Skinny Puppy - Dogshit Lyrics

(A dream) rest low tar spell fatigue vermin crawling in livid gnaws
fasting on tic and a flea in vain again agro flight not taking fasting
on deception in the making turns two against three penny save a
penny worth crystal marble powder shot glass overflow dreams amaze me
time escapes me mirror shades what should be flight not taking rest
a bodies burning compose ears of rock guilty grey formaldehyde cripples
hound a wheelchair guilty grey a wheelchair hounds you asshole dead palsey
blue stupid thaw cuts the jaw hell piss fuck head rest pure acid hell
filthy word mutation laughing hound hereafter stupid clown you asshole

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Skinny Puppy Dogshit Comments
  1. jason owen

    This is one of the most unique sounding industrial jamz ive heard in a hot minute! May have me another Classic Under Appreciated Tune in a cold minute to get me off after Mmmmmm..... 🤘🎶🤘BUT on a real note, a ton of good feels, and respect to Skinny Puppy! They are fuckin pioneers! 🤘🎶🤘 Ive been thinkin, they teach about shit like Louis and Clark, and Johnny Appleseeds' mythical ass in school early on, and even still teach about Ol' Topher Columbus (Aka: Christopher) so why not have an Industrial Education day to Celebrate/Enjoy/ Educate these kids on the foundation of what made their mumble rap and whatever other potential talentless, flaming neo-garbage whining they mistakenly call music Their Generations may be annoying the hell out of us "OLD FOLKS" with in the Future *Near or Distant Future btw! (by extension, not blaming industrial or any other genre for that mistake lol 😎 just putting it out there...) Seriously tho, Im sure i CANNOT be the only one that has noticed the slow decay of music the past several years im seeing its death gasp with the mumble rap shit lol. (Date is questionable, but id say around the end of the 90s. Could be wrong, and there has been some good stuff released im sure here and there after. Just my estimate to throw in the ring. )
    -At the least on a more positive view, anyone can be a famous mumble rapper with a one hit 'wonder' for a day with the know how to click a few buttons, and remembering to record their drunken slurred conversations to use in an effort to challenge their Fruity Loops 'Skillz' haha 😎😎😎🖕🖕🖕🖕🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  2. 1uckywanderboy

    That screaming at 1:16 gets me everytime XD. It's like the first sip of black coffee on a sunny morning!

  3. Arnold Me

    used to help me calm down when I was upset... Just listened to the first 60s, at maximum volume. It did work on me. Not so much on the speakers, until I got more powerful ones

  4. Peter Smernoff

    The awesome opening track to Skinny Puppy's finest record.

  5. Eric Otto

    So epic, quintessential industrial music, blew my mind years ago and I'll never be the same

  6. acivilconscience

    I feel like dogshit

  7. Steve Centeno

    With their crazy hair and their make up these guys know whats up!

  8. Karen Stewart

    Where did everybody go that understood this shit?  I find myself picking up leaves in my backyard and wondering what the hell happened to me over the last 20 years.  Miss all you guys.  I guess we're all adjusting to our midlife crises just fine.

    Mutt Slamford

    Karen Stewart some people are still discovering this awesome music.

    Bran H

    I'm still here, just picking up leaves.

    Ayva Schmeckel

    I love you, Karen :) Greets from the l8 80s :)


    Oh Clifford darling, please don't live in the past.
    Great piece of music.

    Elle Pisschrist

    I'm SP family, as of 5 years

  9. Boo Hoo

    the sound of sweet nectar


    Exactly. Sanity ... at last.