SiR - Never Home Lyrics

I told myself I wasn't finna leave you no voicemail
Cause you really got me fucked up. Like you see me calling
So a voicemail is pointless as fuck
But the whole part about it is
If you really are serious about this

Ten missed calls, I fell asleep
Dreamin' like I ain't living one
She ain't have nothin to say at all
But a promise is a promise, and I told her last week
When she hit me, I would pick up my phone
Nothin' worse then being alone and feeling alone
I know that I should call back
But let's face facts, I don't really feel like arguing
I be out partying
Road been good to me, good to me
I know nothing lasts forever, but this feel like life
I used to love when she check on me, check on me
But nowadays phone calls ain't so black and white
See, I don't know who that bitch is in the background
I don't know when I'll make it back to the hotel
Most of our conversations don't end well
She say she been fine, but I can never tell
Cause I'm never home

There ain't no reason to be
To be havin' to call you six, seven hundred times (I'm never home)
In a fucking minute because you're screening my calls
My nigga, like what are we doing (I'm never home)
For real, we just gonna play this game
Like let's stop fucking playing games
Like I'm not... You know what (I'm never home)
I am not going to get out of my positive
Mode that I've been on, you know what I'm saying

I've been in in the bay for a few days
The money locomotive don't stop cause she lose her top
And top working me like my nickname kunta
New slave, stay up in the lab on a new wave
I don't need nobody fucking up my concentration
Lately I've been contemplating giving her some space
I'm trying not to lose my patience
But if we was in a race, we'd be heading for the finish line
She put me in a mood when I'm feeling fine
She keeps saying I need to just say what she think I'm thinking
She'll get out my way, see our chain ain't linking
No, our barb' ain't weaving
Shit, our pop ain't locking
I'm all for boxing, but this fight ain't stopping
She don't wanna spaz, but she running out of gas
I'm tryna make it last, but why should we do that
I'm never home

If you have a problem, to talk to me
I'm your woman. If we're (I'm never home)
I'm not gonna be calling you seven
Hundred times a day (I'm never home)
This whole thing, honestly, like to be high key honest
(I'm never home) is not fucking working because I can't even get
Through twenty minutes, like I'm tired of it
I can't do this shit no more
So you figure out what you're going to do because I know what I'm
Gonna do, and I'm gonna stop leaving this
Fucking voicemail because you go me fucked up

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