Skints, The - Learning To Swim Lyrics

When I was young, I had swimming lessons
You kick your legs and keep your head above the water
You get older and you learn different lessons
Still keep it moving, keep your head above it all

You grow and so
It stings my eyes so much I'm feeling chilled to the bone
No boat, can't row
We're falling out, can't hold on to the sides reach out yeah

When we were young, we had swimming lessons
I pulled you down and watched your frown under the water
Now I'm older and I've learned different lessons
Can't take for granted that your world won't fall apart now

No echo
It freaks me out so much I'm feeling chilled to the bone
Love, sweet love
No Ro, won't hold on anymore reach out yeah

It shook up my perspective of our lives cause
Every now and then I write a rhyme let out a sigh cause
Nothing will ever erase the image of that night
Oh why would I try, when the ink's already dry, love

There's no echo
It freaks me out so much I'm feeling chilled to the bone
Love, sweet love
Just give me more, I need you don't go, Ro

Don't go

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Skints, The Learning To Swim Comments
  1. steven spraggs

    love this marcia will you marry me

  2. Emilio Henao Martínez

    Best plot twist ever lol

  3. Erik Yazzie

    Wow! Ive been listening to yalls music for the past few hours. I really love your music.
    Thank you so much!!

  4. theoneand only

    The Chorus sounds like the pixies gigantic

  5. TheEvaBalazs

    fucking good I love it

  6. Aimelody

    Do what you Love and Keep your Head above the Water : my lesson of the day.
    Magic Tune !!!!! One Love

  7. Ron Chambers

    Yes! Do that!! Big THAT up!!! excuse me while bring that back to the start and come again... :D

  8. cuky23

    these remind me in a good way of Back to the planet

  9. Carl Lee

    Rewind time

  10. BenjiZero Devos

    Feels like a heavier No Doubt with the Aqua singer. I love it. :)

  11. albert varela

    I don't know why but it reminds me to 311

  12. Zachary Tanner

    Ok that song was badass. Really enjoyed the vibe

  13. Mivader

    This sounds so much like Vanessa Paradis - Joe le Taxi meets american punk pop

  14. Mat Wil

    damn it , so shit

  15. M. H.

    Love the song.. Stay blessed y'all, Jah Bless 😍✨❤🔥👌✨✌

  16. BigBishop1

    saw them in san diego its some milli vanilli show still good sound

  17. stanley carvalho

    lol q banda massa!estilo pankadaoo

  18. Moshi Moshi

    Me encanta esta canción jiji

  19. Uli Kdmabaalz

    How am I only finding out about this band now? What a sound!

    Richard Romero

    Same way I felt when I first heard them. My first time was at Caliroots 2015 and I was able to see them again a couple days ago. They’re amazing.

  20. J024

    David Rodigan lead me here, i do not regret it.

  21. Ben zz

    This is great. Deffo a nod to Nirvana!

  22. Shan O'B

    The outro was 10/10

  23. Rodrigo Afonso

    Love from Brazil!

  24. allaroundme

    JUST bought a copy of the album from

    Cannot WAIT for it to arrive!

    I wish they had cup merchandise... I'd buy a mug...

  25. Kim song Joo

    Loved it

  26. Danny Boyo

    I think she's lovely.

  27. Leon Vanetti

    My local concert hall advertised skints yesterday, you gained a new fan! This is so fun

  28. Geisha Ken

    They're back!!!!

  29. Mike Spicer

    Sweet ass day in Cornwall finished work (10:30am) with sunshine, refreshing winds 😜 and the skints playing, not a bad day at all. Big love.

  30. Ja A


  31. Joady Junior

    Saudações desde Brasil! Love this song!

  32. henrude23

    More music like the end part

  33. Samuel Gutierrez


  34. Walter Drayton Photo & Video


  35. Magenta Cyan

    Damn it that is some dope tune

  36. mauricio flores

    love it !!!! and thats a beast shirt jon d

  37. dillavou444

    Skints can do NO wrong! Damn the haters! BRILLIANT!


    Still loving this song!

  38. godziLLA one

    What a cool track. Sweethard. Big up !!

  39. millerhxc

    This really surprised a good way. Was not expecting the soft grunge bits. Nice.

  40. Andrew Shedden

    Just love that singing voice melts my heart

  41. Tim Johnson

    best thing they've done in a long time. So glad they dropped the Lily Allen chav reggae

  42. Pip RN Stanton

    I'm so glad they have gone back to there original sound of mixing up styles of reggae and rock. That was what got me into them all those years ago.

  43. Matthew Rebsch

    Can't wait to see you guy's at Cali Roots X 😀

  44. sam fennes

    sounds like u been practicing with skindread that's not the same drummer

  45. Tom Barrett

    This is probably my favourite Skints song - obvz because of the punk rock bits. I am excited for the new album!


    Totally agree. What did I learn Today is another gem! It has a similar sort of feel to it 🙂

  46. Oliver Aton

    Great song

  47. EnglishWay1

    Big song

  48. Sth LDN QPR

    Not keen ,which is a shame because ive been looking forward to their new material , prefer the chatting on the FM and Part and Parcel albums ,to this punky stuff . Good luck to them though .

  49. Alec Hardiman

    Umm, this is shit.....

  50. Timmy L

    What a great use of another genre

  51. Dom Vanoirbeek

    Repeat button !!

  52. Roots Rock

    I would crawl through a mile of broken glass just to touch myself in Marcis shadow😍❤

  53. Sean Dollinger

    Fuckn dope

  54. Sam Wright

    Sooooo fucking cool!

  55. Oliver Cant

    I'll be honest and say 6 Music (more specifcally, Chris Hawkins) brought me here, but man, I wish they'd come up on my radar sooner. I thought I'd heard of the name but now I know the face, and I'm loving it. That downtuned riff is too good! :D

    Roots Rock

    Get on it dude. My favourite of theirs:- ✌

  56. Joran Van Lierde

    was this video made in museum Voorlinden (Den Haag)? "Pool" by Leandro Erlich Rachel de Meijer?

  57. Mike Tomkins

    This is the kind of music I have been hoping they would make ever since I first some them playing with Mouthwash and I think Resolution 242 many years ago

  58. allaroundme

    They're back!??? I've been waiting years for this!!!! 🤩😍🤗
    I love the mash up sound!!!!!!!

  59. TURBOCAST Channel

    Thank u for being on the 311 cruise!!! U guys rock!!! 😎👍

  60. Adam Docker

    Wowsers... Love it!!

  61. Andrew Tobing


  62. Ryan Orion

    311 cruise 2019!!!!

  63. John Dion

    Holy shite, they turned into Helmet at the end!

  64. Pretendship

    did not see that switch coming, and the naughty breakdown at the end 🔥

  65. Gorak the gorn

    Ooo new stuff is good stuff! Please still consider covering Ghost Town!

  66. Francisco Campos

    thank for this.

  67. farred wajdi

    Directed by tsdeadhorse

  68. Gapper Punchuen

    I Love It From Thailand ....

  69. Luis Em

    Great tune!! It is like going back to the 90s

  70. Davey Ward

    They sound like a Caribbean version of Echo Belly ! 5 stars!


    I found this group by coincidence. They are awesome!

    Adrian Hiisss The Cat

    Same here, probably suggested from The Specials

  72. Andii Ramii

    love the song! wish they had two version of this song though


    An acoustic version would be dope, the lyrics are great


    @760sublime there's one now and it is really good! 😍

  73. jay2thac2thac

    Was not expecting the rock parts. Love it though 🤘

  74. Cody Warner

    Am I the only getting some Coheed and Cambria vibes from the heavy parts? I am not complaining! Absolutely awesome!

  75. Sergey B

    The Skints - Successfully bringing Hawaiian shirts back to ska-punk.

  76. Monty Andrews

    Well that was heavier than I expected... (in a good way!)

  77. Carolina Boiffier

    i ♥ all! ♥ Thank you for so much, sorry for so little ♥ come to Argentina pls ♥

  78. Earth Walker

    Its like punk-reggae

    high vibes

    reggaepunk 🔥


    Their ska-punk is needed in the top40!

  79. Adam Dixon

    Oh, there's my girlfriend!

  80. Иван Кругляк

    Наконец-то! Скорей бы альбом!

  81. Josh P

    Dig it! Woman of my dreams...
    Skints ...cant wait see em live..

  82. Maxime Persin

    You guys amaze me each time you drop a new sound !! Keep on feeding us with you unique creations !!

    Love you from Biarritz (France) !!

  83. Przemysław Grzesiak

    fuckin' great!!! Looking forward to listen to full album, love youe!!!

  84. Steve Rossi

    Yea I dig this

  85. Stéphane NICOLAS

    it's not the same drummer, am i right?

    steve LUFC64

    Sure it is the same drummer just grew is hair

  86. Miranda Zolla

    2:19 gives me chills every single time. Marcia you are so strong

  87. Steve Nixon

    Wow! That's all that really needs to be said. Bring out that album and take my money.

  88. Mike Muirsnooker


  89. Nikola Petrov

    SO good!

  90. kry goo


  91. Carlos Hdz

    Marcia es hermosaaaaaaaaa 😍

  92. Sauly Bee

    This like Lilly Allen meets 5 finger death punch X

  93. Jhon Baldeon Acosta

    Gran cancion ... saludos desde peru🇵🇪

  94. Dragon Ozwald

    Come back to Toronto we miss you!

  95. Champagne Hec

    The SKINTS are DOPE! I'm def. diggin' the ROCK & REGGAE VIBES. I can't wait to see you guys again out here at CALI ROOTS.
    BLESS UP! ✌🏾😎

  96. Darian Serrano

    Wow what an amazing song and band. So happy I found these guys!

  97. River Otter

    Excellent track. Rockier arrangements sound like very early manics/foo's