Simple Plan - God Must Hate Me Lyrics

Last night I just wanted to have fun
To go out with my friends
I took my dad's car
I never thought he would find out
But I crashed in a wall
Man I'm dead
I guess it's no use
I'm screwing up ever little thing I ever try to do
I was born to lose
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

God must hate me
He cursed me for eternity
God must hate me
Maybe you should pray for me
I'm breaking down and you can't save me
I'm stuck in hell
And I wanna go home

Last night I had to study for this test
I forgot man I'm dead
And now my brain is bursting out of my head
I can't think I can't breathe
Once again

I guess it's no use
I'm screwing up every little thing I ever try to do
I'm born to lose
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

God Must hate me
He cursed me for eternity
God Must hate me
Maybe you should pray for me
I'm breaking down and you can't save me
I'm stuck in hell and
I wanna go home

So what in the world am I supposed to do?
I never did anything to you
So can't you find something else to do?

God Must hate me
He cursed me for eternity
God Must hate me
Maybe you should pray for me
I'm breaking down and you can't save me
I'm stuck in hell and
I wanna go home
(God must hate me)
I wanna go home
(God must hate me)
I wanna go home
(God must hate me)
I wanna go home
(God must hate me)
I wanna go home
(God must hate me)
You can't save me
God Must hate me now

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Simple Plan God Must Hate Me Comments
  1. Dorotea Roja

    My laptop started to give off sparks a couple days ago, so I turned it off, looked it over, and realized that the issue was the power cord. I went to the store, and was told that they don't carry that part ( and substitutes won't work). I ordered the part online, but now I have to wait a week. Okay, fine. And just a few minutes ago my TV decided to malfunction... Now I'm just waiting for my phone to die on me, because Murphy clearly has my number.

  2. Illya Laurette

    Pastor: "God loves you"
    Simple Plan: "haha no."

  3. Doyle Winchester

    My life's theme song 😂

  4. PBS Funding Addict

    Probably my favorite Simple Plan song


    Shoot back when i was 15 and this song came out i honestly misheard the lyrics. When it says "stuck in hell", i thought it said "fucking hell ". To be fair both of the lyrics would have worked for the song so lmao now that im 32 years old.

  6. Idolko Kayo

    God must hate me!!!

  7. Abigail

    I wanna go home, God must hate me.

  8. Gacha Wolfy

    Not only he hates me everyone does even myself

  9. Theresa A

    I crashed my dad’s car so i decided to come here lmao

  10. Joskezz

    Sooo damn catchy holy emo hell

  11. Pyrotechnic 17

    My jam when I failed my calculus test

  12. mathyno

    Grandma's hate me. stuck in hell.

  13. adam hurst

    I wouldn’t even believe in god if I wasn’t cursed so much. Every line in this song is stuff I think all the time! It’s like most people don’t believe in god when tragedy. But I always thought why isn’t it a popular opinion to believe god exist, hes just not very nice 🤷🏼‍♂️

  14. Quin Lahe

    My favorites since high school 2000

  15. Javi Oliva

    i super love this song!

  16. bryon holsten

    Can i die please? I am fuckin worthless shit.

  17. sandeep kumar

    yes god hates me

  18. SerieN Freak

    I relate.
    God hates me too

  19. Laura Walsh

    God must hate me.

  20. Megan Bolton

    Story of my life. I was born blind and I wish someone would put a gun to my head. I have tried to kill myself but some idiot always tried to save me.

  21. MrParkerman6

    God hates us all!

  22. James P.

    Well, if there is a god; he/she must hate me, because I am an atheist!


    James P. Thats really bold my dude

  23. LovelyRadiant Unicorn

    I need to show this to my religious mom and dad... Maybe then they'll see how I feel and how I think about life...

  24. I AM IAM


  25. Ashley Shahan

    My whole life I’ve thought it was fuckin’ hell not I’m stuck in hell. Wtf. My life is a lie.

  26. Ashley Squire

    This song is the story of my life 😏

  27. Ashley Squire

    I love this congrats on 1million views 😎

  28. tae tae rules

    Lyrics of the songs of simple plan...touches my heart each time i listen to it 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

  29. Twd Craft

    Same dude lol

  30. Sandra Stickler


  31. διεмоиа ใბνε

    Ill not pray for u fuckin asow ill let ur video get 90thousand disslike i say wat get lost bitch ill pray for 🌟{God}🌟❤I love HIM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH ok yeah

  32. Blade383210

    To me this should one hundred percent be the neckbeard/nice guy anthem

  33. Hero of Mobius

    My problem with this song is the title.

  34. Blade383210

    This song is so badly written that it's absolutely horrible but I love it

  35. aioria87

    god hates you becouse you failed an exam or you crashed daddy´s car......... what a shitty life.........

  36. RivertailofRiverclan

    Guess I found my theme song

  37. Digital_Shadow

    i thought most comments would be 1 like 1 prayer

  38. universalparadox 335

    kinda hard to believe that god made me just to hate me huh?

    Nicholas Macgregor

    Exactly what I'm thinking if God hates me than wow why he make me that's how I know he loves me and I've been thru hell from age 1- 7 years if age in foster care and came back to my family at 7 years old and had a better life at home but got bullied at school because kids at school r stupid now and days

    Small Corner Concert

    Guess he hates you with a passion


    Man made God, not the other way 'round.

  39. RainbowSwirl


  40. MrPetitsebastien

    You took your dad car ? Man you're over 30 take you own car. Just kidding it's weird when a guy in his 30's write songs for teens.

    xXSMG3Xx MSP

    Logic *snort snort*

  41. nicolette stefanelli

    God totally hates me my dads dead my grandfather is dead and my aunt I have a fucked up mind I don't know what to do enymore

  42. Sha Agres

    I thought The Lyrics was "Grandma's hate me..."😂

    LovelyRadiant Unicorn

    Omfg. Lmfao😂😂😂

    Ally Kayyy

    Dude, No you didnt.

  43. Maggie Coady

    I always thought it said "Fucking Hell man, I wanna go home!" haha This is such a good teen angst jam oh man

    Tony Cerini

    It does say that

    Lesir Tadle

    @Tony Cerini yeah

    Ally Kayyy

    It fucking says that. I've always known it and always will. Simple Plan were some of the best trolls of all time. They didn't want an Explicit tag to cut out half their market so they said "aha... ahaha. . Let's put 'STUCK IN hell' on the lyrics card.. pfffthahahaHAHAHA'

  44. hondatek512

    whoever wrote this song you know exactly how i feel because only 2 people care 4 me. Yaqeen and Bridget and in first grade i never knew Bridget and at the end of first grade Yaqeen moved away. and now im in third grade where i met bridget and in forth quater she moved away. only on weekends i get to go to brigets house. please help me i realy need a friend.

  45. Oscar Karlsson

    Simple plan best band ever:)

  46. LeWolfe

    God Must hate me!...... G-Mod Must Hate me! Cursed me for enternity!, G-mod Must hate me! Maybe you should play with me!, God Must Hate me! Im Keep on crashing! I wanna rage quit

  47. Megan Anthony

    I love this song

  48. Giulia Lipari

    God doesn't hate anyone.

  49. Megan Anthony


  50. Nucleus

    '' Im stuck in hell '' , finally found the proper sentence . . . if you knw what i mean :P

  51. Lisa-Marie

    Guys, it's just a song (a very cool song, in my opinion)

  52. Edgy, but ironically, I promise

    I heard this at Hot Topic

  53. J Claflin

    This sounds like something Bowling For Soup would do

    Carolina AguilarH

    lmao ikr


    it does

    Kry Kry Stott

    😂😂😂😂 lmfao it does

  54. DJ WaveSpirit

    We are all one but god doesn't love gays and trans people so yeah god doesn't love everyone


    The special Dork actually God loves everybody whether you are gay or trans it's the sin he doesn't like but the person he loves which is why he sent his son to die for everyone's sins

  55. Oscar Karlsson

    Best band:) Like Simple plan:)

  56. Jenna

    Okokokok, people, chill, ITS A SONG

  57. blackbat121

    U should have bad times cus u r not living in heaven yet !

  58. Randall Carmichael

    ending sad😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  59. Butt Hole

    It's a song calm down "God must hate me" is a form of speech of having a shit life.
    And so you know I'm Christian

    Oh Muma

    I wanna fucking die 🙂

  60. Dylan Chew

    A nice emo campfire song

    Yuki Havoc

    I like that image thank you ^^

  61. 。Tekito 。

    God doesnt hate you ,you have just started to lose your belief and He cant help you this way because he can only give you signs and not play with your free will , the Devil is the one who punishes you with missfortune not God.

    。Tekito 。

    +c.j.r.x impala67 everything must have a limit

    。Tekito 。

    +DerpyMcSquigginz72 lol XD


    God hates no one, because plot twist... he doesn't exist!

    。Tekito 。

    +Vabel I used to be an atheist, to be honest I have no idea what to believe right now. But that's a personal choice, believing in something more powerful than you gives you hope and the feeling that you are not alone.

  62. xXxgodHunter

    I'm Christian. I know God loves us all but I just can't help feeling this song whenever things go south.... sorry.... =(


    Thanks bro. God bless you.


    Same here, man

    Oh Muma

    I wanna fucking die 🙂🔫
    Bad luck follows me everywhere I go, every day, every second.

  63. Katrina Green

    Is it just me or does the beginning kinda sound like the theme song for wow wow wubbzy lol

    xXSMG3Xx MSP

    GOD HATES WUBBZY! xD Just kidding to all those that take jokes literally. -._-.


    Katrina Green MAN I MISS THE OLD ME

  64. Saskia Winchester

    "I'm stuck in Helen i wanna go home"

    that's what i'm understanding.

    Dylan Chew

    What did you do to your girlfriend LOL

    Dylan Chew

    What did you do to your girlfriend LOL

  65. Alexandra H

    I always thought it was "fuck and hell and I wanna go home" which I still like better than "stuck in hell"...

    Hollymcdaid Mc Daid

    I thought it was fucking hell

    Alexandra H

    that does make more sense...


    I thought it was "I'm fucking Helen"

  66. Damian B

    I hate this comment section

    DJ WaveSpirit

    Megan Booth don't be so negative

    DJ WaveSpirit

    Megan Booth but it's true

    Jana Federico

    Adam Kallum k

    Cassie Crowson

    relatable x100 this comment section is horrible

    Kry Kry Stott

    Same lol


    This song gets me so well

  68. brennanshaw99

    God hates no one.

    Calista Harman

    brennanshaw99 Amen! God loves us all.

  69. Marcus Lucifer

    look I love this music and this song but let's face it this dude had no problems

    if you have parents
    and your parents have money
    your parents love you
    and if they have good mental health
    you have no problems

    but if you have to constantly worry about money
    one parent or more abandoned you
    your other parent or your guardians mental health isn't so good and you worry they may do something stupid
    if you deal with constant depression for good resons and you have anxiety issues

    then yeah you have problems find someone to talk to or express it through a song

  70. JustSomeKid InTheComments

    I can't be the only Atheist here, right?

    Okay, time for song critique:
    1: Your luck sucks. I get that. But you kinda brought the first one upon yourself.

    2: Again, this is just bad luck, but it's more like he's trying to whine for attention instead of venting out his emotions. Hmph.

    3: Okay, you failed a test. Point?

    4: "Maybe you should pray for me."

    5: "He cursed me for eternity."
    More proof, please? Of the, again, bad luck. You crashed a car and failed a test, and didn't give us anything else. Dude. Calm down.


    +Jaelynn G. The hell's your problem?

    I kinda think that's point of the song.. like, that's what a teenager would think or something


    Oh my, "Spot the atheist" is almost as fun as "Spot the vegan" because they get so hilariously pumped complaining about things that don't affect them in any kind of way

    Srof 12

    i'm an atheist too and can i ask you something ? Shut up.

    。Tekito 。

    I used to be an atheist as well because im a thinker and i couldnt believe the fact that there someone who created us. My life was getting worse and worse , not only because of the bad things , I was feeling helpless , but then I realized that a man can not live without a brain but can not live with a heart too. These two things should always be cooperated in order to keep living literally and metaphorically so sometimes you have to follow your heart and leave logic behind and the opposite of course.

  71. CaffeinateDot

    let's start a new thing, whenever something bad happens say #GodMustHateMe


    +Rexss90 There is a lot of truth in these lyrics tho I am sure this song is for fun and not meant for serious theology. God does hate us for our crimes against a Holy and eternal God. He is a just judge, remember. You do want Him to be just, right? We all deserve His wrath for we all have sinned and fallen way short of His requirements. We are in a bad predicament. The good news, however, is that Jesus paid the penalty for those crimes, even the crimes (sins) of the whole world. Trust is Christ and turn from your sins and Hew will forgive you and you will be SAVED form his wrath on the day of judgement. I think we got a pretty good deal here. God loved us so much that he placed our penalty on His own son, Jesus. God, our Father, loves those who are His children and has revealed that love through his Son Jesus Christ. Get on your knees, cry out to God in repentance, he will hear you.


    @roger Bear i know all that, what I said was a joke like the #fml trend


    +Rexss90 Its cool, but its always good to hear about Christ.


    +roger Bear indeed, I myself do belive in Christ

  72. 軟骨

    fucking hell!!!:)

    Alexandra H

    That's what I always thought the words were... lol


    OMG Same! :D

  73. Laney Crosson

    John Winchester to Dean Winchester when he crashes the Impala

    Meagan Elisabeth

    OMFG 😂😂

  74. John Oo Ii

    As it is said in Spanish : por pajero

  75. xHeavenHelpUsAll7771x

    So god hates you because you took your dad's car without permission and got caught, and because you failed a test you forgot about....yeah


    no, god must hate him because of how unlucky he is, kinda like the movie Bruce almighty


    @Rexss90 Well having a bad day like the one this song tells doesn't mean god hates you. I mean, if the lyrics talked about losing a loved one tragically or losing your job or something like that it would made a lot more of sense


    This isn't a "Bad day".
    It's like saying Anything you do, at any time, fucks up. In fact it literally says that in the lyrics.


    +150booyadragon thank you!

    xXSMG3Xx MSP

    Love your profile picture, xHeavenHelpUsAll7771x. I love that band.

  76. Fiorella Riccheri

    ni siquiera creo en dios, soy mi propio dios y estoy bien con eso¡ aguante argentina¡, y apuesto a que buscaste la traduccion de este comentario en google traductor jaja

  77. Fiorella Riccheri

    i dont even believe in good. i'm my own god and im right with that.

  78. The New Dada0503

    Even if you think it's false, God loves you all and hopes you will try to know him and you will know how it feels when God is inside of your heart ! You are...cheerful !


    +The New Dada0503 And if you had one shred of proof, I'd believe you

    The New Dada0503

    There's a lot of testimony that you can find everywhere if you search ;)

  79. Manolis Piperias

    Kratos approves

  80. GameAddict51

    God doesn't hate you Simple Plan. A mythical being can't hate you. :)


    Brawlukk Gaming Intolerance is not limited to liberals. I know many intolerant conservatives including one of my friends who nearly kicked me out of his house cause I told him I'm an atheist.

    Some Fup

    @GameAddict51 that's messed up..


    Eli Wilhoit That's a bunch a BS

    yash agar

    GameAddict51 long live logic long live rationality and atheism.

  81. Mr Hancock

    this is the whiniest song ive ever heard "yeah yea yea yea, god must hate me"

  82. Bekah_B

    /Thinks back to my 13 year old self/
    /deletes life/

    Livelovelifeeleni Positivity&Motivation♥☮

    +kitsunenoroi HEY LISTEN
    YOU ARE AMAZING AND ERFECT THE WAY U ARE,. im a really happy bubbly person and i remebre at 13 i was depressed and feeling alone i got through it. i cringe abit but hey anything that made u happy dont regret it what matters is U ARE YOU. U LIVE,. U LEARN AND U ARE HERE AND ITS BEAUTIFUL<3

  83. Emerald Butterfriends

    This is my life so far almost everyday and I broke down crying today and I'm pretty sure my parents and my sisters hate me and the worst part is that I broke down right after school and headed to this forest to break down


    Same but God does not hate you.


    You sound like my car.

    Leo Flaming Valdez

    I hope it is better now!💜

    Calista Harman

    BlessedLPS Amen!

    Calista Harman

    Emerald Butterfriends Remember this next time u feel like that...... God loves u no matter what😊You can always cry out to god and give your situation to him, pray. Trust me.😉

  84. 종로총각의 총각김치

    love the intro

  85. LoudestWhispers

    I swear, this is the song I really need to jam to right now. :(

  86. Wiam Lina

    God doesn't hate us,this is just some bad luck and it will go away 😜☺

    Big Deo

    Well I've been having bad luck for many years now and I wonder when it will go away :(

    Livelovelifeeleni Positivity&Motivation♥☮

    +Deo LeBrundo hi hon. it doesnt last forever its also about your attitude. realize that bad stuff cAN happen no matter what BUT GOOD STUFF IS ALWAYS THERE AND CAN HAPPEN NO MATTER WHAT ITS ABOUT STAYING POSITIVE. THINKING OF THE GOOD STUFF AND WHAT WENT RIGHT > NOT WHAT WENT WRONG<3
    you are amazing and you will find happijess. its always there. you create your own happiness. life is also so beautiful <3 i promise this bad luck that happens all the time is nonexistnt. you were meant to be happy and enjoy life.


    its not just bad luck and it will never go away from me!!!

  87. Vanellope'sArchives

    To everyone who is going through a hard time: When you are going through a hard time and you wonder where God is, remember that the teacher is always quiet during the test.

    Asa Kun

    Thanks mate :,)

    SKTW 890

    Vanellope'sArchives sorry but that's a rubbish comparison because if someone is mucking around in the test or annoying someone else their papers are ripped but I don't see any assholes being dealt with by the "teacher"


    What fuckin' kinda test takes upwards of 80 plus years?

    SerieN Freak

    Vanellope'sArchives but the teachers hate me

  88. mcrgirl318

    maybe god doesnt hate me, but he sure doesnt seem to care that much. ive spent years of my life trying to be what god wants, but always have been left with guilt and regret, never the joy that he promises. now i live my life how i want, not what he wants, and i know he will never love me unless i change but im done trying. not gonna change for him anymore because he gives me nothing in return.

    e m

    +mcrgirl318 He does love you, even though you don't love Him ;)


    +mcrgirl318 Know this, you "trying to be "good enough" will never work. Ever. There is good news tho. Jesus did the work for you. God made a way for mcrgirl318 to become His child. He loves you so much that he put all the guilt, regret, and sin against Him that you mentioned on His Son at the cross. Jesus took all the wrath that was meant for you and paid the penalty. I wouldn't waste my time in telling you this if it was not true. Your post caught my eye. Believe on the Lord Jesus and you will be saved. This "saved" word isn't just a weird religious term. It means you will are literally saved from the Wrath of God. This is God's free gift to you. But it cost Him a precious price. mcrgirl318, find a quiet place, get on your knees and cry out to God in honesty and humility. He WILL hear you. Trust in Him and He will save you and love you and give you a rest that you have never had before.

  89. RidRed Bullshit

    *Others* i doubt god hates you *me* have you seen what goes on in this head in my house even when im standing still im being damaged and tortured in my own little hell my friend so you just go to your own mini hell go to fuckin purgetory too while your at it tell what its like there

  90. Gauche

    I think this is probably how juvenile delinquents feel.


    @Fiore kawaii
    I didn't say that emos are delinquents.

    Fiorella Riccheri

    does i ask you?

    Dark HeartSouls

    +Fiore kawaii *Did


    actually emo is a music genre :)

  91. SirSirupy

    I know....
    Love? UHHH NO....
    Looks? NOPE UGLY!
    Tests? 0/100 FAIL!!
    Xbox? WON'T WORK

    The universe must hate me


    OH YUS!

    Fuck you too, Universe


    @SirupyGaming But then again, we, the internet, love you!

  92. Melissa Ortega

    God loves you because if he didnt you wouldnt be here at this time reading this comment!💜

  93. AllAboutFandom

    The ultimate teen angst song. Hilarious!

    yes! you get it! everyone else in these comments take it literally!

    Alfredo Rizol

    Juan for all all for juan

  94. Cody Thrasher

    "I'm stuck in Helen" Giggity....

    Sarah Ostler

    +Cody Thrasher i hear it as 'fucking hell' haha!


    +Cody Thrasher Thanks. Now I can't un-hear that

  95. IDontKnow HowToMakeBagels


  96. Derek Smith

    Honestly I am not looking for sympathy!!!! But my life really does suck

  97. Byakuyauchiha94

    In my eyes God is a Villain 

  98. Ella Harker

    This is my depression music I like to listen to this sort of stuff whenever I'm depressed it reminds me of myself

    Mittsumi Aisha

    Same bro