Skints, The - Restless Lyrics

As the crowds grow restless
And express their distrust
I'm wide, wide, wide, wide awake

When the crowds grow restless
And express their distrust
I'm wide, wide, wide, wide awake

I'm wide, wide awake as their schemes and plots
Are hatched and reared in the nest of the vipers
If you think they think you matter, you are mistaken
To them you are just here for the taxation

Been thinking about what happens to those who serve us wrong
The officer who chose to rob a mother of her son
And a tower stands in ashes, no one's held accountable
Justice is something that is not universal

As the crowds grow restless
And express their distrust
I'm wide, wide, wide, wide awake

When the crowds grow restless
And express their distrust
I'm wide, wide, wide, wide awake

To tell the next scene
These robots all know I'm a mutant
Yeah sentinels can smell the X-Gene
Use your powers, come join the team (X-Men)
'Cos all those who wanna reign supreme
Never really seem to wanna take the blame supreme
Or feel the pain too deep
We get left in the rain you see
New day but it all feels the same to me (Same, same)
And now you wanna make your country hate again?
Please teach these cunts to be afraid again
I said away with them
And as the crowds grow restless I'm wide awake with them
And if you ain't insane or dead
You better engage your brain and get
Wise to their tactics
Ignite your mind like a matchstick
And start a blaze on 'em

As the crowds grow restless
And express their distrust
I'm wide, wide, wide, wide awake

When the crowds grow restless (Oh don't you hear them?)
And express their distrust (Oh)
I'm wide, wide, wide, wide awake (Is that what they say?)
(So wide awake oh my, hey!)

I said they're plotting, they're judging
They're talking, watching with them eyes wide shut
Every lyrics, every syllable mi write up
Thankful for the light when shine and make me sight up
Things that were not right, in spite, are feeling nice
Oh my
I've enjoyed my days
I got some real ones side of me
From you have life you can find a way
Look how mi rich now finally
What am I to say? I'm wide awake
Somewhere hide away on the lowkey side of the island
Who them a hype on? Man just a drive on the road
Mi ah keeping mi eye 'pon plan

As the crowds grow restless

When the crowds grow restless
And express their distrust
I'm wide, wide, wide, wide awake

As the crowds grow restless (Ok)
And express their distrust (Bang bang!)
I'm wide, wide, wide, wide awake

When the crowds grow restless
And express their distrust
I'm wide, wide, wide, wide awake

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Skints, The Restless Comments
  1. katoness

    We are just human cattle to them. Shame that not enough people are awake.

  2. Kacper Janusz

    Dziękuję Radiu TRÓJKA, bo dzięki Tobie poznałem ten utwór.

  3. alphaomega411

    how the fuck can I be obsessed with reggae and be atheist? Is this okay?

  4. Intuicean

    👁 Great video!

  5. airbrat

    Brilliant song and video! Much love from San Antonio Texas!

  6. Space Koi

    this band is real!

  7. Albert Einstein

    Only 87K views????????

  8. Andy Kobayashi

    2nd brexit - eject the whole island from the planet lmao

  9. Emilio Lopez

    1:49 x-men intro? jaja, great song!

  10. John Robert Lamonaca

    "I am that Cross that grows restless and express my distress with you > <"

  11. CUR Network

    The coffee cups under the side monitor are hilarious!

  12. John AJforwork5

    This video gonna hit 1M views.

  13. David Gomez

    Yes, i do like it. So wide awake.

  14. Josh Buckby

    The headlines 😂

  15. Pinky Swear

    Simply wonderful video

  16. Chris Bullen

    Bad ass even got protoje on it too ! Keep up the good work

  17. Jerry Escatel

    I know you wana make your country hate again

  18. Canna Shiva

    ya MON!!!!

  19. Sinatra

    Saw them this past Saturday while i was working at a beer festival

  20. Viky Axedio

    Listen the skints in evening + a cup of tea = PERFECT !

    Love from indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩💛❤💚

    Nat Jackson


  21. Rose Rodriguez

    I say them at the reggae festival and they are amazing ❤️❤️

  22. Kostas Rudy

    Marcia i'm in love with you!!!

  23. [0117]soundsystems

    your boom xxx

  24. Dimitris Marinis

    BOOM <3

  25. Peter Johnson

    Some of the headlines on that ticker tape are QUALITY

  26. Harley guy 68

    Saw them at Cali Roots 2019. Great band.

    Robert Williams

    Bro I was there too, they were one of the best shows... Killed it

  27. Love Björklund

    stay real now

  28. Matthew Bown

    Just picked up the new album today, can't wait to listen later

  29. trina trina

    Yess The skints and Protoje I love it restless ❤❤😁💃

  30. Adz

    The Specials vibes all over this ram jam

  31. cylon74

    Nice me likey

  32. Travis A. Lingard the Running Wolf

    Proto mash it up!!

  33. Conor Mitchell

    Brilliant song, not many bands who sing about politics in music unlike the clash, the specials, ub40, etc so its nice to hear it, much needed :))

    vaping Otter

    Lol ub40? 😂😂🤣🤣 you mean everyone's moms favorite reggae band cuz they are safe? Lol ub40 🤣🤣😂😂😂


    Yeah the #grenfell shout in on this track was decent and reminiscent of a time when UB40 were singing about food for thought and being one in 10. Their name is taken off a an unemployment form serial number.

    The song is great! I feel like it's underplayed and that they haven't got the exposure they need. This song is a fitting soundtrack for the political scene at the moment.

  34. Manu Rasta

    Genial... ya era hora LPM!

  35. Eastcoastorganicmusic scary times

    suitably fat bass line... He may not sing but Jon got the groove... love it.

  36. Electric Jellyfish


  37. Nomasiac

    Pure FIYAH 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    This is mood!

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    Someone fill up those coffee cups!

  41. Aina Roots


  42. Abominável molusco das neves


  43. Diego Motta

    Muito bom

  44. Nyah Higgins

    So WIDE AWAKE from the 🇺🇸!

  45. Mr. Martin Daoust

    Nice .... from Québec ....👍

  46. Marc B

    Cyann unno just say WIDE AWAKE. Me I am to old for tennis bopper reggae. But hey grandpa going jump up!!!!! Haile selassie I love.

  47. Golden Ticket

    Wide awake for this tune!

  48. Gleem

    Excellent love your vibes 1ness

  49. vaping Otter

    I'm listening to this on fucking Mars in the year 3019! Cuz who the fuck cares when and where you are hearing this? One world one love. Stop identifying by imaginary nationality. Boarders are made up they arent real.

  50. puppy mu


  51. Urban Folk

    i'm wide awake! proper tired though.

  52. Burro B

    Underrated group. Bottom line

  53. intelligent RebelLion

    LOVE over Every Thing

  54. Ranaldo Burke


  55. jose luis figueroa chavez

    The skints no deja de sorprenderme !!

  56. jose campos

    "Mithril now available for purchase online" lol

  57. Allen Clark

    Seeing u guys In San Diego Stay Ska'd 4 Life....

  58. Jah Billah

    UP! UP! UP!

  59. rafael gonzales

    Pretty Lady!!!

  60. Frontal Lobotomy

    Saw protoje perform at kaya fest in Miami. Absolutely fantastic

  61. allaroundme

    Great song. Great video. Great acting.

    Shout out to grenfell

    Good predictions on the feed at the bottom.
    "You name it we'll tax it"
    Murder stage of xfactor

  62. Danny Boyo

    Love her pigeon toes!

  63. Zion Ras

    Restless Times Huh

  64. Geisha Ken

    “Home Secretary to Get Schwifty at this year's charity ball” I'm dead xD

  65. Romain Dogimont

    Technically impressive.

    vaping Otter

    Not many people conduct their music anymore. And if they do they are loony birds like Kanye.

  66. Malaka Youth Official

    Big up family

  67. Róbert BOROS


  68. Ruben Servin

    Great song, with great artist

  69. German Trejo

    Suena muy bien saludos desde MEXICO, Buena vibraa

  70. Steve Rossi

    So awesome to see the Big Show get his big break in broadcasting.

  71. Vice2Virtue

    Fuck yes !! The skits with provoke!? Chromatic masterpiece! My life you guys are the best whoever disliked this can fuck themselves haha 😂

  72. indobleh

    I hear Jerry Dammers all through this wonderful track, intentional or not it's a stunning song !

  73. francisco mendez muñoz

    i dont like the video <3 but y love you guys !!!! when am biking by the city ... at nigth xd ! FROM SANTIAGO ; CHILE !! (Y)


    The Fresh stuff

  75. get face


  76. Jon C.

    Anyone else see these guys on the 311 Cruise? They're amazing!

  77. Russell Davis

    Make a skinhead reggae aldum

  78. Serious Lee

    Quality!!! Conscious music, wicked collaboration. Massive respect. YO, if you need a quality selector for your Norwich date , hit me up!!!! (Insert cheeky face emoji here) peace

  79. Rasta Man

    Thanks for adding my favorite artist protoje to this song. Its definitely on my playlist.

  80. Daniel Tamz

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 from indonesiaaa

  81. Marvin Merchants

    🔥🔥🔥 gonna be a heavy dub.

  82. Robert Hilden

    Babylon rides its way - so the Righteous run the risk of going insane! Bless Up!

  83. Champagne Hec

    I'm definitely diggin' this SKINTS & PROTOJE calabo! This is exactly how I feel up all night RESTLESS with what's going on and the DISTRUST with our government! I'm WIDE AWAKE! ✌🏾😎

  84. Angeluis

    Boooom !!!

  85. eliezer wittgreen

    Loved Marcias part! Lol! And am sure that is what happens with newscasters! Great and I mean Great job!

  86. Kevin Smart

    The news headlines are gold!!! 😂😂😂


    I know, right?!
    They feature lyrics to 'the island' I wonder if that'll be the next release? ...

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    >President Kang

    Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!

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    brilliant video- lovin` the album- big it up!

  91. TBasenback

    They live!!! Awesome song/video
    The Skints do it again!!

  92. Sergey B

    First 30 seonds - ode to Specials. Protoge's collab - great idea to use him as a reporter for the news, while he just get filmed on phone in Jamaica :D. No extra stage needed.

  93. Steve Payne

    Nailed it 🔨

  94. Luke Risbey

    Marcia is HOT stuff , if I was younger single, cooler and better looking she'd be in trouble

  95. Chris king

    the god dam skints i aint herd you guys in a long time