Skinny Puppy - Hospital Waste Lyrics

Blast and raw eye blood shot lid color concealed crimson trap thin
lit mess code of darkness stop the ocean counting blood coughing blood
and needle syringe in the islang thirst of drought raise through the
real end ozone layer ultraviolet embalms sunless fire mistrust abandoning
day long sinking monotones out to please to pattern the grey rain falls
it drizzle colors negate so wild let it slide down time colors look crimson
trains inside lost my footing ooze bite ant landslide no finding what
through a lost door somewhere out there in open space where is there space
to get off and go on there on tv the polluted lies the polluted noise
mistrust no longer they don't give advice mono matters all to pleasing nobody
the grey rain drizzles down my face negate mistrust dementia

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Skinny Puppy Hospital Waste Comments
  1. Trash Riot


  2. Steven Harvey

    You want to torture. me play new Skinny puppy

  3. Mutt Slamford

    how does this only have 19 of like

  4. ValekHalfHeart

    Currently tied with Worlock and Mirror Saw for best SP song ever, imho.

  5. Clarence Jeong

    Ow~ Rave 2 the grave! What if it'd been into Ez2Dj.....? TERRIFIC!

    Ruby : Normal 5 Hard 10
    Street 5 : Easy 4 Normal 6 Hard 9
    Street 7 : Easy 3 Normal 7 Hard 8 Superhard 11
    Club & Space : Normal only 12

  6. Darmera

    One Of Their Best All Categories

  7. Psychoreal

    Thanks for HQ upload. I just bought this cd :D