Sinatra, Nancy - Some Velvet Morning Lyrics

Some velvet mornin' when I'm straight
I'm gonna open up your gate
And maybe tell you 'bout Phaedra
And how she gave me life
And how she made it end
Some velvet mornin' when I'm straight

Flowers growing on a hill, dragonflies and daffodils
Learn from us very much, look at us but do not touch
Phaedra is my name

Some velvet mornin' when I'm straight
I'm gonna open up your gate
And maybe tell you 'bout Phaedra
And how she gave me life
And how she made it end
Some velvet mornin' when I'm straight

Flowers are the things we know, secrets are the things we grow
Learn from us very much, look at us but do not touch
Phaedra is my name

Some velvet mornin' when I'm straight
Flowers growing on a hill
I'm gonna open up your gate
dragonflies and daffodils
And maybe tell you 'bout Phaedra
Learn from us very much
And how she gave me life
look at us but do not touch

And how she made it end

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Sinatra, Nancy Some Velvet Morning Comments
  1. Countess Andrea

    I miss you Art.

  2. &OndaFlipside Why for!?

    💋💋💋💋Omg I completely forgot about this song till someone special sent me here today....thx David for memories

  3. Ilias K.

    Great job - thank you :-)

  4. George Simons

    No seas pendejo....esa cara jahahahah

  5. DAN Lynch

    Mary Cichi, Where have You gone? March 1968

  6. Phil Ruane

    No wonder Frank went mad

  7. T Rex

    Rest in peace art bell,we all miss you

  8. Phil Ruane

    If ya like this
    The strawbs - lay down 👍

    Keith L

    Phil Ruane 😬

  9. Phil Ruane

    Song that

  10. Bill MCGEE

    A young girl with this name was
    a cashier at a convenience shop
    in Arizona !



  11. Imaginos Desdinova

    Sounds so very Lovecraftian.....with a sweet verse....

  12. Christopher Moreland

    Always reminds me of listening to The late great Art Bell

  13. Kim Ohio Fuzz

    Now I understand the original Phil's Spector inspiration

    Joe Postove

    I would have liked to hear what Spector would have done with this song. He couldn't have done it better than Lee (the master) but his take on it would have been interesting.

    Some Velvet Morning DOES deserve a full symphonic suite treatment!

  14. Elf Owl

    WOW!!! What a song, COOL!! song from back then!!!.

  15. bizkitgto

    Hauntingly beautiful...

  16. Walter Plitt

    Fabulous, haunting, sad and sublime.

  17. drummerfella 55

    All that 60's "Hall Verb'.. Lol!.....Wonderful!

  18. Fred Smurf

    Heard this on Minds. The intro is strange. What a contrast.

  19. Kelly L.

    Can't help to think of Art mocking JC with this song. RIP Art

  20. Charles Cf

    Karl & karla

  21. Anthony Freeman

    Possibly be the first proto Dream pop/shoegaze song,certainly sounds like it to me.

  22. MrKaywyn

    I highly recommend this album.

  23. The Real Jay meow meow Boo queen

    Can't stop listening to this song🤗 Lee's voice is so mesmerizing 😍

  24. Jimmie Clark

    these two were great together

  25. zion yosef

    צמד חמד עם שילוב קולות מדהים בהתאמתו בשיר זה ובאחרים מומלץ מאד להאזנות חוזרות .....

  26. Tina Blythe

    I inherited my mother's copy of this record priceless!

  27. Kenneth Pack

    Haunting, nothing like them these days, such a shame...

    tony villani

    Kenneth Pack yes there is (Brett’s Phillips and dean ware ham )(Luna)

  28. Martin Pedersen

    i was a 15 at this-time-tet-at that time-i love all the great-people of that time-its in my mind

  29. Wiwi Jumbo

    Can anyone recommend anymore songs like this?

    Wiwi Jumbo

    @Arvin A *ahem* well......?


    @Arvin A Please do

    xmal jelle

    Dunno, maybe Ville Valo and this other woman and their Song "Summer wine".

  30. Altan Vural

    Çok güzel dinleyin arkadaşlar

  31. Giovanni Ramirez

    Art bell. The cowboy days of Coast to Coast AM.

  32. Aryoputro Nugroho

    Oh my Gosh its more sentimental gloomy than the Slowdive version


    And it's funny to hear how the same melody sounds typically 60's here and typically 90's with Slowdive

  33. Rinoa Heartilly

    Was playing at the Starbucks at the airport lol

  34. Phil Skovby

    channel zero

  35. remnant0888

    Art Bells greatest songs. RIP ART

  36. Anita Huie

    Old old classic song.. guess who Phaedra is,.

    Anita Huie

    She was a Greek goddess. I loved this song.

  37. Ara Arias

    Morvern Callar <3

  38. Beyonce da Madonna

    The person singing is NOT Lee hazlewood.. It's a old native American man with a super deep voice..... AKHENATEN!!!! the song is about a 👽alien and the humans grandad singing together...!

  39. Beyonce da Madonna

    "One sunlit morning when I wake...
    I'm going to open the book of faith
    And maybe tell y'all about aurora
    one sunlit morning when Iiiiiiiiiiiiii waaaaaaakkkkkkeee"...

  40. Beyonce da Madonna

    When somebody tells you not to touch something.... You should 👂listen!

  41. Beyonce da Madonna

    The song is called "one sunlit morning"

  42. D Wynn

    Great music, still don't know Phaedra is.

  43. Ri Ri

    Is there a version where it's only him singing?

  44. unknown

    Slowdive sent me here.

    Keith L

    unknown I heard that cover first also many years ago

  45. Natalia Andrea Vega Oñate

    Mr. Robot Gracias.

  46. Loren Burnett

    Amazing song

  47. Peter K.

    Oh those are the worst, you're straight all morning long and come to find out it was a velvet morning all along.

    Totally relate to this song I know just how that feels.

  48. Rigellion354

    im gonna open up your gate!!!

  49. E.P. R. Bowe


  50. coashddjj2

    These two were the perfect musical partners for each other.

    maureen niedt

    Kind of a Yin and Yang thing going on....

  51. Hanley Gillano

    Ride easy, Art Bell. You will be missed. One of his favorite songs that he played between segments on his radio show

    Wendy Friedland

    One of my all time favorites- the flip of "these boots are made for walking". but this was Lee's fave and it is his best of his compositions.

  52. john k

    ****ART BELL *****
    I heard this song On
    dreamland many years ago


    john k dreamland?

  53. Jeff Hagerman

    Rip art bell

  54. Dennis Crocker

    great voice ;;;looks very much like her dad;;;

  55. Thaiviva

    Butcher's block brought me here thanks Syfy

  56. Brooke Davis

    hauntingly beautiful..

    Fred Thomson

    Twas a song for droping some LSD

    Fred Thomson

    Thought it was about doing drugs

  57. Wes Cole

    In Greek mythology, Phaedra /ˈfiːdrə, ˈfɛdrə/ (Ancient Greek: Φαίδρα, Phaidra) (or Fedra) is the daughter of Minos and Pasiphaë, wife of Theseus, sister of Ariadne, and the mother of Demophon of Athens and Acamas. Phaedra's name derives from the Greek word φαιδρός (phaidros), which meant "bright".

    Anita Huie

    Thank you so much. Most people don't know that.

  58. Carla venero

    Italian Americans

  59. Phùng Lê Minh

    channel zero season 3 sends me here

  60. Clyde Suckfinger

    Some velvet morning when I am straight---

  61. Norm Rohrer

    A nice eargasm from a long time ago.

  62. Juan Sandoval

    i love this song

  63. Chief`s Lief

    Beautiful music.
    X x x

  64. Mike Arenas


  65. powrxplor69

    What a bizarre song, this is actually my first time hearing the original, but I can totally see why Lydia lunch & that birthday party guy covered this. I got that 12" sometime way back  in the mid 80s probably & didn't even realize it was a cover. The original is equally eerie, except they can actually sing lol

  66. Frank Roger

    I found this in the bargain bin at the volunteers of America (records)

  67. RichR65Ct

    This song freaks me.

    Sharon Barry

    You should hear Lydia Lunch and Rowland S Howard. Brings back some child sexual abuse.
    It is a hard to hear if you think about it.

    lee dragonfly

    me too' goosebumps



  68. The Artful Dodger

    The great Art Bell turned me on to this one.

    John Gonzales

    "East of the Rockies, you're on the line."

    Fred Thomson

    As security guard driving home late at night this often on coast to coast am...haunting me

    Yafuker Sheldon

    Nancy made an appearance on his show one night to explain the song. Suggested Lee was probably stoned.


    I'm here because of art bell. Listening to all of his 90's bumper music.

  69. Luftwaffe

    bir sesi var sanırsın israfil boruyu üflüyor, muhammade oku emri veriliyor

  70. Anand Baburajan

    Why did The Verge send me here?

  71. Budwiser

    This was one of four LPs that my parents owned in the early 1970s. Absolutely love it .......

  72. DatGanjaSmuggla

    Lee motherfuckin Hazelwood

    Alex R.

    DatGanjaSmuggla What the fuck kind of beat is that?!


    That's off the hook, Frankenstein--what kind of glass dick you been smokin' from?

    C C

    Fuck you Charlie Brown.

    David Fullam

    @Alex R. The one from yo ass, bitch! :)


    @David Fullam That's got potential...

  73. christiane stamm

    What a tune, the dark voice of L. Hazlewood and the beautiful voice of N. Sinatra, awesome.

    kevin markey

    one of my favorite albums of all time 💖

    Fred Thomson

    Was this song about drugs?

    Stephan Sandiares

    @Fred Thomson Not sure. I think it's just a psychedelic vibe ... but there is an allusion to drinking. Hazlewood denies any reference to drugs (or any meaning) in the lyrics.

  74. Brad Edwards

    Thanks Mr. Robot... great intro... B

    No Name

    me too got this from mr robot

  75. yosemite sam

    Didn't say it was the pop sound of the 60's but one of many. Pop sounds to me growing up in Scotland would've been The Kinks Waterloo sunset or maybe The Tremeloes Silence is golden. Lee & Nancy had great tunes though..

  76. yosemite sam

    sound of the sixties...


    yosemite sam sound of the sixties, really? this song is much darker and stranger


    yosemite sam than the pop of the sixties, I mean. obviously in other genres there was dark and strange

    reverse thrust

    yosemite sam Great YT account name! Do you like Foghorn Leghorn? I do.

  77. William Bailey

    My mum loved this song. When someone has gone you have to hold onto things that remind you that it's all good.

    luke rodick

    William Bailey bless you and take care

  78. Derek Stocker

    Lovely song, remember this from many, many years ago.

  79. Claude Alain

    Absolument craquante, totalement délicieuse la princesse... l'inspiration de Lee a pris un gros coup de booster avec une pépette comme ça...

  80. Stephanie Clarke

    heard this song first time on radio the othef day!!! im a big fan as this song is such a great mix that works so well. Beautiful voices....

  81. Steve Zinser

    Nancy and Lee made some great music. He had a very distinctive voice but blended beautifully with Nancy! I love this song! Steve

    Franco Castiglioni

    Vacilla fudge

  82. Liam Connolly

    0:19 - 1:08 1:36 - 2:19

    Kung Rurig

    Liam Connolly yeah nanz couldn't sing😁

  83. ol gitpicker

    that intro is outrageously beautiful

    Chief`s Lief

    ol gitpicker ooowww yesss!


    Best part of the song

    Bc Flames

    I’m gonna sample it and chop it