Ski Mask "The Slump God" - Geekin Lyrics


I'm geekin', geekin'
I can't feel my face, I'm geekin'
She gon' give me face, she eatin'
She gon' give me face, she eatin'
I'm geekin' (geeking), geekin' (geeking)
I can't feel my face, I'm geekin' (geeking)
She gon' give me face, she eatin' (she eating)
My dick and her mouth, have a meetin' (hey)

I been swimming out there in the deep end
But that's not the reason that I'm freezin' (freezing)
I just copped me new ice for the weekend (weekend)
And just like my mixtape, that bitch leakin' (hey)
I'm rolling, pistol-toting (water)
My flow like the ocean feel the motion
But that's not the reason that I'm boastin' (that I'm boasting)
50 on the VVs and they frozen, ayee
At night like Nick, huh
I made them sick, huh
Try to topple my whip, motherfucker look at this mad trick, huh
Million dollar Michael Vick, huh
Told my dogs to just sit, huh
Bitch suck my dick (suck my)
I squirt like squid (I squirt like)
French fries on crisp, huh
Gone with the wind, huh
If the situation gettin hairy yeah, give that trim, huh
Elbow in a rim, huh
Oh yeah that's him, bitch!

I'm geekin' (geeking), geekin' (geeking)
I can't feel my face, I'm geekin' (geeking)
She gon' give me face, she eatin' (she eating)
She gon' give me face, she eatin' (hey)
I'm geekin', geekin' (geeking)
I can't feel my face, I'm geekin' (freezing)
She gon' give me face, she eatin' (eating)
My dick and her mouth, have a meetin' (water)

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Ski Mask "The Slump God" Geekin Comments
  1. music listener

    Have you ever listened to this while high lmao

  2. The John Show

    My minds stuck in a loop about you and x it’s everyday I listen to y’all in I’m geeking cause i still can’t get Jah out of my head that he’s gone his music still plays like it’s new to me in it hits cause he’s gone forever #BVF


    A point in the song where I thought Travis Scott was gonna pop out. 🔥🔥

  4. JTrilla

    Hope ski will be fine feel bad for him cuz his friends leave and he can’t go

  5. ′′Wrt٠1ჳ6′′

    ı wasss on deeep game ..... yeaaaaaaaah🌊 thats tuneee

  6. youngvro cj

    Ayeee Danny

  7. Lissie Lamb

    Wow this is such a different style I didn't even think it was Ski. I love his voice in anyway. Also I'm a little away high so this is niceeee

  8. jimbo

    i love the outdo so much you don’t understand omg

  9. Cashboat

    Still mad about that ugly album art

  10. OneStarVFX

    Danny How You Feel?

  11. Rhys Fisher

    Why does Danny sound different than on how you feel?

  12. kenji XAnime

    I’m sorry I love X but Danny was meant for this song

  13. Brandon’s Dope Youtube Channel

    After your done listening to this go listen to “How You Feel?”

  14. Jackson Gray

    Danny how you feel?

  15. Kenan J

    I came from that animated porn video

  16. KOB kaspr

    Danny's voice changed

  17. Prettybwoy k!su


  18. True Seppuku

    My number 1 tripping song ong 💯

  19. dre Berg

    If you know Naruto ts is wild he has a curse mark n sword like sauske, and x said he spose to sacrifice him. But it didn't work so he got blessed

  20. Anarchy

    GEEKING Best Song 😀

  21. [bringmoreflowers]


  22. FuckUPayMeSmokeDope

    Geekin on meth straight tweakin

  23. Wegee 02

    This is Top 10 Ski songs

  24. kha mascato

    I dig the melody i wish xxxtentacion was on this

  25. Hate Life

    Who still here 2019


    Nice Job Ski Mask The Slump God and Danny Towers 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 GEEKIN

  27. luvly

    * ski makes a song without x *
    everyone : x wOulDa KiLLeD It

    Trill And thome

    Rip x but I fucking hated his music ngl

    Trill And thome

    How you gonna say smthn like this with peep as your prof pic srry he died but lil peep is fucking trash


    luvly - I mean it’s true tho X could do anything on any beat!


    Lmaooo true but to be fair, he probably would

    John Wok

    @Trill And thome people are allowed to listen to different types of rappers or is that to difficult for you to understand.

  28. Focally

    This album was my first time hearing about ski.

  29. hollerin' n hootin

    i heard this in a porn before

    Mateusz Bak

    lmao what

    Mateusz Bak

    in mean which one

  30. Nic h

    chillest beat

  31. haleigh mitchell

    Still a favorite, listen to this in the shower I swear it'll make showering a whole new experience

  32. estrella

    I remember when this came out and I loved it but I played it so much but I still fw this

  33. savage bxi

    Danny got bars

  34. Matrix

    most underrated ski song ever created.

  35. MercuryFN

    My favorite part was when he said geekin

  36. Rare8D

    You know it's about geekin on meth right. I know its a joke but just letting you know.

  37. Fidelia Gavrilenko

    real fans only, babes

  38. Izael Figueroa

    Who still listening in 2019

  39. kha mascato

    Always getting high to this

  40. Lyrical Irvin Forever


  41. Gabriella Duarte

    Listen to this high, thank me laterrr

    gang gang

    Gabriella Duarte your geeked

  42. TX Qgcv

    I need instrumental

  43. Rossman Head

    His song's make me and focus on myself for a period of time 2019?

  44. Donald Trump


  45. kha mascato

    Geeked up 🍃

  46. zeStyジ

    This is could be a hit if people dont sleep on ski

  47. TallGirlDreams

    Imagine being on the beach during the summer playing with friends with this playing on a speaker 🔈 peaceful times

  48. Youngslim

    2:11 he got me when he said WATEER! 🐐🔥

  49. DankyDon't

    2nd best song on the album next to Child's Play

  50. Chromnix

    Friend rolled his car to this song.. I dont blame him

  51. TheCodyVEVO

    This is a good duck I g song man


    Goddamn auto correct and alcohol don’t mix well

  52. Irvin Mendez

    geekin 👍💊

  53. syntra

    I’m geekin

  54. Nic Jernigan

    This song is good

  55. Maurice Berkeley

    I cant believe this only got 300k views

  56. imran a

    This song hella underrated 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥

  57. ayden SA

    i came for the waterrr at 2:12

  58. lil tomatoe

    This is soooooooooo chill bro ski keep doing yo thing

  59. Schmiph

    the art really improved since drown in designer😮

  60. Ryan Shitzpatrick

    My friend got some unreleased Ski but he wont let me listen😭

  61. paoboo


  62. vKrar

    aye tf dose geekin mean

    Bailey McClain

    Joe Xavier unless its changed or different in other parts of the country, down here, it means feckd up on pills more specifically Xanax or molly

  63. F3ndi Gucci Da Prada Jones

    Like 6 mouths late to say I'm geekin without no ya no geekin juice but yes ya to you ya you might call that mixtape that ya juelz 4 times ya ya ya oh ya you missed the the reason for eating. Dumbass it's called Festing.


    here before everybody forget about B.O.E.

  65. QSuperb

    This really the best song on the whole album. The vibe smooth as hell and you still get ski goin dumb + the “water” ad libs it’s flame mayne shit wavy. Give us more like this Ski

  66. Ananias Gomez

    right when i say ski is clean i hear 1:31 and then i start craking up

  67. tristan

    im geekinnnnnnn

  68. shi-ze yariman

    I fuck with the flow so much

  69. TJ M3LO

    Ski ski!! R.i.p. to his best friend X

  70. Johnny Capafella

    I fux wit this, ski sound kinda like Travis $cott on this

    kayden rohr

    Johnny Capafella omg he actually does

  71. Prod. Patty Ice

    best song on the album NO CAP

    lil baby tears

    No cap whatsoever

    Colin Schock

    Nah buddy dapper dan where it’s at

  72. Kyle Klein

    My dawg killed it in Grand Rapids last night💪💪🤗

  73. Dylan Moureau

    ski mask gotta make more songs like this

  74. Pat Moss

    Man people sleep on this song bruh

  75. D'Angelo Murphy

    Do more songs like this

  76. fire

    Fake fans will never find us here.

    dat damn kez

    I'm a fake fan i found you

    Lil' Shark

    fak fam

    Yãn K

    But the thing is you’re a fake fan

    maceroni pony

    fire no such thing as s fake fan


    true say fam

  77. Jamie Riley

    I found this song on a *certain twistedgrim video* but I never knew it was by ski mask until I clicked on this video randomly

  78. LilNomad GanG

    Get Texako on this

  79. Kane Smith

    Ski mask tonight in AZ baby

  80. Cionna Lynn Smith


  81. Ohasm

    i meant to say why wasn’t x on the album so u can shut the fuck up

  82. Ohasm

    and honestly i didnt mean to say that

  83. Ohasm

    hold up ur late as fuk

  84. Cardae

    the beat just make you want to do a crazy dance

  85. NpoT Game-plays

    Why y’all saying x should have been on it it’s fine the way it is he dose not need x on the song or the tape

    ivan casanova

    NpoT Game-plays yea people think x needed to be in all of his songs ever since he past

  86. Exavier Harris

    Check SoundCloud flattopblack “no sense”

  87. YoungBoy Never Broke Again

    Good 🎶 when you High 🤣


    You know fam

  88. Vickie Barnes

    Every comment is funny I can't believe this is geekin

  89. Hit God

    This is the chilliest beat he ever dropped

  90. lil baby tears