Washington

    I finally got to see them live a few months ago. If you ever get the opportunity, don't pass it up. I got to meet them and get autos and all that after the gig. They were super cool dudes. Then again, they're Canadian. They're born nice up there lol.

  43. David Lewis


  44. guisp1986


  45. Galo Javier Coloma Villón

    what a band!!! perfecto discovery for my 2019, you guys are awesome, keep true

  46. Juan Da Chaparro

    Orgullosamente Tunjaaaa

  47. jake from porcupine

    Spectacular job my son.



  49. litthe niky

    Ese muchacho tiene una voz hermosa 😍

  50. Résh 1

    Fuck yes.

  51. Alexander Maggys

    Very good !

  52. Cousin Pete

    Sounds like if the scorpions came out a few years later than they did

  53. Laura Mameli

    the Music is really good, but the voice not so much

    Alexander Jakubowski

    Agreed, he sounds better in older albums, but here the effects are too oversaturated and it drowns everything else out.

  54. Tormentor Bestial

    Very Nice / Cool song & video. Best Regards from Brazil.

  55. damkie

    Still rockin

  56. Pastino Fettucino

    You guys ROCK!! I'm so glad you guts are still rockin out. Where and when are you guys performing?? O.O !!!!!!!!!

  57. World of sursphere'a

    I love this group. They rock out hard.

  58. Alessandra Priolo

    Right on, I hope to see Skull Fist live on tour, this is such a sweet track!

  59. Vetkha Aguilar

    Excelente banda , siempre fueron muy amables, buena onda, dispuestos a convivir con los fans <3

    Nahuel Adrián Salto

    Exactamente! Anoche tuve la oportunidad de conocerlos después del recital y se quedaron hablando, sacándose fotos con nosotros. Unos grandes!

  60. Emmanuel Ayala

    Encontrarme a Zach por casualidad mientras todos hacían fila aquí en la CDMX fue lo más chingón que me ha pasado, Jajaja!

  61. Jhonny Walker

    Everything sounds excellent, but the voice, mmmmm

    Hostile - First Wave Black Metal

    yeah he fucked up his vocal chords. he had a surgery. why they recorded after that is another question. cheers

  62. Nightmare Strawberry Chic

    3:40 that was so smooth

  63. Alex Serna Sánchez

    Qué banda tan más buena tocan de putisima madre y esque skull fist demuestran que no juegan en segunda división , van directos a morderles el culo a los grandes del heavy metal 🤘

  64. Erik Dee Fullmer

    I dig it. Reminds me of early Motley Crue

  65. axel duran

    Larga vida a skull fist 💀👊



  67. Almir Santos

    The better of the heavy metal band of all times calls skull fist , a day my traditional heavy metal band from brazil ,(Sinal de ataque ) , we will can opening the show to you , this is we Dream. Thanks guy.👊

  68. June Ryah

    Is that Zach singing? Something's definitely wrong with the vocals. I mean, it's good, no doubt, but it sounded different.

  69. Roger Moraes

    Vocal idêntico ao do Mike Vescera... Incrível!

  70. Domingo Buenastardes

    Great as always! Long live the Fist!

  71. Andrés Hellfire Q

    ECUADOR junio 7 - 2019 yeaaaaahhhh🤘🤘🤘🔥🔥🤘🔥🤘

  72. Israel Baranhuk

    Vem pro Brasil seus cabeludo !

  73. Lorena M.

    mis preciosos skull fist ❤

  74. Xico SH

    Lo mejor que pude haber descubierto, puro heavy metal de excelente calidad, espero suenen por mucho más

  75. ellusionism


  76. József Oszlánczi

    These guys give us back the taste of traditional heavy metal.

  77. Abita Wisnu

    long live heavy metal \m/

  78. Doreen Marguerite AuCoin

    So cool

  79. Jaal

    The shred of the guitar is awesome

  80. Leo

    I can hear the Bass, wow!

  81. Gerry Wangsa

    Sebastian bach voice

  82. Douglas Silva

    Hello from Brazil!!!! Power and heavy!!! The best!!!

  83. Pepin Nator

    This is a masterpiece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! reaching iron maiden/helloween quality

  84. elvis viloria

    puta que vaina taaaan buuuena , de dodnde salieron estos carajos!

  85. Russell Keffer

    Great video and badass song ! Mind if I use a portion of another one of your songs for a project I'm doing? I can defiantly credit y'all :D

  86. Anselmi Nurminen

    I think I have a new favorite band after hearing this song.

  87. Kyle J.

    Never heard of em but...THANKS!!

  88. Aaron Lopez

    This is brilliant

  89. Videos For You



    we should have opened up for them. they were nice and humble though. Incrediby cool band and people!

  90. Stellarion Prime

    i fuckin love that !

  91. Edu Sam

    Didn't know this band. Classic sound.

  92. Nossa Jureg


  93. José Augusto dos Santos


  94. Pits750

    The fret wanking does little for me, just soulless sweep picking, going overboard with harmonies and solo work. Shame as it was pretty metal in between


    that was a text sweep

  95. musicfreak1138

    I’d say a mix of Scorpions and Iron Maiden... Love it!!!

  96. Toby Gamble

    fucking love this \m/

  97. Jarratikan Solo

    face melting guitars man