SiR - LA Lisa Lyrics

No, it ain't a question, not even an issue
Nobody knows you like I know ya
You grew up on Queen Street
Your dad is a gangsta but he's gettin' older
You was in love with the street life
Used to seein' niggas, tuckin' the heat right
Loud parties and street fights
Hangin' with the players, got caught in the game
Now you're in need of seating, but ain't we all the same
I thought if we make it out alive
You might kiss up on my side, yeah (My side, my side)
Guess we'll have to wait and see
If you'll find your way to me

La Lisa
La Lisa
La Lisa
I need ya

Right, I'ma stack these up right
That's my cuz, so he gangbang
But I don't claim shit, nah, no baggage, not even a briefcase
You more street than me, but (Nah)
Don't leave me strung out this way
Get a little ratchet, stay over color, your box
Don't tell your daddy, he might go Crayola
(I heard the nigga just got out)
Hurry up and come outside
I got the whip parked, it's 'bout to get dark
I'm talkin' Wesley, and we out West, you know it be
Sit these niggas on your block
And I came through dolo this time, on a solo this time
Like CeCe Winans, not whinin', but
Not finna play with you, I'm tryna skate with you
Like T.I. in the Louis on the couch late at night like Fallon
I fall in, she got used to them scripts, yeah, all written
Darlin', Miss Lisa, she a moaner
So bad, put your ass in the moment
Yes, put that on my mama
Pour Moët, it's a moment
She finally sent to my house
Hit the weed and act like a geese, it made me speak Portuguese
Didn't even know I could
Been wantin' this for a while
We keep it between you and me, capisce, ah, Lisa

La Lisa
La Lisa
La Lisa
I need ya

I can't belive this nigga ain't call me back
Ol' Chief Keef head ass, Mekhi Phifer of "8 Mile" lookin' head ass
He ain't call me back? (I can't believe this)
I bet he don't even write his songs
Talkin' 'bout, talkin' 'bout he the king of R&B
That nigga can't even move like Usher
Ain't Chris workin' on something? (He trippin')
Mm-hmm, pssh I thought we had a good time
Well I had a good time, that weed was fire bro

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SiR LA Lisa Comments
  1. Caira Barlow


  2. GR8 GR8

    Smino blacked out 🔥🔥🔥

  3. Mariah Jackson

    Sir .....

  4. d_dsg

    Real 1s know that Portuguese line from Pimptations

  5. They're BangtanBoys but I'm BangtanBroke

    My name is Lalisa 🥴

  6. Lucy music

    The ft lowkey not the best

  7. Tee F

    This track vibes hard. The whole album 🔥🔥🔥

  8. Black ninja38

    Is that Steve on the beat??

  9. J Green

    Shit dope!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥 st8 vibin in the studio!!

  10. Joshua Moore

    Got damn Smino killed this 🔥🔥🔥

  11. Shanti Gurung

    I swear I just put Lalisa Manoban on the search bar & this song popped up. Was not something I was looking for but loved the song. Specially “ LA LISAAAAA, I need yaaaaa” part. Completely depicts my emotion for my Limario💕

  12. Queen of R&B


  13. HinduProdigy

    Artists are like pokemon... Just attune so well with each other

  14. Victoria Love

    Was that Schoolboy Q at 1:33?

  15. Courtney Moore

    I love Sir but (in a good way) all I hear is Frank Ocean ... this song is Godly ...

  16. Mr. Popohere


  17. Natty Dinero

    The fucking vibe to this is amazing fr, this whole album is a smoke vibe & it’s not helping my no smoking thing 😩

  18. BAQI

    So we really out here making perfect songs now? word

    Michael Dean

    BAQI I couldn’t agree any more

    Google Account


  19. Joshua Moore

    Joe Budden put me on

  20. Leon Brown


  21. iiMELO

    Shorty at the end really said chief keef headass😂😭

  22. EmpressChula

    Vibes on Vibes on VIBES

  23. Natasha P.

    What the hell is la lisa

  24. Westside Buddy. ESCO

    This nigga smino man. “She threw me the neck like a geese, it made me speak Portuguese, didn’t even know I could” 🤣 he snap on everything. And SiR is just on another level

  25. Casanova Frankenstein

    anyone else getting mad early frank ocean vibes?

  26. Uriel7623

    i found my new drug

  27. HipHopRates

    Smino honestly so underrated man he’s killing every feature atm and NOIR was incredible last year

  28. Pat Lee

    I love this song....

  29. Jabulani Mazibuko

    SiR and Daniel Caesar just need to collab. This song is fire

  30. Hippie Ike

    Smino be Creative AF!! Damn Son.

  31. Tracey Placide

    Don't think I have ever heard two male voices compliment each other so beautifully, sexy, smoothly and sultry like Sir and Smino.

    Really hope they work together again in future. The track and their talent is fire!!!!

  32. Sheena Walter

    This is GREATNESS! The music is heavenly and they blend in to the melodies flawlessly. Thank you SiR, you are much needed.

  33. The Osidan

    Guitar work 💯

  34. Logical Rhymez

    sir is a legend

    Sheena Walter

    Logical Rhymez That Part!!!

  35. Khasir Milton

    Fire 🔥 🔥🔥

  36. christian henry

    sounds similar to outkast's Toilet Tisha.

  37. MissLJanae

    Both Smino and SiR were in their *BAG* on this one. Whew. This shit is amazing.

  38. Azen Ka

    TDE en la casa

  39. Tony

    Sir and pink sweats would be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥



  41. Jay Bee

    I cant believe I overlooked this. I heard Smino before but its was for the beat (a few years ago) I forgot all about him then I heard this yesterday and I'm like "who tha f**k is this guy? This sh!t hottt!" So now I gotta go backtrack the songs from Sir and the songs from Smino because I'm feeling this.

  42. Shaunske

    Who could've thought of this duo they mix together a perfect vibe man

  43. Patty Garcia

    I don't want this album to end 🏁

  44. D. Michael

    Props to Sir for recognizing Smino got something different. Dat boi an alien!!!
    Just imagine Sir add J.I.D. on a remix!! Bruh...

    Eric V

    D. Lawrence they’re all on interscope so you can see how these features are bound to happen. The thing is these artist were making noise before they got signed.

    Cool Matic

    @Eric V sir is RCA

  45. Geoxmetrics

    Ol Chief Keef head ass 😂😂😂

  46. crystal peek

    This song is just breath taking.. smino is just wonderful on every song, don't even have to listen to know anymore😍🤟🌻

  47. Brandon The Kid

    smino is a god

  48. Anthony Brazzle

    This Outro 🤣😭💯

  49. artisanfree

    I love smino but i don't think he was a good fit on this one

    Terrell Griffith

    get OUT


    Honestly don’t see how you can possibly come to that conclusion


    @eyeimprovise i been rocking with smino since 2015, i don't think the verse was bad it's just knowing how much his style has changed and how much better he could have done messes with the vibe 4 me

    crystal peek

    Wow never heard such a lie!!

    Prep's Casket

    @artisanfree nah

  50. ProducedByFieri

    this shit is nuts

  51. Julien Alexander

    Probably my favorite track! Kinda sounds like Frank Ocean on this one.

  52. nAppy Kenny

    Smeezy Segal came from da Arch to bless us again #blkswn #SmiHive

  53. Derrick Goldsmith

    Got damn

  54. seyi oye

    King SiR keep doing your thing Black man. Your voice is beautiful, the god inside you has a plan that will inspire the god outside

  55. K M

    LALISAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...I hope there ain't no real chick named Lalisa. That sounds stupid as hell! SiR is dope though...

    potato armys

    *Triggered Blackpink fans joined the chat*


    K M Lol no I think it’s plays off Mona Lisa, how during that time period everyone was in love with it. He’s in love w a woman who’s from LA so he calls her LA Lisa.

    K M

    @Gabba Thanks for the light of information on the song Ms. Holt. Interesting...

    K M

    @hwasa 03 Thanks Hwasa!

    Mr. Popohere

    Bro dont be dissin my future wife like that

  56. ohhyeahhbaby1

    I fucked with this one hard as soon as I heard it 😩

  57. Justin Evans

    Smino 🔥🔥🔥 🙅🏿‍♂️🧢

  58. Chokachilds


    hwasa 03

    Man I was waiting for someone to conect to Lalisa Manobam since the first time I heard it in my mind it's all about her now lol love blink

  59. CWLee

    Love it when smino gets in his r&b bag 10/10

    Shole Geffsss

    CWLee you prolly only heard of smino from rotd bandwagon ass

  60. Fernan Digué

    Otro planeta

  61. El_ Emmanuel

    Smino my guy, I can feel where you feel your energies is goin, tbh its gonna come up in your favor

  62. Abril 89


  63. Starks

    this song will be the most underrated one and this is my first listen

  64. Farai Nyika

    This is the collaboration I have beeeeeeeeeeeen waiting for I know 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    G Kewz

    Farai Nyika you and i both bro waiziva kkk

    Farai Nyika

    @G Kewz rakanyanya boys iri

    G Kewz

    Inga unoziva wani kkk

  65. Dale Philipé

    Something like Dirty Diana in the East

  66. Jonderic Ualath

    Smino on any track is a cheat code, bruh. Sheesh.

    nAppy Kenny

    I swear

    EdEddandEddy TV

    It makes zero sense

    Tracey Placide

    Your comment made me smile. You definitely talking facts bruh!!!


    He my favorite artist ngl

  67. teddy maxwell

    damn smino killed it he should be arrested

  68. Talent

    I only clicked for Smino this is the first time i'm hearing SiR album. Mad underrated and nice vocals

    jesse smith

    Glad to have you on the sir team lmao check out hair down with Kendrick Lamar


    You should check out some of his old stuff in that case, like November


    Devil's best song

  69. max0822

    This guy is so underrated... SiR, you're a hell of a vocalist. I'm French and I refuse to die before I see you performing on stage in France or anywhere else.

    The Strange Truth

    max0822 “I heard I got fans in France playing my records ill visit soon as I can you can bet it”-Ab Soul


    @The Strange Truth I discovered your work in 2014 thx to a LA friend I met in Paris, Darion James. We were talking about music and I mentioned Iman Omari and she told me she knew the guy and said to me "if you like Iman Omari, you will like SiR and Tiffany Gouché". She was more than right...

    Julien Alexander

    He's dopeee

    Sheena Walter

    He is also great live, he is truly a beautiful gift 💝

    Darandas Durham

    GO SEE HIM LIVE!!!! You'll love it!!

  70. Dead Silence

    Top 5 Albums 2019

  71. DeepmedZ

    Not too sure if i like this one

    Prep's Casket


    Prep's Casket

    Can't please everyone

    Julien Alexander

    This shit smooth

    The Sinatra

    DeepmedZ vocals are crazy man

    Duaine Meriweather

    DeepmedZ you do

  72. OfficialMNIB

    - Whole album's a vibe seaux far!

  73. Mike B


  74. Orange 13

    Who else has already heard this?

    Shole Geffsss

    Orange 13 fuck up

  75. Quashon Sligh

    Bro your definitely a Living Legend 💯


    Calm down sir