Skinny Puppy - Harsh Stone White Lyrics

Harsh stone white eyes behold bruise baths soak crying bones every
days appeal to stop spirit calm on valium hate permeates and fills the air
icy clouds the atmosphere illusions pull hair no reaction how was
this done it exists by extraction of reason drooling drips the bile
of sanity through the thought lines vomiting were even the clock wailed
and sped past two tic tic toc in time in the real understanding myself thinking
stand back unafraid and unaffected stand back non molested were
even down down down again down here in the cracks face hidden cracks
harsh stone white even were even

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Skinny Puppy Harsh Stone White Comments
  1. yggdrazzil Treemaster

    still awesome

  2. Martin Brewer

    I was giving someone a lift and had a cassette of this playing. I wasn't sure if he liked it until he said, "It's like watching a horror movie with your eyes closed."

  3. Ethan Green

    I [email protected] LOVE this music since I was 15 years old!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Mike Hydropneumatic

    Been listening to SP for 30 years and this still gives me goosebumps.

    Seen them three times live and even met Ogre in Amsterdam.

  5. Angel Heart

    The CIA could torture me to this music if they wanted, Good luck!

  6. Gennifer Prue

    This has been my favorite musicians for fourteen years now! I cannot get mouth of them!!!!

    Kevin Mengele

    Gennifer Prue yeah, ogres nonchalant singing like in this song and songs like chainsaw are magnificent. Their instrumentals are top notch when it’s focused like this or like dead lines or like Morpheus laughing. To be honest skinny puppy is perfect until it’s to harsh and unbearable with an unnecessary scream in certain songs or where it’s distorted. They have a lot of different sounds but bites was so fantastic with the dancables like assimilate and last call

  7. VikingLady219

    I have got to add this album to my SP collection! Hubby got me into them many years ago, but one thing we can't really agree on is whether SP got better post-Dwayne. I happen to love the raw sound of the 1980's Skinny Puppy and he likes more 1990's-2000's. When Dwayne Goettel died, things really changed with the music. Of course, it didn't go downhill, it just changed.


    No you are quite right it did go down hill (patchy, inconsistent... Ogre rapping???!!! yeesh) post-Dwayne. Download became the primary band of interest for me after that.

    Daniel Chež

    @significarta mye thots ezzacly

  8. Magnetosphere

    this is like the evidence of existing some hidden sense, some treasure and secret what's worth to live this live. so much beauty and bliss.

  9. Eduardo Rivera

    Think I have this in vinyl..

  10. naturphilosophie1

    stand back unafraid unmolested

  11. clutch 3672

    They should play them icebreaker

  12. clutch 3672

    They should play them icebreaker

  13. Vincent Sander

    This song is a favorite among SP fans. They don't not underrate it. Casual fans maybe not real fans.

  14. SuperCrazyBecca

    So sad to see these great songs used as a tool to aid people in their wrong doings. I love Skinny Puppys music and some of the things they stand for. It is a shame that our government would use someone's art against others in such a way, especially without permission.

    Brian Kyllo

    its a shame those individuals being tortured should do such acts upon innocent civilians never forget the individuals of who your are talking about

  15. Muslim Ismail

    listen to this as al-qaeda elite squad training session.

  16. hardkur

    now they can just put first 5 seconds on the loop in guantanamo , what a wanker band , go to hell


    @hardkur You obviously have shit taste. Get the fuck out of here.

  17. CodeGears


  18. Coitus Hades

    Is their singer Gozer the Gozerian?

    Brian Clark

    No his name is Nivek Ogre

  19. li woo

    listen this audio too, ""

  20. Roc Dupre

    I'd rather listen to this over Bieber or Brittany any that's torture.

  21. tiho kujo

    detainees in guantanamo bay are being tortured with this music played very loud. after listening this I can see that happening.

    j biscuithead

    Nah it's good music. You just don't get it.

  22. Bill Palmer

    I can't understand how these fucking industrial giants haven't gotten the publicity they deserve..... maybe than society would see so many of our errors, and we could correct so much. Maybe it's a select group of mindsets that get it? IDK, either way ..... fucking skinny puppy, enough said.


    @Libb Rempal
    Dude I'm guessing You didn't know that the US government used Skinny Puppy's music to torture terrorists.

    Bill Palmer

    Crazy, that's horrible. How did they use it to torture them? Also didn't Skinny Puppy file a suit with the U.S. Govt. over that?


    It was on Reddit few days ago and I think they did file a law suit, They used it by playing Skinny Puppy really Loud for days keeping the Terrorist awake

    Bill Palmer

    Damn man, how sadly ironic...


    I know this is extremely old but. Skinny Puppy never really wanted a huge wide ranging audience. They just wanted to be able to make their art and if other people liked it then that was cool with them.

  23. khurit

    thats heavy

  24. Vulgrim Legion

    Skinny Puppy is by far my favorite Industrial band! The voices in my head love this song.

  25. pyrtwist

    We used to play this lp when we needed to clear the house out of guests who stayed too long. One of my favorites.

  26. deeduhdee bleh

    all at not or loud music this play..... almost named my first nuggin nivek but wheeew .... better goin back every so often and havn a sober listen!!!!

  27. Whyt3wyrm

    VIVIsectVI has always been my favorite Skinny Puppy album.
    6 6 sect 6

  28. Todd Trievel

    The founders of elctro-industrial rock still going strong since 1982. Not everyone's cup of tea but this CD is worth listeneing to.

  29. gothicangelred

    ty u for putting the og ... i remember vomiting before i drank booze . Maybee it was the turkey sandwich i had aaat the conference. Nice !discusting meat!

  30. ohgrous

    This song is underrated by SP fans, but it is fierce and fearlessly introspective; very much in the vein of Inquisition.

  31. GEXE

    o wow - memories be awake ..