Skints, The - Rat-At-At Lyrics

I know with a bit of control you could be a little better, better yet a better friend to me, me say that
I know you could get your life in order, hear it knocking on your door with a Ratatat-tat
I know with a bit of control you could be a little better, better yet a better friend to me, me say that
I know you could get your life in order, hear it knocking on your door with a Ratatat-tat (tat tat tat tat)
Cause I mark it as a must have, ride it like a mustang, ignore it like your phone rang
Say it like I have saying took away my life man, took away my life line, couldn't be my only
When you see me you treat me like a piece of meat, like a DVD cause I'm a VCR, see
And I will be ghastly cause I lost my last me, ran around for your sake so I'm gonna get nasty

I know that you are no good for me
One more time and then you'll set me free

I know that you are no good for me
One more time and then you'll set me free

I'm rocking back and forth of course I'll blame it on myself
I been going stir crazy from haze
And awake for two days
Better than to be sleeping in hell
Falling apart like a fragment, climbing back into my shell
And it's bait that's she's making me change
Love became hate and rage
I'm locked up, but I ain't in a cell
Ain't cocked up but I'm blaming myself
Long stuff feeling pain from a girl
Monged out and away from the world for a minute
Friends say it's the way of the world that I live in
And I don't wanna give it
But honestly I'm finished
And the quality's diminished and I'm feeling kinda sick-ish
Hook, line and sinker like fishes
Never took time and did my three wishes
Make a hook line and keep myself singing
Could say that I've scored and ain't winning
But mate that's women, innit

I know that you are no good for me
One more time and then you'll set me free

I know that you are no good for me
One more time and then you'll set me free

Got a little bit of 8-bit raggabit
My reggae vibe alive, having all of it
Visit all eternity it stops while I play
When I'm physically yearning for the bass while I'm holding it
Got a little bit of Grime, no crime
Cosmically fly, well you're gonna be mine
Frank West better make it cause he's running up high
Me ah dead the undead, one rhyme at a time!
One more time, so divine, one of mine, bickering ain't gonna make you get in line this time
Me second maybe lady will evolve? I'm trying!
But you're keeping me right here with your protective stylin
Can you hear the bell ah ring?
I hear the bell ah chime, man ah say me ah the one
But I know you tell a lie you know you made me wanna die?
I had a cry, no style, read the signs me haffi say goodbye

I know that you are no good for me
One more time and then you'll set me free

I know that you are no good for me
One more time and then you'll set me free

You get down-down-down-down-down-down
My soul ah weak and you've been messing around-ound-ound
But this sound, rocking around the system
My likkle soul, me dancing around
Now hold up!

My soul ah weak and you've been messing around-ound-ound
But this sound, rocking around the system
My likkle soul, me dancing around
Now hold up!

Now hold up!
Now hold up!
Now hold up!
Now hold up!

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Skints, The Rat-At-At Comments
  1. Anon Wibble

    What a horrible piece of music. Apparently this is a band from London. I guess it's a band that voted to stay in the EU. While the rest of the UK voted to leave the EU and to do everything they could possibly do to remove cultural influences like this band from the UK.

  2. Andrey Freerun

    Instrumental ?

  3. Lee Roy King

    Here is the real SKALLOWEEN !!!!!!!!!

  4. Leleu David

    T es un bon mon gars 😉😎👊🐉🐉🕸🕷🕸

  5. John Raymund Ceniza

    Support from cebu city philippines

  6. M. H.

    All love🎤👌...Y'all just a great band! Love from Holland ✨⭐❤⭐✨

  7. RewardingDeath

    born to be slaves the own time
    we serve is only greater for our master

  8. RewardingDeath

    connect the people with the young indian kid now you fit in...

  9. Carlos Hidalgo

    ...And also they are British

  10. Joady Junior


  11. Mohd Hafiz Hashim

    Rock steady 🆗✊

  12. AwwwhYyyyeah

    like a succesful sonic boom six, despite sonic boom six being the better band.

  13. ben dawson

    She's hot👌

  14. finn hearn

    1:27 he's trying not to laugh

  15. bearded_ treesurgeon

    First saw these guys wen they were tour support for you me at six on the singers never sleep tour saw them in brixton

  16. Charlie Kowalski

    Saw them open for 311 at Hammerstein Ballroom NYC in 2017. They kicked ass live.

  17. Dubthedirector

    Did you check your nickers for Skints mate? I like todo drawer-ings. 😬

  18. Toby Cortes


  19. mike smith

    fuck my old boots this rules

  20. Alicia gacha


  21. LADiversidad e.V

    coool !! we like to much Skints!!

  22. john rom

    Greetings from Athens, Greece!!..

  23. Fares Ibrahim

    Miramas 2018 😍 France

  24. Slartibartfast

    что за помесь .. рэпчина с рэгги

  25. Куликов Андрей

    Заебись читает

  26. БумбунаТ BoomboonuT

    ВидеоСалонМаксим. сюда.

  27. PublicEnemy

    Puuuuuuull up

  28. Rick Carvell

    Just found out about this band👍👏

  29. Palios33

    Omg what a tune

  30. MC Bipo

    big up blesled

  31. Fajri Lucu

    the skints viewersnya sedikit padahal bandnya bagus, mungkin karena di UK dikit yg suka musik reggae ya. coba ke indonesia deh pasti banyak fans kalian punya.

  32. Luz Robles

    Nakakabaliw. Petmalu!

  33. ScotboX

    Ghost Town vibe ..

  34. Lucas King

    Awesome band.

  35. Ross Campbell

    Saw you guys in Southend last Thursday... Smashed it!

  36. David Severson

    Some weird meme with a weird fuckin guy on it wearing this bands t-shirt brought me here

  37. space invadaz

    fuck this shits sick

  38. Rodrigo monroy carta

    Son muy chingones, saludos desde Mexico..

  39. Sth LDN QPR

    Love the fact the younger generations are still making quality music, mixing contemporary styles with Reggae vibes , absolutely love it . If the fact that Marcia is beautiful draws you in ,all good but her vocals are at least as good as her looks ,this band together are very ,very good .

  40. Wolfgang Hermann


  41. Vibrynth

    just saw them with 311 in Pittsburgh PA

    they stole the fuckin show

  42. shaobladeZeon

    Sounds like a mix between lilly allen and die antwood

  43. Shane Schutte

    Just watched this band open for 311 in Lincoln Nebraska. What a great sound! Love it!

  44. MattsTrax

    Waiting for July 13 show...

  45. mr ralph lauren 2

    wow looks nice the skints 🤘🎸

  46. oMEGa7420

    Is she Bitmuch? Pls i need to know :D


    nice <3

  47. razem ponad wszystkim

    cheers from Poland ... :)

  48. mr.pineapple

    what the fuck is this why did I click on this

  49. IRUS - reggae band

    It's hot like hell !

  50. Pena Jordy

    I just saw them in concert here in norfolk va with sublime and yall this guys rocks 4 real

  51. Justin Lovelady

    first time hearing and saw them last night with sublime and they were good. :o

  52. Jacob Condatore


    Justin Lovelady

    Jacob Condatore same I saw them in Tallahassee. they were hella good

    Daniel Morton

    Jacob Condatore yeah they killed it in Raleigh

    levi Bonham

    Jacob Condatore I get to see them for the first time with slightly Stoopid in march

  53. Saben Butts

    how did i get from Catch 22 to here


    Because your taste in music got better?

    Pero Peric

    That make perfect sense.

    Cameron West

    Chris Disregard you need some milk

  54. Ras Muhammad


  55. Danny Boyo

    My favorite song of the last 20 years.


    check Roannas Song

  56. Stavros Augusto

    I hate that pokemon

  57. Jah

    My favorite performance at Cali Roots Fest!

  58. jorge motta

    bomboclaaaat fumenla pendejos no mas pa que wachen que tranza cabrones!

    jorge motta

    +jorge motta b0os

    jorge motta

    +jorge motta si?

    jorge motta

    +jorge motta DE FIJISIMO!

  59. Lil Camp

    Amazing on Viña Rock... very nice ^^

  60. Aaron Hurst

    Came to check these guys out for the first time as I heard they were touring with Less Than Jake in October, and wow, what a first impression! Love it, sounds so fresh, but also reminds me of The Specials, one of my favourite bands. Just awesome

  61. Lorenzo G

    Keepin' the Rasta spirit alive and well. And a shout-out to "you" Dee Dee...where ever you are! :)

  62. Proraptor

    I like this song, kind of reminds me of the dresden dolls' work

  63. Joshua StoneKutta


  64. Peter Trần

    introduced by a good friend, and i love you guys...

  65. Kristian Siordia

    Once again y'all killed it in flagstaff AZ

  66. Billie Ochoa

    You guys are beyond amazing and talented saw you guys perform last night at the tribal seeds concert in redway CA 😍😍👌 just absolutely fell in love with you guys

  67. Jack J

    Saw them for the very first time opening for tribal seeds in sac. Blown away

  68. Daniel Voskoboynikov

    you guys rock!! just missed you guys at the tribal seeds show in Santa Cruz!! sheet! next time!

    Izacc Jimenez

    +Daniel Voskoboynikov I saw them last night man they put on a better show than the tribal seeds in my opinion!

  69. Elena


  70. Eddie Valencia

    Saw this band at California Roots 2015 in Monterey. I think it's was they're first American gig. Unforgettable performance, but man, Josh needed to shut the fuck up. Every 5 minutes "WE ARE THE FUCKING SKINTS!" Tone it down a notch my dude. Looking forward to seeing them again at California Roots 2016 though. Cali loves The Skints!

    Aces High RC

    +Eddie Valencia Just saw them in Sacramento on 1/10/2016. I know what you mean haha, but ihad never heard of them. Makes me glad he made it clear who they were because I cant get enough of their music now.

    Eduardo Valencia

    +Mephalis2009 I wanted to see them when they came to the catalyst in Santa Cruz with Tribal Seeds but missed the show. Their music has its own feel to it, definitely different. I'm glad they came to the U.S for sure

  71. gronner

    million views! big up the skints repping east London, swoodford massive

  72. Lauren Domville


  73. Giorgio Ryan

    Orient yes lads

  74. karmazynowydezerter

    Jesus Christ, I love YouTube.

  75. FlewkeyFingerz

    Playing an intimate gig in Bournemouth on 9/7/15.

  76. Julie Brandon Jewellery


  77. Jake Fratelli

    really would like to see them in my country, but fat chance, poland is a poor-ass country, who would bother.

    Jake Fratelli

    Damn! not Draven, Draaaaaven!

    kas sami

    How silly of me, [Clears throat] Draaaven!

    Wera Tyl

    Nie Drejwen tylko Dreeeeeeeeeejweeeen!


    @Jake Fratelli You guys have Ostroda Reggae festival, theyll come for sure!

    Bambusowa Suszarka

    im from ostróda and its the best band england u have cool bands

  78. Doug Jawers

    Such a banger! This song is a classic! High speed toast + clavinet line cause damage! Keep on groovin' this way!

  79. Ali Reynolds

    my new fave band at the moment! they played at the o2 academy in leicester on dec 19th and id never heard them before!!! what a band!!!!!!

  80. zedwinx

    Joder! Que talento, y que maravilla la que acabo de oír :D 

  81. Georgina Blewitt

    I'm related to josh

    Noeleen Taylor

    Ib cnxjvbj 😃😬😠😂😃😮😇😇😈😉😉😤😤😤😶🐽🐏🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎵🎵🎤🎤🎤🎧📀📀📀📀〽〽〽〽〽〽'^*₩¥€€££

    Sam R

    That's a lie because my best mates mum is Josh's cousin

    ill clinton

    no my best mates mum is joshs mum so shut the fuck up u lieboii raga raga

  82. Mauricio André FG

    You Guys need to come to Marseille !!!! We want U !

  83. Marie Shone

    Wouah ! It's amazing !

  84. robertosalesalmazan


  85. Dim Papanick

    ok none is asking this.
    any relation with this song's title to the awesome band?

  86. Alejandro Rojas

    Well i have to recognize that this music its not my style , but playing a list of reggaesta one time this song start to sound ,and i  love it. Regards from Argentina.

  87. Cj62001

    She is really pretty !


    she has an awesome aura when they perform live! 

    Michael Charles

    She is yeah, but is that the only thing of value you've taken from the vidya?

    Never mind the fact that shes a banging MC and got a cracking voice... or that the whole band are fucking mint...


    her katie b cover is brilliant !!! (WATCH THE VID ) and YES she is .... VERY PRETTY ... as you say .... lol ...

    Jamie Kimp

    I was thinking the same thing !

    ben dawson

    Michael Charles is blatantly impotent

  88. Mirren Freeman

    Such a tune man!! 

  89. Destruction Of Atlantis - Ableton Tutorials & Quick Tips

    This is sweet!!! 

  90. B Léa

    See you tonight !!


    yeah darling

  91. Nikos Barpakis

    Welcome to GREECE ;)
    Athens - Volos - Thessaloniki 
    we ready

  92. Machiavellicamente

    New 2tone era. Perfect.

    Dean Shore

    Apparently we're on the 5th wave of Ska now, it's all good stuff tho, love it

    Gotta Cache ‘em All!

    Dean Shore no, still in the third wave

  93. Shoah Edrtg

    3:26 Simon Lane? :s

  94. Sojiro Shibainu

    82 people got ratatat-tatted.

  95. Jiří Skirčak




  96. Jake Stough

    sounds like a gwen staffani only not as good but shes still good