SiR - Something New Lyrics

I found another life in London, it's true
I fell in love with the summer
Fell in love with you
You shine your light in the winter
I'll miss the darkest view
Now it's the perfect season
To swim the deepest blue

And if everything else falls apart
I still have you
If I can't find my way back home
We'll make something new
Something new

[Etta Bond:]
Now we off, one another
It's true
Something like no other
Tell me what would you do if she was me
Tell me how would you move if we're afraid

[SiR & Etta Bond:]
And if everything else falls apart
I still have you
If I can't find my way back home
We'll make something new
Something new

Welcome back...
You have completed at least 7% of your journey
Another 33 trillion kilometers to go
Engines at 70%
Shields at 26%
Initiating hologram

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SiR Something New Comments
  1. Courtney Harris

    The (if we) in this song is amazing and heartbreaking at the same time 🤘🏿🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. Kevin Owens


  3. Kumplexx Beats

    Well I guess I found 2 new favorite artist. D Smoke and SiR. Want he do it?

  4. WE DO ISH


  5. Connor Francuz

    Amazing sound and voice

  6. DruMeister

    November is a really mindblowing album from start to finish

  7. trav dthatguy

    Thank you for blessing the world with good 🎶

  8. Mermaid Tears

    That Horn!!!! Straight to the HEART!!! Music that touches my soul and creates streams of salty water to flow down my cheeks.....Love this sooo much!!!!

  9. Erica Delgado


  10. Emerald Avril

    My favorite song right now 💕💕💕💕

  11. Tahl Cole

    Y’all can have that trap music, I’m on this right here. 😅💯💯✅

  12. Nija Alicia

    Sir × Syd definitely! ♡

  13. Jesse Abrahams

    Only the real will know

  14. Jazzy JJ

    Boooooom 🎶👌🏽

  15. Allen Nelson

    Love This Song🅿️🔥💯💯

  16. Luv Happiness

    I'm in loooveee😍😍

  17. cris solis

    Remember, life is merely an echo of the past blood turning a new. Regardless of the outcome. Survival is merely delusions of grandeur.

  18. gabi lavender

    Finallyyyyy a SiR song I love.... just kidding. He's a dope artist and I appreciate his melodic vocals and message. Peace y'all.

  19. Kenneth Caldwell


  20. xavier malcolm

    Sir and h.e.r🔥🔥

  21. Carlton

    songs so simple but brilliant at the same time. TDE!

  22. walkerjoe651


  23. EOBRA

    vibe on a 100%

  24. Bro. Tolliver

    1:32 It was at 1:32 that's when I realized this song had to be restarted before it even ended.

  25. Brianna Lanae

    sure wish this had a video 😭

  26. Ceez Liive

    Major vibe.

  27. King Zavy

    SiR & ZAYWOP. Y'all Trippin.

  28. Ruthie's baby

    Where have you the groove reached out and grabbed me and I embraced it back🌊

  29. cellyjohnson

    Love this song. So beautiful

  30. Mr jones

    too cooll

  31. Mr jones

    love you bud.xx

  32. Ken k

    Sir and etta bond whaat a must at least listen

  33. Shoki abram

    I Still have youuuuuuu

  34. Jen

    etta bond is dope

  35. Samantha McDonald

    There's a dream like quality to this song, love it.

  36. No mask oN

    Happy i found this shit... smooth spiritual real talk.... Music is Life...

  37. meedo shafei

    This is such a beautiful song man.

  38. Britt W

    can we talk about how beautiful this song is...not too many r&b songs hit my soul like this these days

  39. ThatGuyMelts

    My fortnite gameplay is better than this

  40. ThatGuyMelts

    This song fucking sucks

  41. Ken k

    My girl etta with sir big

  42. Empress of Emotion

    i love his style..


    Lets get Sade and SiR together

    CuttinUp 85

    LEVI RICKMAN i was thinking the same thing

  44. Gustavo Brown

    Wtf this is beautiful

  45. Ivan Joven

    the horns on this are immaculate

  46. Breee

    Fucking vibes 🌊

  47. Hockey Mask Mac

    People really sleeping on SiR frfr...🔥🔥🔥🔥👌✊

  48. 313miss0812

    this song makes cheating sound so beautiful 😍😍😍

    Britt W

    omg i miss the days when cheating sound so me wanna find something new lol

  49. Biza Junior

    SiR deserves the million views dawg, im definitely sharin these

  50. Knainas Seretse-Khama

    If my ex ever sees this, I'm doing good, I really hope you are too.

  51. Meshach Rose

    H A R M O N Y

  52. RJ 97

    This song deserve so much hype

  53. Daneshia James

    This song gets me in my feelings every time.

  54. Brandi W.

    Damn I need a SiR and Jhené Aiko collab 🔥

  55. J S

    Etta Bond has that velvet voice......Dope song and feature

  56. X-Phaze


  57. mastamere

    How could anyone actually dislike this

  58. Tameka DeCosta

    This song pulls every emotion out of me in the best way possible 😍

  59. Mafoko Motseothata



    On vacation away on a exotic beach music 🍸


    SiR is a great addition to TDE. Wouldn't mind hearing him on the Black Panther album, but I doubt it

  62. C.H. Lee

    SZA 2017 = SiR 2018

  63. Erin38732

    instrumentals are a bit all over the place but still a nice vibe

  64. Mr. Cutter

    I'm late but I'm glad I didn't miss this.

  65. Brian Castillo


  66. Nkanyezi Kubheka


  67. Derek Raymond

    Say gucci gang over and over and get 300 million plus views, Make something beautiful and passionate and nobody even cares to listen........i feel blessed to listen to good music

    King-La'Keit Randall

    Derek Raymond say that again

    Blk Knight

    Big facts

    Diego Forlan

    for real, these artists have 10x more satisfaction in producing this art tho


    Say that again and louder for the ppl that’s sleep 💥🙌🏽

  68. Lindsay Wil

    Can’t get enough of Sir’s music . This is beautiful

  69. jannatul96

    Just realized the cover art is an eye...

  70. Carlos Portilla

    Wonderful music

  71. Wiggy Jay

    love it

  72. Lebogang Seleleko

    This song feels like a chunk of the best tasting, warm baked potato rolling down the throat so well you feel the goodness of it in your heart. This year can end now.

  73. Erin Kabir

    Love me some Etta<3<3 Hopefully this gives her more exposure in the U.S. If ya'll don't know about her, you need to learn now =)*

  74. Splash Wondaz

    Beyond Fiyah

  75. Kana Beats

    I'm trying to figure out if the uploader messed up on the end, or if that was part of SiR's artist vision for it

  76. Otto Green, Jr.

    heavy rotate

  77. Mr November

    Did sir drop something new ???

  78. Mr November

    Sir will blow up one day and this will be like the rest of tde tracks mainstream fans no nothing about.. real will always come back 💯

  79. Ki Infamy

    I need some ZAY WOP on this shit!!!!!!

  80. keao kosu

    This is proof people still have ears. SIR gave me love for my music. He is dope.

  81. Mr November

    Sir will blow up next year with zay💯

  82. Dudeman

    i can't tell how much i wish big krit came in at 1:40, it would had been too perfect

  83. boombapboom

    i really hope there's an album that's dropping really soon.

  84. D Rohill87

    SiR vibez

  85. EZLIVIN Design

    Love the Schuyleresque sci-fi outro

  86. Hambxne

    SiR x .Paak ✓

  87. J Smith

    I’m gunna meet everyone from tde one day

  88. SoulHermano

    TDE is not gonna be lowkey anymore once Isaiah and SiR blow up, damn. Soulo and Rock staying underground forever lol

  89. SoulHermano

    SiR giving off a male SZA vibe

  90. Frankie Castaneda

    Quality music man

  91. Lyrical Myracle

    What I'm tryna hear: SiR x SZA. SiR x Syd. SiR x Steve Lacy. SiR x Kali Uchis booyyyy if we get at least one a these 🔥

    jaylin green

    sat dat shit you speakin something new

    Jo Rap

    SZA + SiR = SZSIR (Scissor) I can hear the album now XD

    Allen Nelson

    Couldn't Of Said It Better. 💯💯🔥

    Sherrylyn Dimalanta

    On point!!!