Ski Mask "The Slump God" - Coolest Monkey In The Jungle Lyrics

[Ski Mask the Slump God & Kodak Black:]
I was just in the desert for some fuckin' days
Almost lost my motherfuckin' life
(I ain't really finna tell y'all how to get away with murder and shit)

[Ski Mask the Slump God:]
In my life I fucked a couple witches, think I'm a wizard
Hot as desert critters, or cooking gizzard
Lick her like a lizard, that how I let her
'Cause she got them itty bitty titties, just like the comittee
That bitch kitty be kidding me, tryna belittle me
Know that she feeling me, giggity-giggity!
It be no biggity, diamonds move fidgetty
Smoke me a ciggity, fuck all your bitches, b

I'm the coolest monkey in the jungle (I'm the coolest monkey in the)
I'm the coolest monkey in the jungle (I'm the coolest monkey in the)
Sauce that you had, you been fumbled (sauce, sauce)
And tell the white supremacist to lick my big toe (water!)
I'm the coolest monkey in the jungle (wet!)
I'm the coolest monkey in the jungle (I'm the coolest monkey in the)
Sauce that you had, you been fumbled (ooh!)
And tell the white supremacist to lick my big toe (deep throat!)

I used to live in the jungle, yeah
I got my thumb in her butthole
All of these bitches is hungry (hungry)
You can't get full, you too hungry (hungry)
Try to eat me, bitch, you dumb, dumb (dumb)
Big Glock with the drum, drum
Off top goin' dumb dumb
Big Glock, pop, pop, pop
I'm with the Slump
Sawed off shotgun, call it Lil Pump
We live in the swamp (swamp)
Shots and Timbos, don't get stomped (yeah)
These bitches be killin' me, swear they be feelin' me
Hop on another D, giggity, giggity
I wanna feel on her tiggity-biggities
Bitch, you some Ace and these niggas is centipedes (ayy)
Fire lil' monkey with the dread (ayy)
Baby, go bust your head with a brick like Craig
To the white meat, nigga, I ain't talkin' red
Bitch, I ain't scared
Come down to weaponry, bitch, I got expertise
Bitch, I am kerosene, save up my specialty
Fully auto bullets, not movin' separately
I send them killers to come at you presently (yeah)

[Ski Mask the Slump God:]
I'm the coolest monkey in the jungle (I'm the coolest monkey in the)
I'm the coolest monkey in the jungle (I'm the coolest monkey in the)
Sauce that you had, you been fumbled (sauce, sauce)
And tell the white supremacist to lick my big toe (water!)
I'm the coolest monkey in the jungle (wet!)
I'm the coolest monkey in the jungle (I'm the coolest monkey in the)
Sauce that you had, you been fumbled (ooh!)
And tell the white supremacist to lick my big toe

Um, okay, like your bitch gon' kiss me like there is a mistletoe
Fly like a fairy like my name Juandissimo
Not necessary to call paramedics
My jewelry been sick with a cold since a year ago
Spin on my nuts, 6-1-9 like Mysterio
She said my nuts taste like honey, no Cheerio
It be no biggie, though, fuck European ho
How does she greet you, though? She be like, "Cheerio!"
It's how the fabric be when you look at this material
Head your bitch gave me, I would describe it as remedial
Just got up thinkin' 'bout aliens that ate some cereal
Ooh, what'd you do next?
Fuck on your auntie, then put my thumb right on her hairy hole
Will never stop until my voice is on every stereo
Diamonds that's on me look nice against this nice material

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Ski Mask "The Slump God" Coolest Monkey In The Jungle Comments
  1. MELO

    I know I ain’t the only one who thought that homie was young thug 🐍

  2. Joy


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    My parents hearing what my speakers playing 😱🙃

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    Someone needs to make a 1 hour version of this I'm tired of pressing the replay button 🖐😴

  7. Doggy San

    Ski Mask the only rapper who can make a shitty recorder sound like a lit recorder

  8. AJ Black


  9. Younggunchris 123

    Producer: High or low base?

    Ski mask: yes

  10. TSO_ Isaac413


  11. WastfulMustangs

    Who is wondering where you buy that book?

  12. rex_ fiezzz

    Still go hard

  13. Rhythm

    Who is still listening in 2019

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    Sahbabiis rap was low key dog shit

  15. Nyved Menon

    Smoke me a cigitty.

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    Sounds like Tsm hamlinz

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    Yo spongebob killingit on his nose rn

  18. Cauzalツ

    When the beats trash but the rappers insane

  19. Bopzey

    Clio’s stream

  20. HellcatRacer

    I got my thumb in her butthoe

  21. Taylor Curtis

    Ski can body any track🔥

  22. CrazyGamer

    Gigity gigity

  23. EvO Lunatic

    This shit bangs

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  27. Another Kermit

    No one:
    Not a single soul:
    Ski mask: Smoke me a ciggty fuck on yo bitchites

  28. Devin Sampson Jr

    Quagmire kill in the track

  29. Devin Sampson Jr

    Like "if u loved the giggidy"

  30. Gisela Velasquez

    Love this song that beat though 2019

  31. coolest monkey in town

    Darn i was close enough

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    In 2nd grade if your recorder had a neck strap on it you was a PIMP

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    ur the ugliest black guy in the world

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    Me: **clicks on video**

    Jenelle Townsend

    Its 2 min bro

    Tsunami Beats

    Jenelle Townsend oh really?

    juwan palencia

    @Tsunami Beats wow

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    They wont steal nunnnn

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    my sister boyfriend:"i got my thumb in her buttthole"
    me: BITCH WHAT

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    When he said ... “got my thumb in her buthole” i felt that...

  49. Something XD:D

    I learned how to throw gang signs just from listening to the first 0.3 seconds of the song...

  50. Something XD:D

    I like ppls songs so they come back ...

  51. Аndrew THeHater

    In my opinion, few people understood the reference to the scandal with h&m

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    Faucet failure or Anime world
    Chose one

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    love this song :)

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    Me bragging to my friends in 1st grade after I accidentally hit the teachers butt 0:47

  55. Synnce

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    *Squidward drops clarinet like boss

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    find it funny how 10% of what is said is not a word. like what type of music is this?

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