Sirenia - My Destiny Coming To Pass Lyrics

This is my destiny coming to pass
This is my one and only life torn and
Splintered, fallen apart
This is the night that I've been drawn
Towards so many times
This night consumed my light

All I ever wanted was to break free from the night
All I ever wanted was a day of light

This is my legacy, shattered to dust
This was the one and only hope for my
Persistence, wrecked so unjust
This endless strife that I've been broken by
So many times
This strife destroyed my life

The chains are strong
My hands feel weak and numb
Night lingers on
These chains can't be undone
Within these walls of devastation
I'm passing through degeneration
Confined in utter desolation
In vile perpetuation I scream in desperation

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Sirenia My Destiny Coming To Pass Comments
  1. Роман Л

    Ailyn is beautiful)

  2. Роман Разин

    Perfect! _\,,/

  3. MasterOZero

    Emma does this song justice. I saw her in Chicago April 24, 2018. Got Jan Erik's guitar pick and a hug from Morten.



  5. Sara Caruso

    Beautiful ❤❤

  6. Jade Star

    Simply amazing

  7. Roberto Flores

    I would do and radio channel by internet to show to people principally in México, my country what there's a lot beautiful music what they don't know but so I consider I have more to know about the bands and get convince to the hispan ears

  8. emanuel torres


  9. Poliana bachietti

    Senhor Gzuis me leva daqui! que coisa mais linda ♡ Não consigo segurar esse forninho!!!!!

  10. Screaming Eagle

    E P I C !!!! This song is flawless ! \m/

  11. emanuel torres

    Eu amo essa musica na verdade eu amo Sirenia.

  12. Chuygomes Gomes

    muy buena musica

    Tontza Madafaking PRO

    Chuygomes Gomes chicos banana muerta

  13. vikikis


  14. Yanina Agüero

    i miss ailyn :(


    me too.

  15. Jose Rucci


  16. Jose Rucci

    Nice song✔

  17. andrew marlowe

    One of the best Sirenia songs ever:)

  18. DooMmetal


    Arthur Oliveira

    Brazil too, here! Long life Sirenia!

  19. Miguel Navarro Luna

    Canción épica!! <3

  20. Volts The Jolteon

    well damn this is epic!

  21. Isma RM

    My favorite song of "Perils Of The Deep Blue"

  22. metallikat05

    This is good. I need more! I'm just getting deeper into female symphonic metal, and I'm digging on Nightwish, Epica, After Forever, Sirenia, Amberian Dawn. I own no albums from any.  Need guidance here... I blame Ancient Bards, I absolutely love that band!


    @Blake K Sharon is absolutely gorgeous! I'm less than half her age, but she is still a goddess at 40!

    George Bourazanas

    Also Lunatica, Edenbridge, Magica, enkElination... see what you like from there...

    . Wookey

    @metallikat05 You've had lots of great suggestions so far. Add Elysion to the list.

    Aria Isara

    Diabulus in Musica, album Argia.
    Tristania, album World of Glass.
    Delain, albums Lucidity and The Human Contradiction.
    Therion, album Vovin.
    Tarja, album Colors in the Dark.
    Avantasia (symphonic but not female), album The Scarecrow.

    KaMeLoT Gallego

    *ELIS >>>
    *Erben der Schöpfung

  23. Aural

    Such a song, oh my! <3

  24. Kiril Kirev


    Kiril Kirev


  25. RobsGamingNetwork

    Holy SHIT.

  26. Marco emilio Huaman

    good :D

  27. M. Murry

    1:33 :X  :X  :X

  28. Nefertiti_goddess

    Despite all symphonic metal being more or less similar

  29. Nefertiti_goddess

    I wouldnt compare sirenia to epica or nightwish, they seem more along the lines of Tristania or Krypteria

  30. TheOfficialShaa

    And it's also Djent. :)

  31. Almer Apple

    Amazing voice frm Ailyn, but not the ,accent :p I heard that previous album "The Enigma Of Life" and it's funny to hear ur spanish accent. Lol. still Amazing, I think. But, still far away from a band like Epica or Nightwish

  32. Ihrvondjaer

    Actually this is the only "new-sirenia" album where she is -singing- (at least sometimes) and not just screeching around, and Morten is much more present on this than on previous ones.
    I think I'll even buy it someday.

  33. Anin 99

    Ich liebe ihre Stimme *-*

  34. Jani SIr

    Bands shouldnt change vocalist, people just complain about it too.much.
    Actually people should get less retarded.

  35. holy sauron

    i knew, but i didn't read the previous comment right

  36. mark veland

    ailyn is the new vocaist 2009/2013

  37. mark veland

    the funeral march merece clip !!!!!

  38. josef domansky

    Best song of album. Clip please!

  39. SilverWing

    Ailyn is a true Siren!

  40. Griefshire16

    At Sixes and Sevens is amazing but An Elixir for Existance is even more brilliant..actually its an improvement over it and the best Sirenia album!!! And um old Tristania is better than anything Sirenia has done (as awesome as the first 2 Sirenia albums are) but Tristania is a completely different thing now..not necessarily bad..Ashes was perfect. But yes since Nine Destinies...Sirenia got weaker.

  41. Griefshire16

    This is a really nice song! But you should be promoting the album more with "Profound Scars"!!! That song is so perfect,complex,dark and heavy! Actually I think id buy the album just for that song actually!! (:

  42. Moonlapse Vertigo

    you should check out morten veland's other projects, like mortemia and tristania

  43. Nikola Andonovski

    Gothic Metal

  44. WhalehunterMarcus

    Does it really matter? It's good music, this should do. All this genre hype is stupid imo.

  45. Saddam222

    First album - best (what tristania should be), second was derivative and the rest is silent

  46. MyEarthDream

    Gothic metal with some symphonic touches...well they were more gothic in the first 2 albums and think they have a bit more symphonic in the last ones.

  47. Francisco Salcedo

    Talking about heaven! awesome as always! *-*

  48. Ian Burke

    then go find another band to listen to.

  49. Ian Burke

    That's what happened to me a few years ago. I was so bloody addicted to Sirenia even though I've calmed down quite a bit. Ailyn is awesome and easy on the eyes. This album is pretty cool.

  50. holy sauron

    new vocalist? what new vocalist?

  51. Hector Garcia Peña

    Just fucking amazing, awesome soprane chorus!!

  52. Aentik

    Amazing Comeback hope u dont lower ur standards like this anymore!!!!!!!! i even bought the álbum it totally deserved it!!!!

  53. Exeo

    O.O I'm totally up for this album

  54. PowerfulPorpoise

    I just discovered Sirenia last month and they are already one of my favourite bands. By far my favourite symphonic metal band and this song is a perfect example why. Ailyn is a sensational singer, I could listen to that voice all day. I recommend Perils of the Deep Blue, such a remarkable album

  55. Tippin Wrynn

    I love this new album, but really...they need a new vocalist, this one is too weak...

  56. ACR

    Thumbs up if you think this song deserves a music video!! Please Nuclear Blast!! :)

  57. Pepa Hubner

    Monica has small vocal range. She wasn't able to sing high notes in "The Other Side" live ;) Try to find some videos. But Ailyn is able to sing it.

    Phu Luong

    Pepa Hubner she was great though

  58. Exeo

    I'm in love *0*

  59. Storytellersmind

    Monika, come back please!!

    Валентин Иванов


  60. Iwan W

    It's made by Anne Stokes, the band got permission to use it. You should check her website she has great artworks!

  61. hammer326

    Learned about this outstanding band after it being randomly recommended on amazon because I bought a Sabaton album. Haven't looked back since.

  62. DeathGirl666777

    i just realize tht the album pic got it off from google

  63. SkodaCovers&FitnessReviews


  64. Pedro Camacho

    apesar de que aylin se le escucha en las canciones mucho acento español en la pronunciacion debo decir que eso no desengancha para nada al contrario, muchos podran decir y respeto las opiniones, que su voz no compagina o no llega pues yo les digo que su voz es angelical y hermosa................mi humilde opinion

  65. FireEmblemForevah

    Really? I often hear that it was better with more harsh vocals. Difference of opinion, I suppose.

  66. lellereb

    Loving this tune. I'm getting their album for sure.

  67. Jason Stallworth

    Digging this band!

  68. Aislin Summers

    Her voice; beautiful, macabre & giving me goosebumps!!! <3

  69. MasterOZero

    Gimme dat hellzzzzz yeah

  70. Basil II Macedonia

    Awesome...just awesome.

  71. Lady Gauss

    ...oh my god...
    This is... incredible... ;~;

  72. MrSoulful88

    Probably. it's one of the best records Sirenia have ever done.

  73. Fallen4eva

    Yeah I have some of the albums you've mentioned and it's obvious that he's suffering from Mania or he's manic depressive mentioning lithium or the lyrics '...this manica of mine...' what can I say, if you're ill that illness is part of you and it consumes you....of course he's gonna mention it... Poor lad. But I guess it's better for all of us that he's making music with all the 'extra energy.'

  74. Halo2928

    Love this album soo much! , The chorus is mesmerising!

  75. Kthy Florea


  76. szarkazm

    Beautiful! Moving!

  77. Gjøran Bårdsen

    Thats what she said...

  78. XenoAnimeAddict

    I don't hate on him. I guess I just prefer lighter sounding voices. I like screamo, but his is too deep.

  79. Luca McSole

    Мортен Веланд ему памятник при жизни ))Morten Veland Super !!!!

  80. Luca McSole

    Супер ))

    За душу берёт ))

  81. Jonny Wu

    This song is atucully good, maybe ta best off this album so far

  82. Irochi

    Actually the Spanish word is "Sirena". "Sirenia" is de classic Greek variation almost no longuer used in Spanish :)

    But yes, better than Mermaid for sure.

  83. ASAP Bobby

    Glad they have their name in Spanish, "Mermaid" would be an odd name for a band..

  84. petsitterlinda

    Pretty much the same as their previous stuff. Not that I don't like it. Although I just listened some new stuff from Edenbridge and I prefer it over this.

  85. Stammberger Philipp

    Geiles Lied

  86. Basil II Macedonia

    Ailyn is a total goddess!!

  87. Basil II Macedonia

    This album is fantastic!!

  88. Jessica Ortegga

    Stupid liar. The singer is Ailyn and she was NO LITTLE SISTER!!! So stop creating fake stories.

  89. Meagan Nichols

    I love this song! Ailyn's voice is so powerful in this song. I hope it's powerful in the whole album. I can't wait!

  90. xardas87


  91. Lestat Silva

    This is my new favorite song \,,/

  92. Kira Kivilaakso

    In love 3

  93. XenoAnimeAddict

    Love the song, but would have been better without the guy's voice.

  94. JMANUEL2109


  95. Nuclear Blast Records

    Glad you're enjoying!

  96. Nuclear Blast Records


  97. Charly Morales


  98. Emerging Symmetry

    Pretty much.

  99. FadedLightBluePink

    Compare lyrics from At sixes and sevens or Elixir for an existence with Enigma of life or this album. Generally themes are almost the same, but in the older albums you can find part of songwriters soul, not just simple mourning of everything... With epic music in background. This is what I (and maybe MrFinntrollin) mean by saying "to sound the same". Of course, melody is different in every song, but songs are not just about melody ;-)