Sinatra, Nancy - Lady Bird Lyrics

I've been where the eagle flies
Rode his wings 'cross autumn skies
Kissed the sun, touched the moon
But he left me much too soon.
His lady bird...He left his lady bird

Lady bird come on down
I'm here waiting on the ground
Lady bird I'll treat you good
Aw, lady bird I wish you would.
You lady bird...pretty lady bird

Lightning flashed across the sky
The night he taught me how to fly
The sun came up and then I found
Too soon he let his lady down.
His lady bird...I'm his lady bird

Lady bird come on down
I'm here waiting on the ground
Lady bird I'll treat you good
Aw, lady bird I wish you would.
You lady bird...pretty lady bird

Winter lives in my heart
In the times we're apart
Summer sings a song or two
When he says "I love you true".
My lady bird...yeah, I'm his lady bird

Lady bird come on down
I'm here waiting on the ground
Lady bird I'll treat you good
Aw, lady bird I wish you would.
You lady bird...Pretty lady bird (I,m your lady bird)
You're a lady bird (Yes, I'm a lady bird)
You're too much you little bird.

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Sinatra, Nancy Lady Bird Comments
  1. sarah jayne lee


  2. robert phillips

    Could listen to these 2 all day. Just gr8 voices & the music arrangement is just soooo good.
    Nancy & Lee 😀👌

  3. F B

    Best song to relax to.

  4. Jimbo Steen

    All is I can guess, they were a thing, she belongs with someone else

  5. Mehmetmustafa Güneş

    What a wonderful song😁

  6. Charly Huard

    I am 28 and i am french. I knew this album since one mounth. I love it! I rarely listen better songs than Nancy ans Lee's ! Sorry for my bad English

    Belvin Sweat

    Charly Huard one of the greatest singing duos of all time.

  7. F B

    I play this for my niece Sofia. Days born. I love her so much. Little bird in training.

  8. Yuyang DING

    The first song he shared with me

    SaiFullah Sayem

    First song i shared with them :D


    Superbe chanson 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  10. Salb814

    Surprised this isn’t in the movie Lady Bird

  11. pilar rosales

    lady bird <3

  12. travis Tolley

    Love this song for life and the singers

  13. Werner Kanapin

    "Songs still going strong" - A mystery !?

  14. T Rex

    Rest in peace art bell

  15. Espen Sava Klopan

    My first LP

  16. George Weidinger

    Wow real orchestra not a it

  17. Ela Ela

    Great song

  18. john maki


  19. Jason Swenders

    Nancy and Lee were straight on some next shit Forreal. Very Dope and ORIGNAL.

  20. Del 1000


  21. Marcio Bica.

    Does anyone indicate me songs or bands in this style ??
    Like from Brasil.

  22. Fine S/ she wish the world full of joys.

    Our fav song <3

  23. George Weidinger

    Listening for 50 years still sounds heavenly to me

  24. John Broda

    i wonder if the two of them are still alive???

    Wayne Donner

    lee hazelwood a year or so ago RIP LEE

  25. John Broda

    Nancy Sinatra such a beautiful voice Lee Halewood all so good voice!!!

    Marcio Bica.

    Does anyone indicate me songs or bands in this style ??
    Like from Brasil.


    @Marcio Bica. Yo Marcio.. Greets from Finland. i get same kind of vibes from The Hillbilly Moon Explosion - My Love Forevermore. This song is sure A class. So creepy and lovely at the same time.. Both have so nice voices, same as the song i mentioned before. ^^,

  26. Starry&Bohemian

    Maybe & Eventually Saoirse Ronan heard this... at least i do wish (you a wish) ...

  27. katerina theodoridou

    υπεροχεσ φωνεσ

  28. Elf Owl

    This is one COOL song!!! thanks for posting.

  29. Bad moon rising

    Die LP Nancy & Lee ist eine der schönsten LPs in meinem Besitz......

  30. Carl Stewart


  31. the10thleper

    Art Bell turned me onto this song and "Summer wine". Thanks Art, we miss you. RIP Mr. Bell. Sure wish you could tell us what's happening from the other side.

    T Rex

    So true

  32. joker xd

    Tolle Musik

  33. Ala la

    I love such great music and voices. It is the best. I can listen to this music every day. Then I rest and sing too😄

  34. Chris Hinnant

    My personal favorite Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood song

  35. zion yosef

    שילוב קולות נדיר לצמד הזה עוד ביצוע גדול לשיר יפה

  36. Vasilis Niolakis

    Ohhhh that lady bird.

  37. Carroll Moffett

    Reminds me of the time I loved another girl and she played these songs to me all the time in 1978.

    Deezo Strong

    Did u finger her?

    zakia plantagenet 1

    @Deezo Strong 😂😂😂

    Deezo Strong

    @zakia plantagenet 1 thats a yes

    zakia plantagenet 1

    @Deezo Strong I don't give a shit to be honest with you....
    Other people's sex life is none of my business. ...

    Deezo Strong

    @zakia plantagenet 1 i would have put i in her azz

  38. BIG Joe Eagl

    Wish MILEY CYRUS would sing this...

    grumpy sod

    The word "sing" should never be used in any reference to Miley Cyrus, Except in the negative.

    Johanna van Genderen


    John Smith

    I'd watch it....

    Wayne Donner

    she could be naked still could not hold a candle to Nancy

  39. ron kennington

    Lee had a great voice! I hope he is in heaven. RIP.

  40. Lee Walter

    smooth silky voice....Lee Hazlewood
    I remember this song was one of Art Bell's bumper songs.
    **Fond memories of the song and Art (RIP)

    X Yz

    Art turned me on this song as well as "some velvet morning"

  41. Dennis Crocker

    what a great song sung by very two talented singers;nancys voice is a lot better than her fathers

  42. Bob Van Dam

    great song ..easy to comprehend..a real anti Alzheimer song

  43. Squiggles Avatar

    Prolly my record. Enjoy.

  44. Igor Pougatch

    when i look at Lee in this cover photo i wounder: does she grab him by the balls, or sticks her thumb in?

    Jeanne Ray

    What a pig you are.


    Begone thot

    Oscar Bear

    He does appear apprehensive, perhaps Franks reputation is in the back of his mind.

  45. TheJMascis666

    I heard this on the Midday Spin on Radio One in the U.K. yesterday.

  46. apog 1989

    A Very good album

  47. S Hart

    Great song !!!!

  48. Dave B

    Too bad this only has 49,000 views...such a classic from the day!

    Belvin Sweat

    Dave B a beautiful song by Nancy and Lee

  49. John Stevens

    This song brings back good memories of listening to KOY 55 AM in Phoenix, Lee Hazelwood was once a D.J. In Phoenix. Thanks for posting.

  50. Paul

    Still awesome!!! :)

  51. Beth Quintana

    I am 53. This is my most ultimate favorite album in all my life!!! I feel the goodness and mellow-ness sink right into me when I hear these songs!!! Know every one by heart. And I'm a old rock fan too. But this's mine!!!!!

    Ed Weichsler

    Beth, I've got a few years on you and this too is one of my top five favorite LP's. Wore out three LP's, and God knows how many 8 tracks.


    Ive always heard or felt this song very much eerie and depressing, but so full of feeling...Like yearning for something.. Love from Finland. :)


    well said..think same.. this is marvelous...
    remembers me to the 60s

    Will Douglas

    I'm 52 and my mother played this every Sunday morning along with the best of the Stylistics in the early 70s, she died aged 39 in 1986, I was 19, this still reminds me of her.

    Susan Daniel

    @Tony Mostrom ....when IIIIIII'mmmmm straight.

  52. Slappy

    He looks like a villain from a bad 60's B spy movie.

    Barry Shitpeas

    Like the girl turned down the hero and chose the villain instead

    Don Hall

    @Barry Shitpeas he was in movie with Alan alda moonshine war a out prohibition gangsters

  53. Nolan Williams


    Dennis Gintaut

    Nolan Williams

  54. christiane stamm

    Die tiefe Stimme von Lee Hazlewood befördert mich woanders hin.


    Die Tiefe der Stimme ist proportional zur Dicke der Kronjuwelen.

  55. Ghassen BL


  56. Patrick Flynn

    Great Song, takes me Back. I have always associated this song with Fall and Halloween.

    Johnny Karikorpi

    Sir elwood

    Barry Shitpeas

    Patrick Flynn I associate it with LSD