SiR - Love You Lyrics

I know why you came
Heard I have that fire
Well, welcome to the flame
I love all my first timers
Get comfortable, I'm here for you
And whatever you desire
You can call me Mr. THC
I'm gonna take you higher

Baby, I'm just here to love you
I'm just here to love you, baby
Baby, I'm just here to love you
I'm just here to love you, baby

You can take the lead
Or I could be the captain
If it's up to me
We'd be headed for some action
I just wanna be where you wanna be
So tell me where to take you
I hope you feel complete when you're next to me
Girl, you're getting the best of me

Cause I'm just here to love you
I'm just here to love you, baby
Baby, I'm just here to love you
I'm just here to love you, baby

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SiR Love You Comments
  1. Zachary Bernard Carlton

    Double Tail got me in the championship of love. Beasts and the lawyers who set them free. Honor by Mowgli. You have the whole beach. Now concrete. People trapping up. Angels. Loving loving. Smiling boys. A smiling boy. Bicycle and sunshine’s. We cruise Hermosa. Living the beach. Living the beach. 🌴 of Love. We could agree. ZZB. But then we would have to live free. Living the beach.

  2. Fortunate Tarot

    This mutha fucka right here!! (2x). Heat

  3. Vinso Kukan

    He manages to bring "the black version of The Most Interesting Man in the World". I use to do this all day too. He understands living life in chill mode while everyone trying to get high and lose their mind. SiR is bringing back chill & Netflix

  4. Tom Vin

    Oh yeah, beautiful vibes. Super dope song.
    If you feel like hearing another chill song, feel free to check out my latest single "Paraiso". Thanks so much ;)

  5. OnlyOneLeeirma Aa

    Loving it


    Dam..We've All Lied Down On That Bed Of Fails..,So This Excellent Tune Has To Hit Those Quiet Little Places In The Back Of Our Mind That We Would Rather Forget....

  7. D F

    Makes you wish this was exactly how you could have handled your grown up situations. What an amazing song. WHY DOESN'T IT HAVE MORE VIEWS🤯

  8. tenten media

    Song sick nuh rass!!

  9. Zachary Bernard Carlton

    Love love love. You’re famous. Your famous. My fame. Basically. The same. Fam. It’s like human reactions pale. We knew we could do something good. But we need new blood. But we need new blood. No wat. Pisces. Poseidon. Even. Eventually. Enteras. The Legend Elliot. Honest. Gratefully. Gratefully honest. Gryffen’s Pegasus Pressure. Auction auction. Pegasus Pressure. PreThresharsMATTER. Your love matters. But preThresharsMATER. Long day bring me. Duke might have built me. Sotheby’s might have made me. Got my own 21. Ace blade. Diamond Asuza DAAZE. Eventually. You saw. Everything I saw. Sawyer’s DA. Austin, Texas, today. Shots fired at the cop killer anyway. Cap. Stay away. You with us. Locked in the studio. SsStudy. Thanks babe.

  10. Safrina Kali

    “ we kould be more if I kould deal w the pain” 😒❤️💯

  11. Dr Phot

    Can’t wait to say Grammy Winner SiR

  12. Forever Tebu D


  13. Zachary Bernard Carlton

    Ain’t the same if I care. Ain’t the same if you cap. MRR

  14. prettygirlchaz

    Dammit his voice is so soothing. I love his music 😍

  15. Earthen Temple

    I just fuck you and leave? Gross. No benefit to dusty men in our minds, hearts or bodies.

  16. Kabungwe Namukombo

    I love the discover beautiful music everyday

  17. J M

    I see Sabrina Claudio is still pairing up with any black man who will take her to mask the fact shes a racist puta .

  18. king rog

    Finally sir made this a single😍😍😍😍

  19. Honey Sims

    Yup is all 💖💯

  20. GluexGelato1440

    "She's a talented little racist"- Parks (Joe Budden podcast)

  21. Valarie Jones

    love love his music

  22. Joseph Taylor

    Y'all hear when he hit that Omarion YEA!! lol

  23. Romeo Sebahungu

    this nigga look like D-SMOKE

    DJay Johnson

    Thats his brother

  24. WellActually

    Of course a black man is collaborating with a racist that hates black women

  25. Latasha Roberts

    This R&B is getting Real Raw! Fu & leave!! Guess that's really what's going on these days

  26. lulu depp

    Kanye West esthetic vibes with the clothing color scheme on the gorgeous women.

  27. Kiki Rose

    I don’t like the symbolism in this video.

  28. Alien hippy

    When D smokes brother is just a bit better than him ;)

    Justin Alexander Williams

    Alien hippy this is a whole other genre 😂

    Alien hippy

    Justin Alexander this genre is and will always be the mood 😜😂

    Justin Alexander Williams

    @Alien hippy Have you listened to Honey Jack by D Smoke tho?

    Alien hippy

    I dont think so , but have you heard of honey by willow Smith 😁🍯🍯🍯 @justinalexanderwilliams

  29. DJ .:J3K:.

    Slowed down for grown folk only:


    suchhhh an underrated song😩

  31. roxine richards

    We will be more if I can deal with this pain but I can't

  32. roxine richards

    My ex told me to listen we got back up after 4yrs sep. And this speak so much volume especially when he know it's nothing else there n she has her whole heart in it Lawd this song right here though

  33. gabriella gabby

    Just gonna get into sabrina but found out that she's colorist. Welp

  34. Malinda Hill

    #THATPART ❤❤❤💯

  35. Kat


  36. Lashun Richardson

    Wow straight up huh? Why does it sound good though...

  37. itsbriii

    i’m not gonna lie... my eyes were watery by the end of the video

  38. XXbiz

    Omggg sabrina claudiooooooooo

  39. Lavan Dee

    I can t get enough of this track

  40. Terrelle Mellieon

    I'm telling y'all stop sleeping on this man this song makes me want to dance and fuck

  41. TuffKat

    I wish I was this beautiful 😭

  42. KRBtv With your host: K-Lynn Roshel Blacksher

    [Verse 1: SiR]
    Doesn't it feel like this could be real life?
    If we had somethin’ to prove
    Life would be normal, dinner formal
    I could be happy with you
    Primitive passion, human reactions
    Puttin' it all on the line
    This could be real life, but why do I feel like
    We would be wastin' our time?

    [Pre-Chorus: SiR & Sabrina Claudio]
    See, it’s the same thing, no rules
    Same rhythm, new blues
    Same love, but this time it really ain't love
    No reason, no rhyme
    No speakin' our mind
    No war, that isn't what we came for

    [Chorus: SiR]
    I never wondered what this could be
    I just fuck you and leave
    You never wanted nothin' from me
    I just fuck you and leave
    We don't ever come to agree
    I just fuck you and leave, yeah
    There ain't really nothin' to see
    That’s why I love you

  43. James Arnold


  44. Maurisio G

    GOD DAMN........SABRINA!!!!!

  45. angel Hill

    So they got a bunch of beautiful Brown skin girls, this must have made sabrina big mad. Y'all remember her making a whole account dedicated to being racist?

  46. RaR3 Br33D

    Heard a part of this on an IG story & was hooked. Their voices together are orgasmic 💜

  47. Greenboyz89

    Anybody have the ig of the girl @ 00:57 ???

  48. ULTRA Flame

    The honest..just say what you out the gate..

  49. EyeHeartShantel

    I really love this song, but somehow her saying "sit on it and leave" bothers me more than "fuck you and leave".

  50. Essan La Tour

    Things I didn’t know I needed

  51. DeeDee Moreno

    He's in one Hell of A Part of a musical Family. His mother teached her sons Piano and his older brother D Smoke Won Rythem and Flow. Congrats to All of them..

    m smith

    bruh whaaaat??? mind blown

    DeeDee Moreno

    smith  I've always liked Sir and I thought it was Strange how D Smoke never mentioned that. But when I watch D Smoke on an interview and he said If I always mentioned my brother Sir then I'd be loosing my own identity. Now that's Deep and So True.

  52. Sofia Randal

    What the fuck... is the man urinating on the ladys ass. 3:33...oh fuck this society. That is inhuman n gross

  53. Jonas music

    I sampled those first 4 bars, TDE will have my name in they mouth

  54. DREAMSTRUMENTALS - Rap HipHop Beats

    Beautifully done...Good ..

  55. KaiYanna Washington

    Anybody would have been better than Sabrina. periodt.

    D Lew

    Not really

  56. ПLneu Ц

    He went from beautiful black women to milky trash

  57. Susana Fergon

    I liked this song better before seeing the clip. Because in them what I see is the deprecation of black woman. A man who has many beautiful black womans "at his disposal" but prefers a white one nonetheless.

    Jackie Gouche

    She is not white. She is half Puerto Rican and half Cuban, so she is a woman of color....just with lighter skin. I repeat, she is not white.

  58. Ms. Jackson

    Black women that look like ME!! I love the image and music equally! Thanks for this!!!

  59. Diamond Freeman

    Teena Marie & Rick james Vibes

  60. Awatey Dennis

    Does rnb
    Looks like a hip-hop gangsta that went to Harvard
    Makes killer music
    Damn perfect Nigga

  61. Sukai Beckman

    The sexiest song I heard in a long time😍

  62. Anika Mars


  63. Theniteowlshow podcast

    Favorite artist out

  64. The Writer

    I'm really conflicted because I love the fuck out of this song, and despite Sabrina's past, I do believe she was the best choice to deliver her verse. But...her past though...

    I've been rocking with her for a WHILE, so finding this out just makes me feel like, "Damn, we can't have nothing wholesome." 🙃

  65. I.M.H 1111

    A perfect collaboration. One of, if not my favorite traccs off SiR's "Chasing Summer" album...🔥🔥🔥

  66. xavier talyor

    I love how he use beautiful natural hair black women in his video because most black artist don't do that now a days

  67. Tuice Jawa

    Those who have never made a public derogatory comment in their lives, please cast the first stone.

  68. Malik Braboy

    "you never wanted nothing from me"😄 original

  69. Emmet Rost

    I feel the nightmare before christmas in this song. Mabye just influence from tim burton

  70. lowlowseesee

    i kind of wish Smoke was Sir and he was just a marketing genius with the shock g/humpty vibe. its cool though, this is great too

  71. ninanile

    Love this melody and evocative lyrics. It’s a beautiful song with an interesting juxtaposition 😌
    I wrote a song called *Life With Me by ninanile* . Please check it out on my channel. I would truly appreciate it. It would mean a lot.

  72. West Killaz

    Good music to fuck!!! No cap

  73. Aquarius Garfield

    This song hurts me it just show me how fuck up i am

  74. Jimmy Riggins

    This hot! But it make me wanna go beat up my ex because now I see this how she felt! She never wondered what it could be she would just sit on it and leave! 😩🤦🏾‍♂️😂😭

  75. Sj Uili

    Playing this @ 1.25x speed is a vibe!!!! <3

  76. Nikki W

    his voice! Is so lovely

  77. Kayla’s Korner

    For someone who can’t stand black women she sure loves collaborating with our men....

    Mychaela’s slime

    Victoria bc she said lmao😂

    Brenton Swann

    Kay Kay Mens 😂😅😂

    Sydney Brown

    @PHOENIX FIRE black men and black women are totally different. Espically these with all the false reps. (Hair,lashes etc). Most BLACK MEN don't have to do much to"fit in".

    Sydney Brown

    I can't stand my boss but he pays me well when I do my job. Hint* in the real world, who cares. Are the bills paid?

    Stan j

    @Mychaela’s slime Do you have a link to those comments she made?

  78. Kayla’s Korner

    Fuck Sabrina, real shit.

  79. Nova Ittykitty 22

    Oh how sad👌
    Well Then

    Soul Attachment Galore. Talking Blocked Heart Chackra.

    Nice Beat Though 💚


    TheHood Ethereal
    Beautiful song😊
    I wrote a song called *Life With Me by ninanile* . Please check it out on my channel. I would truly appreciate it. It would mean a lot.

    Nova Ittykitty 22

    @ninanile Just Saw this will do love💚

  80. Aaliyah Sasha Brookes

    I'm here for sir but this girl is still cancelled.

  81. kiLLedward

    yooooooooooooooooooo........ sir is ripped

  82. Amalia Syakirah

    OMG this song😍😍😍

  83. arlus ishmael

    "Hii ni krimino"....Kenyan ladies will get it.

  84. Filo

    king of rnb

  85. Wendy Lu

    Mi imaginación se dispara muy alto con esta canción 😮🔥

  86. djef ardeur

    Damn! Damn! Damn!

  87. Foe Anne

    Brown 😍😍 damn

  88. December Markham

    Story of my Life 🤦🤷

  89. Aaqib Sharif

    The tune is ditto copy of an arabic song.

  90. Marissa Nation

    Sabrina is my all time favorite artist, one of my new favorite song I will def be adding SiR to that list now 😊

  91. SimplyMelisse

    21st century love story, we are all so afraid to bring vulnerable.

  92. PurpleCityDame he stole my song

  93. Brittany Boneparte

    .....soo do yall fw the song or.........

  94. Edub One


  95. Valentine Mkhize

    I was with it till he said " I just fuck you and leave". They sound amazing but I wish he'd said ”i love and stay"... This generation is too cool for my old ass.

  96. Slim 4life

    This song 🔥 AF !!! Sabrina voice is so soulful

  97. NellyBelle

    His voice is so Trancing!