Skinny Puppy - Who's Laughing Now? Lyrics

Broken Alice holy pat on the back and back and back force open wide no way back she
whispered lizard kiss rhtetoric bitch pass on answering psycho babble with no security
power escapes to the toilet room in the lew of its own reflection she really knocks me
out she sits she pukes her point whoever will listen paranoid doubts shes really rocked
out she moves her mouth fault pat on the back and back and pat on the back and force it
she sits she listens she moves her mouth she sits she pukes its her fault whatever
intelligence fault push down with the purest crystal around push it in whisper name feel
it a double weighed out games invoke she mixes knowing that all wont upset herself
lizard kiss strung out break mutilate all they see on the neck in and over top of what
appears to be real chill and tempt eye no time to see reality broken Alice

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