Simple Plan - My Alien Lyrics

I'm sick of being alone, when are you coming home?
Just a glimpse of your face
I can remember smelling your hair, I'll meet you anywhere
Somewhere that no one can retrace
Somewhere where no one will know our faces

She has two arms to hold me
Four legs to wrap around me
She's not your typical girlfriend
She's my alien
My alien

She knows when something is wrong, when something doesn't belong
She can read in my mind
And she can be assured that with me, there is no conspiracy
Shes not wasting her time
She can take me to the place that she calls home,
in a spaceship that will someday be my own
Please take me to your leader
Tell her I will surrender
I will surrender


My alien [repeat 4x]

[Chorus (repeat 2x)]

I bought the astranauts kit
Now all I needs a rocket
My love, intergallactic friend
She's my alien

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Simple Plan My Alien Comments
  1. CyberSpace TM

    Aliens Exist vs My Alien

  2. Noodle NiBBa

    Area 51 raid anime opening

  3. madhatten00


  4. Therese Lim

    I remember when I was a kid i keep on dreaming that my future boyfriend will sing me this haha

  5. Terra Settia

    When you bring home your new alien girlfriend from area 51😂

  6. Remy LaBeaux

    Every dude after getting an alien gf after storming area 51

  7. Faizal Ali

    I knew i wouldn't be disappointed when i came here expecting spicy area 51 memes 😂

    Smol Human

    Yep. That's why I'm here too.

  8. The Zen Ninja

    The official song of clapping Alien cheeks at Area 51

  9. Eric Hek

    Area 51

  10. Alyxas Stefani

    Hopefully the Aliens are ready. This song has prepared me my whole life.

  11. BoblaxXIII

    Who's ready for the Area 51 raid???


    About 75 people

  12. Idolko Kayo

    Aaahhh..... Good old days

  13. Orange Slushies

    Came back for some good ol' memories

  14. Adrian

    Who would have thought that at age 28 I would look this song up on YouTube. Still a good tune

  15. Rosita Cifuentes

    2019 what you´ve done to me xD

  16. Ate Ganda

    The best song...i wish i would have my alien someday..

  17. SonicSU1938

    Eddie Brock’s relationship with Venom. XD

  18. Martin Leinenweber

    2018? Damn I'm so old

  19. The Phil Channel

    2018 anybody?

  20. tjwpdl

    I always imagined this song was about a white guy's Asian girlfriend

  21. Anxious CampcampPotato

    I think of Dib and Tak when I hear this (Invader Zim Fan)

  22. Emily Staheli

    Shaggy in scooby doo, in the alien movie

  23. LXI Seconds

    Im still waiting for a piano cover of this

  24. Lucifer's 666

    This alien is better then that stupid annoying meme going around

  25. Kishlay Pathak

    Reminds of 2010 how the times runs so fast


    I do not know where you find this version but I think it's a model with the album No Pads, No Helmets ... Just Balls at the beginning it was called '' The Rocket ''

  27. Adam Hilt

    >tfw no qt alien gf

  28. Ichihimefan91

    What a cute song (^ _^) ❤❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
    So much better than twilight

  29. ChaosKitchen

    Listened to this song while wearing a galaxy dress and alien earrings today. So perfect!

  30. Ava Playz

    Your Alien was the best time

  31. Katelyn Giannette

    this song makes me think of my victoria my one and only

  32. L. T.

    Maybe I'm on crack, but I thought this song sounded like a "straight" guy dating another guy for the first time. Basically, he's in love with "her" even though "she" is physically different from anyone he's ever dated before (i.e. a guy) Hence not being your "typical girlfriend." Read my evidence and tell me if I'm wrong.

    "Four legs to wrap around me" One extra leg would have easily meant penis, but that might have been too obvious. I admit this one may be a stretch, but the rest fir better.

    "I'll meet you anywhere, somewhere no one can retrace. Someplace where nobody will know our faces." He doesn't want to be caught and outed.

    "she can be sure with me, there is no conspiracy, she's not wasting her time." He's not just another jock out to get "her" for being gay.

    "she can take me to a place that she calls home in a spaceship that will someday be my own" "she" will introduce him to gay life, and eventually he'll be comfortable with it without "her."

    "I bought the astronaught's kit, now all I need's the rocket." He bought condoms and lube and I think the rocket speaks for itself.

    Also, note that of all of the lovesongs on this album, this is the only one that ever uses female pronouns like "her" or "she". Every other song is in ithe second person, thus no gender is specified. Let me know what you think.

  33. Fawkes.

    Reminds me of this anime a decade ago
    "Bagi, the Monster of Mighty Nature" ("Daishizen no Majuu Bagi").
    About a boy given a cat as a pet but learns that she isn't a normal cat and in the movie she is a genetically modified animal with human DNA with freaking mind powers. Yeah a furry movie basically but it was kind of sweet how she was taking care of him but sadly instead of marriage the protagonist has to kill her. Man what a movie.

  34. Kent Reyes

    Part one of katy pary's E.T.

  35. Aslı Aksakal


  36. Foxered 2

    Urusei Yatsura anyone?

  37. eric campeau

    good song but this is a demo. The album version has a few different lyrics and is recorded better

  38. Sierra Meriedeth

    Perfect RobStar tribute from the original Teen Titans😍

    c l

    Sierra Meriedeth exactly what i think 😍

  39. EvyChloeGaming

    RobStar anyone?

    Sierra Meriedeth


    Sorry....just fangirling.

    Sierra Meriedeth

    +Sierra Meriedeth not***

    c l

    EvyChloeGaming robstar forever😊😍

    free tree

    EvyChloeGaming I came here by robstar omg I am not the only one thanks a lot!!!!!!

  40. Alejandra Márquez

    😍✌🏼one of the best songs! I wanna be his alien 😌

  41. Monica Marie

    My girlfriend told me to listen to this after we joked about me being an alien haha it's very fitting.

    Sierra Meriedeth

    Except it's talking about a girl not guy**

    gummybear splash

    @Sierra Meriedeth so 😑

    Monica Marie

    well we're both chicks so pretty sure it still applies. thanks for the assumption though.

    fortnite fortnite

    Monica Marie aww so cute💖

  42. Josehbass

    Reminds me of 2006 at school where no one could confess liking simple plan but everybody did hahah

    The Phil Channel

    Same here dude hahaha

    James Staggenborg

    Totally true! Just saying!

    Jennifer Poole

    It was different for me back in the mid 2000’s.

    I felt like I was the only one who listened to Simple Plan in my class and I was right.
    Not sure about the rest of the school though.
    But in one of my classes when my teacher asked about my favorite band, I told her and the class that I listened to Simple Plan, and most of my class chuckled and kinda criticized my taste.


    My teacher told them that there’s nothing wrong having an opinion.

    My former classmates didn’t know what they were missing.

    Pyrotechnic 17

    @Jennifer Poole its more different now!

  43. Mattyas

    I miss the songs :,))))

  44. Isaura Van Hintze

    Un novio que te vea así😍😔

  45. thot destroyer

    still love this.

  46. The 225677th Fragment of the Man-Emperor of Mankind

    ayy lmao

  47. Bushwick Bundy

    i thought i was so sick listening to this with spiky hair and a skateboard back in the day.. LOL

    Angel Vega

    I feel you

    Kry Kry Stott

    u are. I'm doing the same

    sandra stevens

    Spiked collars and chains thicker than your fingers till they got banned . Long black hair my trenchcoat was da bomb lol

  48. Kawaii Lillian

    (Faint blush) referred to the song by a guy... said I'm the alien... I'm okay with this ^-^

  49. The Rock and Trip

    I used to jam the shit out of these guys when I was little. My mom bought like 5 of their first albums when I was 3. Makes me feel little again. Haha

    Putri Dwijayanti

    @The Rock and Trip when you were 3?!! OMG I must be old rn!!! >.<

    Storm Watson

    +The Rock and Trip same

  50. the epikamander

    now all i needs a rocet????

    Sierra Meriedeth

    IKR spell check

  51. the epikamander

    shes Canadian (this is not racist because i am Canadian )

  52. Katheryn Davis

    ZaDr anyone?

    Princess & Co.

    @Kayte Davis More DaTr, I'd think.

    Annie Wayne

    more like Dib and Tak or Zim and Gaz

    Chloe Underwood

    Karkat Strider Yes

  53. Kristine De Guzman

    Let me become your alien 😔

    Natalie Fray

    Okay <3

    Luffy Ichigo

    Kristine De Guzman Do you have Instagram??... :)

  54. Sarah Schmick

    He got a bow tie to hold me
    My alien

  55. Armory Kittington

    i can remember smelling your hair

  56. Beatrice Jackson

    this song is so cute, i love it <3 <3 <3 

  57. blondedbythelight703

    Watch out, she'll do the Vulcan mind Warp on you.

  58. Jaymie H

    this song is so weird and yet i love it so much. 12 years later and it still gets stuck in my head without listening to it for years. 

  59. jessa requiz

    like this song very much

  60. Joseph Como

    Is this a demo version? cause it sounds way different from the album version

    S B

    And even BETTER than the studio version.

    Joseph Como

    i think their demo for Im Just A Kid is way better than the studio version too!

    S B

    @Joseph Como I've never heard that one. Where did you hear it?

  61. JamesTHLPolony

    Was there never an official music video of this?

  62. sayooj tp

    Awesome song

  63. Jose Miguel Mencias

    Great song! Although if they changed the lyrics a bit, it could be better. I'm not saying I can change it though. I tried and it just didn't work out.

  64. Céline Mack

    I love this song!!! :-)

  65. Andrum Rocker

    oh hell, i have 4 years from no to hear this song! Remember when i used to listen it in school! :3

  66. quentino

    I offer like volunteer ;) ahahah :)

  67. IDarkIGamer

    only 2 weeks ago you broke up with this over kid which you posted on a video

  68. KittKattKachoo

    I listened to Simple Plans whole album when I was in kindergarten. I would sleep to it and I knew every lyric to every song. My Alien was my favorite song and now I just sit here and think "This is one of the weirdest songs ever. Whut?"

  69. _Cheesecake_Unicorn_

    My boyfriend just told me this should be our song... o.o

  70. bak strat

    I would love to have an Alien GF if it has three tits. LOL xD

  71. RPGPlaylists

    That awkward moment when your boyfriend sends you this song...

  72. Laura Nivela

    Jajaaja ame esta cancion

  73. Death by Awesomeness

    question, how did my comments get a bunch of negative votes?

  74. Jheonshi Zeraiyu

    catchy :3

  75. Desiree Okay

    You have a way with words.

  76. Death by Awesomeness

    ya ok whatever um ya k um ...

  77. Death by Awesomeness

    This makes me cry, I can't afford a rocket to meet my girl, my alien. This song reminds me of her BABY COME TO EARTH ;(

  78. Periwinkle63

    One of my favourite songs <3 I love them so much!

  79. cutiepiefu

    11 years ago,

  80. Redalution

    Good luck for you B4K05 was here. :)

  81. Jirah keb Bolano

    super like

  82. 02 14


  83. Garry Pollock

    dogs have four legs fuckhead

  84. Julie B

    this used to be my favorite song 10 years ago (:

  85. Death by Awesomeness

    i'll sing it to u when we meat, i mean meet in the future, ALIEN

  86. Death by Awesomeness

    hmm your fucked up

  87. friedpizza


  88. friedpizza

    hey just in case you didn't know, you're a human, not a cat...

  89. Parasitevepinball

    Now that's what you call punk!

  90. Abbey Palmer

    This brings back so many adolescent memories.

  91. SunkenDPr0

    anyone thinking 4 legs means 2 vaginas?

  92. Cj Obligado

    ..She not your typical girlfriend....She MY ALIEN......

  93. Chris Carpenter

    either this song is about loving somebody different or weird then most people but u love her/him no matter what anyone else says . or simple plan just has an alien fetish

  94. Alex Sellers

    I want to be somebody's alien

  95. Melanie Murphy

    Haha me and my boyfriend have a joke that I'm an alien and he told me to look this up because it reminds him of me <3

  96. Alexis

    If only I could find my astronaut

  97. Julieta

    43 now.