Skinny Puppy - Human Disease (S.K.U.M.M.) Lyrics

Whatever painted part taught deeply enclosed in mother earth life born
addict breathe angel whatever paint it up so closer to farther apart
meat seeking missiles consuming rain forest infested veins the
river flow urban needle inject carcinogen chemicals relieve the stress slows
consumer rotting sight no taste odorless clear seeping water poisoning
all producing nothing intelligent to cause disease human breed in self
perpetuating whatever close at hand finger cramp virtuoso closet problem
epileptic machines shudder shock who is over who is on top malformed
earth born shake all is a disease biped walk so straight earth can be so
giving as it can be irrate what if to burn up and out with illing over
doubt sight no taste odorless fda recommends to take daily allowance
of them 26 unknown carcinogens 26 unknown cancer causing supplements
infested chemicals fda virtuoso closet problem whatever to plot or build
to self destruct the so called lesser beast exhibits harmony walk straight
biped relate walking disease green is the grass of survival
feeding the cows that they dine on all is a disease human disease survival

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