Skrizzly Adams - New Me Who Dis Lyrics

Waking up, heavy on the meditation
Every day, going forward, it's a celebration
Five long hours since my last drink
I've cleared my head, had a lot of time to think

I'm not the wild man I used to be
I've solved my problems and I'm finally free
I'm glad I took this time to focus on me
Look in the mirror, I like what I see

New me, who dis?
New me, who dis?
New me, who dis?
New me, who dis?

Gearing up, yeah I'm gonna hit the gym now
Elliptical, yeah you know I'm gonna spread it out
Feeling good so I'm turning the resistance up
I see a girl looking over when she hears me grunt

But I don't have time for that
It's a full time job just staying on track
I guess spirituality isn't so wack
I found myself, yeah your boy is back

New me, who dis?
New me, who dis?
New me, who dis?
New me, who dis?

I'm not the wild man I used to be
I've solved my problems and I'm finally free
I'm glad I took this time to focus on me
Look in the mirror, I like what I see

New me, who dis?
New me, who dis?
New me, who dis?
New me, who dis?
New me, who dis?
New me, who dis?
New me, who dis?
New me, who dis?

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Skrizzly Adams New Me Who Dis Comments
  1. MendezGV

    I can totally relate

  2. Adam Wazne

    1mln 1702. im just blood. :)

  3. CanEat EatFree

    So.... My issue with this is, His a Ginger. How?

  4. Steve Smith

    Webby is a bad a**

  5. Kendethar Zendeth

    Made tears

  6. vignesh balaji

    From @3:36 to @4:29 pure addictive content 😂😂


    please make instumental

  8. cody W

    Hits way deeper I expected. I'm in tears

  9. Tommy Hunt

    that hook is straight fire tho

  10. Nathan Anders

    I've been waiting on something like this from Webby. Beautifully done

  11. Yung Murda

    My new favorite rapper, Webby killin it

  12. Beau D

    One of my favorites right here!

  13. zCharWar -

    2:41 just the part "Am i in trouble" makes me cry.. this shit is deep if you witnessed it in your own life..

  14. Brandon KovAch

    There are no words BROTHER #CHRISWEBBYALLDAY

  15. Gary Epling

    Love this differentness web

  16. Sam Misner

    Webby has been leveling up every drop practice gets to perfection

  17. vincent chase

    Just noticed this released on my birthday

  18. Andrea Sandoval

    Best song out shit hits home not the same story but same feelings

  19. aditya4u

    This song took my high to another lvl


    So underrated

  21. Todd Cercone

    America's best: Trump 2020

  22. Sheldon

    Hell yeah

  23. Jeremiah Howard

    this song is such a masterpiece

  24. Austin Smith

    This song is so fucking heavy....I feel it in my soul these lyrics are beautiful. 🌊

  25. Sam Misner

    90% of rappers couldn't reach this level of story telling of the human life. Because their is no guns drugs hoes cars and whatever else shit they usually be bragging about

  26. John Johnson

    I been fucking with Webby since I was in high school. The white noise EP and best in the burbs. Been spitting fire for like 10 years and only has a quarter million subs. What a shame

  27. Damian Adams

    This hits so hard! I listened to this the first time 6 minutes after it was posted and just now was able to listen again. Damn good song! As real as it get guys. Thanks again Webby! 🙏

  28. Dustyn Leach

    Most underrated rapper ever, lyrical genius I just dont get it🤷‍♂️

  29. Hanna

    This is very Eminemmy.

  30. Frankie Keefe

    Webby is killin’ it on every track. The real rappers will slowly fade these mumble rappers out

  31. Shane Strickland

    Webby=most slept on artist out there

  32. TheBakedDonut20




    Make this Happen or i will literally spam you >:D

  33. Juliana martins

    I just got some Eminem vibes! Cool 👌🏼

  34. edith .w.m. van goethem

    manny people has not the time too listing, the whole song when they hear the beginning the , say ; no this is shit but you must wait..

  35. dav1d130

    great story telling though. loved it

  36. SexyNonstop

    True work of art there webby!! Please make more songs like this! I feelt this one really deep! Keep going bro🤩

  37. Yaboi Hairless Kat

    this song hits me deep dude... this hit me in the same way cats in the cradle hit me

  38. KC T


  39. Percy Hudson

    This is deep ... beautifully deep

  40. Godzilla Gaming

    This song gives me an "Eminem - Stan" vibe.


    Or when im gone, really good song

  41. Don Ford

    Holy shit. That chorus brought me to tears. That shit is so powerful. I stg this hit different at 2am I been on repeat ever sense

  42. Charles Joyce

    We are all just a little flawed #iliveonfrontstreet

  43. knnywhy

    I came across this song from a playlist called "depressed and sad song's, hoes mad"
    *n i will tell u I felt that* 👀 💀 💓

  44. j hackett

    Damn....deep af

  45. Oliver1131

    Powerful song good sir, thanks for all the great music over the many many years

  46. luke lewis

    Wow so much emotion to this song had tears in my eyes 😥

  47. Justin Kamiya

    Come to Texas!

  48. superjeff Centola

    Skrizzly adams liked a couple of my pictures on instagram 👍

  49. Tony Neville

    #ChrisWebby question why do we never see him? He is way too talent not to be seen!

  50. Bueno Killer

    Daughter shows dad a drawing and says "look how happy we where? Am i in trouble? Is everything all right?" Parents smiled and just said "no everything is perfectly fine" at that moment they forgot how broken they were. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔
    That shit hit me soooo hard!!

  51. Aaron Hager

    Thank God for real artists

  52. Black ReaperX

    Chorus: Skrizzly Adams]
    It's hard to be scared of a little thunder
    When you've spent your whole life waiting in the rain
    You reminisce, just grin, look back and wonder
    If you're ever gonna feel that way again
    Yeah, but you sit all at home, you're waiting
    But I've got a long way to go
    Just hold on 'til the stars start fading
    Just feel like I'm almost home
    Yeah, there's no tendency that I can see
    To get you off my mind
    I'm just flawed
    No, I'm just flawed

    [Verse 1: Chris Webby]
    Sirens went off in his head
    Still half-drunk in a foreign bed
    Said he'd be home after work, but he went to the bar instead
    And instead of with his wife, he woke up with this new acquaintance
    He met after seven shots and a couple of beers to chase it
    Basically he was wasted, but there's always a choice
    Reason chimed in, but he was ignoring the voice
    Now he's throwing on his wrinkled clothes
    And he knows when he goes home
    To that glass house with these old stones
    He gonna put on this mask, kiss her neck and then ask
    "How was your night?" before she even has a chance to react
    He'll be fine, it isn't like this is the first time
    Shit, everybody needs an occasion to unwind
    Ain't a crime to run away from things occasionally
    A way to release, that's just human nature and he
    Pulled down the driveway, saw his daughter playing on the lawn
    And all his rationalization was gone

    [Chorus: Skrizzly Adams]
    I've been trying, but can't deny
    That these things I do, I can't justify
    I feel it weighing while I'm by your side
    I'm just flawed
    Yeah, I'm just flawed

    [Verse 2: Chris Webby]
    He was greeted with a orange juice and something to eat
    And a kiss on the cheek, as if he didn't just cheat
    Felt that shiver down his neck
    That's the feeling of regret
    As she handed him his eggs, smelling whiskey on his breath
    Before she had the chance to even ask him about last night
    He said he had some drinks and crashed on the couch at the office
    All this was just an obvious lie
    And she could feel it in her gut, but said nothing as a reply
    She just stared at the man that she'd given everything to
    And the silence built into tension that enveloped the room
    'Til it was broken by the daughter saying
    "Daddy come see
    This picture that I drew of you and mommy back when you seemed
    So much happier
    Is anything wrong?
    Am I in trouble?"
    "No, everything is fine" they said
    "We both love you"
    And they both smiled as the moment occurred
    Like they forgot how fucking broken they were

    [Chorus: Skrizzly Adams]
    I've been trying, but can't deny
    That these things I do, I can't justify
    I feel it weighing while I'm by your side
    I'm just flawed
    Yeah, I'm just flawed

    [Verse 3: Chris Webby]
    He stood there in the shower
    With the steam filling his lungs
    As if the water could wash away all the shit that he'd done
    He let it run, deep in thought about when he was young
    Got out and looked in the mirror back at the man he'd become
    Then he opened the door to see his wife on the bed
    On the verge of tears, looked him in the eyes and instead
    Of saying anything, she threw him his phone with a text read
    But insnead of more lies, he just looked at her and said

    [Chorus: Skrizzly Adams]
    I've been trying, but can't deny
    That these things I do, I can't justify
    I feel it weighing while I'm by your side
    I'm just flawed
    Yeah, I'm just flawed
    I've been trying, but can't deny
    That these things I do, I can't justify
    I feel it weighing while I'm by your side
    I'm just flawed
    Yeah, I'm just flawed

  53. Matthew

    This is so underated it should have a few mil views

  54. matt roach

    Dude your fucking killing it.

  55. jetsfan1251

    Not original. Stolen beat and flow

  56. Micheal Baker

    Gives me chills every time

  57. Mckayla Vandermey

    This song hits me hard because my ex girl was like this and ended her life than blamed me in her note and I was also the one who found her so I love you chris for posting this because more people need to see how this affects people and what it actually causes

  58. Santiago Delgado

    I Listen to This Song Everyday Its A Repeat Song For Sure its 100% Going to Blow up

  59. Zandra

    Love the bop hits deep in the feels if ya relate

  60. J C

    I fw that guitar lick

  61. Anthony Does Things

    This is new for Webby, but I like it. Most underrated artist out.

  62. cory morel

    CT 860 in this bitch and fresh out jail already hooked

  63. Toxic Intentions

    Where did you go

  64. Zak Williams

    Idk y i do what i do im just flawed... thats what i always say while lying in bed waiting to get hit in the face lol

  65. It's K0I

    New track webby

  66. Island Girl

    Wow she's a really good wife, because the only thing he would have gotten in the morning was some hot Grits or boiling oil in his thrown in his face. And finished off with a one two punch and hit over his with the frying pan. 🍳😠👿

  67. Headshotpro6 Gaming

    This has got to make it to the radio, fr. Its so much better than the stuff on the FM

  68. Lil Xan

    Bottom line is, if you cheat come up with a good lie.

    Headshotpro6 Gaming

    Bottom line is, dont cheat mate. Its not worth it

  69. AbzoluteGaming

    this was some serious shit but next up dinner and movie part 2

  70. Visit FlagrantViolationsDotCom

    ~50% divorce rate in the US and it isn’t always the guys fault. Negative personalities and terrible decisions aren’t magically constrained to a gender.

  71. lil wikked aka william elkins

    man i feel this song i use to be the cheater my girl changed me tho i was missing something and she gave me it and to be honest never been happier shes fixed a broken i man shes stopped me from making so many mistakes but future memory can open past scares

    this is for the girls who think guys r just pigs many of us are made this way by well you all the one we craved the one we needed rejected us and it broke us and the pussy helps the broken heart

  72. Wizard Darkly

    Damn man! You are a great story teller 🔥 so much emotion!

  73. Sidney Clancy

    Great story telling in this song bro bro.. Love it and on some real shit i hate cheaters

  74. Mike Nielsen

    For the Real Burbs... As Promised Sir..

  75. Eddie James Jr. Te Papa Tapu TAUKi

    i Still Love.

  76. That One Guy

    Gonna see this man on Halloween in Minneapolis!!!

  77. Jeremy Schneider

    Damn dude, Webby getting everyone in their feelings. ♥️

  78. Kimberly Jones

    Shit is fire!!!

  79. Matt Dowdy

    Bruh... 🤙🏻

  80. Kelly Vestro

    Great song, but now I'm in tears. Still love you Webby.

  81. Jayden Kappenman

    This is gonna be the song that takes Webby into the mainstream media, mark my words

  82. Souliztik TV

    Chris this was awesome!!!

  83. Marissa Flannery

    This song hits all my body and soul. This is my life in a video and song. Lord, give me strength.

  84. strr60seven unsolicited

    Anybody that cheats on their significant other ESPECIALLY if they have children is a fucking worthless low life scum bag that deserves to lose everything.

  85. Sam Hayes

    I can’t believe people say we cut for attention 😭

  86. Jack Black

    I wish Eminem would sign Chris Webby

  87. Martin Carr

    Incredible song


    Well its 226 am fucked up and now cryin.....real shit man

  89. Jesse Decker

    Still listening to this everyday... people get mad at me because all I listen to is webby. But shit show me something better!! But now instead of arguing I just put my headphones in and ask Siri to play My playlist. I just walk away singing to skrizzly...

  90. Jeremy Boyd

    Webby this is my life right now feels good to hear it in words even if it hurts that my ex is gone

  91. trianifeA7x

    Yeoo. This sound is fire. Id love to hear a few more songs with similar styles. Keep up the fire music.

  92. CaliBudds

    The subject matter and chorus really connects. Hits hard. Wasn’t expecting this fr but absolutely love it. Came out on my birthday and really been driving me since. Even showed it to homies that think most webbys songs trash and shit ended up on their story.

  93. Damon Tousley

    Man ive been in this situation feels like the shittiest thing ever quit the playing my heart couldn't take it anymore happily been with the same girl for 4 years remember flaws are always fixable just take persistence

  94. Johnny Kobyluck

    This song has the quality of a song that should be at least 5M views by now..

    I'm disappointed in popular society and their preference in music. This should have caught a lot more ears!

    Michael Price

    Best comment on here. You ain't lying bruh

  95. 7ven 3irty

    This is powerful. Keep up the good work man

  96. Shaniah Carter


  97. Ephin Lilhomie

    This song kills me it hurts so bad how could anyone do that to their partner 😣