SiR - D'Evils Lyrics

Tell me who that nigga if he ain't me
If it ain't a party then it's finna be
Never had a problem that I couldn't solve
It must be official if I get involved
Quarter pound of fire burning daily
Harder to remember getting caught up to remember
I've been through enough to drive me crazy
I don't think my mama's gonna save me
Maybe I'm not flying, but I'm floating
If we're not headed to the top, where we going?
Two miles an hour, can you picture me rolling?
Cause' life is so much better when you live in slow motion

Pardon me while I elevate
May not be on time, but I'm never late
Blazing like the player that you wanna be
Flavor like your baby mama cup of tea
You see the company I'm keeping now
Feeling like I'm dreaming, I keep feeling like I'm dreaming
Don't come around if you don't be around
I been the man you believe me now
Maybe I'm not flying, but I'm floating
If we're not headed to the top, where we going?
Two miles an hour, can you picture me rolling?
Cause' life is so much better when you live in slow motion

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SiR D'Evils Comments
  1. Nicholas Morales

    this song sounds like summer to me.

  2. Jeffrey L. Kemp

    Ayyyyye...😁Whatchu know bout dat Billy boyo?😁

  3. avraham alamo

    play on 1.5x speed and thank me later 😎


    Tr¥ m€'^°^'$'°¡°'r

  5. Griselda Padilla

    Where was this filmed? And man do I wanna smoke a bowl rn ☺️💨

  6. Inglewood Blackman

    Keep winning young homie7!INGLEWOOD✊🏿

  7. Ci Ci

    The one moment I wish I was the girl in the video 😍😍😍😍

  8. Nixon Yorke

    Bruh this joint brings a good vibe

  9. Pepe Frug

    Is there a longer version of what’s at the beginning cause I wanna feelin that shit lmao

  10. Pepe Frug

    Is there a longer version of what’s at the beginning cause I wanna feelin that shit lmao

  11. Elen Costa


  12. Mr. Kontrarian

    This video is my whole mood. Living my best life with that special lady with no care for any negativity.

  13. Tshepo Collen

    Listening to this song....Nd I be thinking "damn, why am I only knowing this guy now"

  14. Morsio Dormu

    I love u tori!!

  15. daniel grijalba

    This shit vibez 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  16. dextamike

    Yall need to feature Uncle Snoop on this joint

  17. DavidJoel VII

    Okay!! That Billy Boyo sample!!!

  18. Jimmie Nuggets & The Bud Factory


  19. More of Maya

    The beginning sounds like a previous song.. whats the name of it?

  20. El Leon de Juda Aimogasta-LaRioja


  21. Gabiz - Oficial

    Puta que paril mano!!! Que obra de arte!

  22. Gteaze _

    what genre would ya consider this drum pattern?

  23. Gusttavo Sousaa

    Speed 0.75

  24. Joe Guillian

    My brotha you chase away the Evil inside my heart, while listening this song, it's look like everything around me goes in slow motion . You make people feel like they found thier inner peace in this chaotic world with this song. You make some of us feel like we need to appreciate life in more simple way.

    Thanks for this piece of light SiR.

  25. Martin Montes

    Yes Sirr

  26. Jay Gib

    "One spliff a day will keep me from loving ya" lol now you can't unhear it

  27. Cal Howell

    This should have 100 mill views in my opinion...

  28. Tariq Burrus

    TDE really got the baddest fuckin line up I’m the game

  29. Toriano Webb

    This shit is so chill

  30. Ale Santos

    best music of 2018

  31. Kyra Cee

    ayyyyee Yall know this Dsmoke blood brother? (Rhythm & Flow)

  32. Drea aaa

    Marry me? 🤷🏽‍♀️🌹🤦🏽‍♀️😂😍❤️🥵🥰🤯

  33. randy hidalgo

    Love bumping this song in my truck while I'm driving or working on cars

  34. Ambii Rochelle

    ❤️n Sir.👑🔥🙌🏾

  35. Luke Monaghan fantatic 2007

    тна іѕ агог асу да

  36. My name is Who

    Lehlohonolo ❤️

    Lehlohonolo Tlhapi

    My babe love ❤

  37. rajat kauhal

    What's the song at the start?

  38. Luke von Holdt

    "flavour like you baby momma cuppa teeeeee" god damn m shook

  39. SirAdeno Lawrence

    Sir....I got the antidote I promise. so slow, imagine she walks straight out your life. Having you screaming one spliff a day will make your wifey walk away ? #BeReal

  40. Erica Mcneal

    Hell YESSSSSS 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾💋💋💋💯💯🍷🍷💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  41. Nina Ampie

    I fuck with this... i love it

  42. Allen Somseb

    SiR!! Thank you...

  43. Art I

    Liked it? Click this one: I think you'll appreciate it!

  44. John Britt jr

    I had no data on my phone it runs slow af so I wait for this whole song to play cause this song my jam I play it like 💯 times a day in never get tired of it. PS 2020 is the current year.

  45. Rich Williams

    Life really IS better when you livin in slow motion

  46. MAPPing

    Big fan of the Inglewood Bros.

  47. jordan dowd

    One spiff a day, keep da evil away!!!!

  48. Philasande Phill Mpetukana

    Respek. Ta SiR.

  49. SadoTV Xado

    Who could possible dislike this song 😒

  50. terrence douglas

    Shit is Dope!

  51. terrence douglas

    Who is here after finding out he and D-Smoke are brother?

  52. Jodian Campbell

    Money pull up!!!! #JamRock

  53. The Black Panther

    The is magical..the beat amd the vocals

  54. Thoughts N Insight

    Too 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  55. ChiTwn Ras

    Chune sick! Portland Jamaica (GeeMakeKah)

  56. Ange Lameni

    Where have you been all my life

  57. Abram Ruelas

    2pac playing dominoes

  58. Devon Caban

    King of soul 👑

  59. OnlyOneLeeirma Aa

    Da beat Betta
    You big az hell
    She pretty and
    Da Beat Betta

  60. George Lee

    Five years from now I'll be smoking on a beach with my wife, listening to this, on our honey moon. Much respect, I wish for happiness and some form of wealth for all of you.

    Hunter Low

    God bless bro

    Handools Oner

    I'ma hit you in 5 years homie , and see how this turned out , you got someone you'll never meet prayin that you make it happen . ✌️

    Aditya Nayak

    @Handools Oner Likewise for you homes

    Loi Tia

    Same to u bro🙏🏾🤝

    David Black

    George Lee back at you yo!

  61. Cierria Zeller

    I like the vibes. Good song. I have a bracelet from Jamaica.

  62. Christopher Cabrera

    like the mellow sound smooth flow clever lines i like it!!!

  63. Brandyn Evans

    Intro / Sampled song name: "Billy Boyo - One Spliff A Day"

  64. eggbeater36



    If it ain’t a party then it’s finna 🅱️

  65. Therone Woods

    I can ride to this

  66. Whitney Collins

    Such a BOP!

  67. Rashad Olakunde

    Sir's music has been like the soundtrack to my 24th year of existence

  68. MR, out of order

    They don’t make women like that anymore... She’s 🔥🔥

  69. EnigMa AGODAMi

    😒 **iF yoU find be in a video whiCh teLLs a sToRy especiaLLy suRRoundinG an ideaL LoVe then maKe daMn suRe the chicK in iT can acT and is coMpLeTeLy coMFoRTabLe wiTh inTiMacY he wenT foR a kisS she cuRveD hiM and gaVe hiM a huG sonG aighT thouGh.!!** 😂 🎶

  70. Keti K

    I'm totally obsessed with your music, SiR!! <3 <3 <3 much love!

  71. akera dunbar

    Love 💗 this song

  72. Eze Egbukichi

    This sample is so fire

  73. James Arnold

    Billy Boyo song sampled. One spliff a day.

  74. Eeralle Jones

    May someone please let me know the sample?!!!

    Alex Sublime

    One spliff a day

  75. dine dines carmo

    Sir Forever

  76. XY ZO

    I love him🥺

  77. Your favorite Random gyal

    Is SiR Dominican?

  78. reatletsoe masilo

    SiR completes me, ohhh his voice

  79. Gmp

    What is this track sample by??

  80. Destinique C

    My body, mind, soul feels so much calmness when this song plays

  81. Jennifer

    he lost weight in 2019 aw

  82. tectonikraven

    Glad spotify decided to play this after the last song on my playlist.

  83. Anthony Garcia

    Just found this guy like a week ago and hes the shit

  84. Tashia Wilson

    Loving this song and he is some eye candy too

  85. Heffsta02

    I want to smoke spliffs at a waterfall with a goddess.

  86. Desmond St. Felix

    bruh im looking for the models name in the comments and nobody talkin.

    himOo haji

    for real tho

  87. Kaan Arslan

    He could be a demigod of smoothness and romance. That music hits me so deep.


    What's up guys, I aint really a big promoter or anything but I do feel like I have a dope sound that you'll enjoy if you dig Sir's music! Check me out:

  89. Ang M

    Very nice 🔥

  90. Tito 213

    One spliff a day keep the ego away

  91. Vincent Cristobal

    My one spliff a day keep the evil away 💯

  92. Rolls Royce

    Dammm.i remember hearing this song but not knowing who it was...😁👍👍

  93. Aerochalklate

    how did I just discover this guy... or does everything just sound better on LSD

  94. Bad S

    Wheres thr sample from

  95. coffeebeann1

    This visuals takes me back to Goa♥️
    I dig your vibes Sir.

  96. erica ntokozo


  97. Ten's Beauty


  98. Andre Gaston

    This song giving me chills ❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥