Sirenia - Decadence Lyrics

In decadence
I'm speaking to myself again
Falter through these ruined years
My windows are red with tears
I'm passing through gaping doors
Through the aeons of my inner wars

This is the silence that never ends
It brought my sanity to decadence
These years of vanity's
Been breaking me down
My hands are shaking, my mind is aching

Lost in a trance
All downfalls they come in advance
Life is a deadly romance
But you might get fooled at first glance
I'm passing through aging halls
While I'm waiting for the curtain call

This vile anxiety
Brought here by you for me
This war, this war
This grave sobriety
Seems like it's killing me
This war, what for?

My world's on fire
State of denial
Sleepwalking souls
Wearing blindfolds

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Sirenia Decadence Comments
  1. Roko Kalapac

    Koja je ovo bice iz raja

  2. Helgram Slavonian

    so over sweetest voice for skandinavian metal

  3. Mendesrro

    Falar o que irmão, Sirenia is fuck, the best of Gothic Metal.....

  4. Uriel and His Human

    Man, they really turned things around with this album.

  5. John Smith

    Perils of the Deep Blue, a mi parecer es un excelente álbum, todas las canciones me gustaron. Y a los que no les gusto busquen otra cosa que hacer y listo.

  6. Giorgi Shashiashvili

    sirenia without ailyn = 0 <3 ailyn

  7. mark veland

    SIRENIA <3

  8. Rain


  9. Pedro Camacho

    bueno respeto las opiniones de todos y lo que puedan decir pero a mi parecer este es el mejor trabajo de sirenia, he escuchado los otros dicos y no me convenecen...pero este wooowwww todos los temas estan geniales, asi digan que los coros esto que si los coros lo otro, que si la voz de aylin baahhhhhhhh.............este disco es el comienzo de futuros exitos de sirenia

  10. drakonwar1

    hermoso tema, aguante Sirenia por siempre!

  11. Dark Soul

    her voice is a completely shit! my god! Sirenia has died, I'm completely disappointed of Morten :(

  12. TheLouderland

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3